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Supervisory Board renews agreement of Dr. Reithofer

Supervisory Board renews agreement of Dr. Reithofer

Reithofer to sojourn Chairman of a Board of Management of BMW AG until 2016

Munich. At a assembly today, a Supervisory Board of BMW AG extended a agreement of Chairman of a Board of Management Dr. Ing. Norbert Reithofer (54), until 2016. Dr. Reithofer has been a member of a Board of Management given 16 Mar 2000, and Chairman of a Board of Management of BMW AG given 1 Sep 2006.

Professor Dr. Ing. Joachim Milberg, Chairman of a Supervisory Board of BMW AG, remarked after a assembly on 29 Sep 2010 that: This step will yield smoothness over a years forward and safeguard trust and constructive team-work between a Supervisory Board and a Board of Management.

Manfred Schoch, Chairman of a General Works Council, pronounced after a Supervisory Board meeting: Dr. Reithofers reappointment will concede us to say a successful team-work between a Board of Management and a Works Council. we am assured that all of us here during a BMW Group will continue operative towards a same goals and that we can therefore be confident about a future.

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