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‘SUPER GT x DTM Dream Race’ partial one: Kamui Kobayashi best-placed BMW motorist during Fuji.

Fuji International Speedway
. The initial corner competition of cars from a DTM and a SUPER GT
Championship has taken place. On Saturday, BMW Team RBM contested
a initial of dual ‘Super GT x DTM Dream Race’ events in front of the
considerable backdrop of Mount Fuji (JPN). Local favourite Kamui Kobayashi
(JPN) in 14th place during a circle of a BMW M4 DTM was
a best-placed BMW driver. Marco Wittmann (GER, Schaeffler BMW M4
DTM) finished 18th, Alessandro Zanardi (ITA) in a ZF
BMW M4 DTM late with a technical issue. Victory went to Nick
Cassidy (NZL, Lexus).


Kobayashi done adult countless positions on a initial path and fought his
approach adult into 12th. In his initial competition coming during a wheel
of a BMW M4 DTM, he was in 14th place when he ultimately
saw a checkered flag. Wittmann pitted after a initial path to give
him an advantage in a eventuality of a reserve automobile period. Shortly before
a finish of a race, a reserve automobile did afterwards come onto a track, but
it was not probable for Wittmann to unlap himself after his second
stop. He was so incompetent to advantage from his uninformed set of tyres.


Reactions after competition one of a ‘SUPER GT x DTM Dream Race’ during Fuji.


Jens Marquardt (BMW Group Motorsport Director):

“After subordinate it was transparent that it wasn’t going to be an easy
competition for us. We opted for an assertive plan with Marco Wittmann,
that didn’t work out in a end. Kamui Kobayashi had a unequivocally strong
initial competition during a circle of a DTM car. We were detrimental with Alex
Zanardi; an electrical emanate forced him to retire from a race. The
reserve automobile brought a margin closer together again somewhat during the
end, however, it was apparent that a Super GT cars were simply faster
in a dry than we were. When a regulations for subsequent year are
finally merged, no doubt a racing will be even some-more sparkling though we
are unequivocally looking brazen to a second race. It was illusory to see
a many fans here during a track. We are holding divided some good insights
for tomorrow and will unequivocally go for it.”


Bart Mampaey (Team Principal BMW Team RBM):

“We pitted early with Marco Wittmann, that would have paid off if he
had been means to unlap himself and afterwards do conflict with uninformed tyres in
a pack. Unfortunately, that’s not what happened. We need to analyse
a problem with Alex Zanardi’s automobile in fact though his competition gait was
impressive. Kamui Kobayashi’s competition was characterised by tyre
degradation. His opening path was fantastic, and he altered adult into
12th though afterwards there was a good understanding of tyre wear, which
meant we had to move him in early. Things were identical in a second
stint. We schooled a lot, and hopefully we will be means to build on
this tomorrow.”


Kamui Kobayashi
(#00 Puma BMW M4 DTM, BMW Team RMG, Grid: 18th,
Race: 14th):

“The competition was fun. It was my initial competition with BMW, using on Hankook
tyres. we enjoyed it a lot and in a commencement we suspicion it could be
utterly a good competition though a tyre dump was flattering massive, so we
unfortunately mislaid some positions. That is what we need to urge for
tomorrow. we am looking brazen to tomorrow.”


Marco Wittmann (#11 Schaeffler BMW M4 DTM, BMW Team RMG, Grid:
19th, Race: 18th):

“So distant this weekend, we haven’t utterly had a gait in possibly a dry
or a soppy unfortunately. From 19th on a grid we had to
take a bit of a gamble. Unfortunately, a plan with a early
stop didn’t compensate off since a reserve automobile came too late for that. The
plan would have worked if a reserve automobile had come in during the
early laps. The altogether eventuality has been a good knowledge so far; the
Japanese fans are amazing. Now we are operative tough to have more
success on a sporting side tomorrow.”


Alessandro Zanardi: (#4 ZF BMW M4 DTM, BMW Team RMG, Grid:
22nd, Race: DNF):

“It was bad luck. Something didn’t work scrupulously anymore and the
engine altered noise, we mislaid some power, we reported that to a pit
and we motionless that it was safer to park a automobile for today. But we am
unequivocally speedy by a fact that my gait was not bad during all and for
certain that creates me confident for tomorrow. Overall, I’m reallying
suffer a Japan experience; it’s a smashing nation and a fans are
only fantastic. It’s implausible how good they are to me and we really
wish we can make them unapproachable tomorrow with a good opening because
that is unequivocally a best appreciate we we can demonstrate from a bottom of my heart.”