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System of twin training during Audi: Career start into a digital future

Audi is holding on 531 new trainees during a site in Ingolstadt and 273 in Neckarsulm. So compared with prior years, a association has increasing a series of immature people in occupational training by about ten percent. “The complement of twin training continues to be a success for Audi,” settled Thomas Sigi, Board of Management Member for Human Resources during AUDI AG. “We yield gifted immature people with education with a organisation technological education and an march towards a future. In this way, we strengthen jobs during a sites in Germany over a prolonged term, also in a age of digitization.”

The Chairman of a General Works Council sees this boost as a pivotal step into a future, when in‑house digital imagination will be some-more critical than ever. “Our corner design was to have some-more immature people in training during Audi, and a Works Council strongly advocated that policy,” pronounced Peter Mosch.

AUDI AG now provides vocational training in 20 opposite occupations and is strengthening a position in areas of a future, generally in a blurb and technical fields: For example, a series of mechatronic apprentices has increasing compared with a prior year by about 20 percent to 162. Audi is evenly structuring a calm of a vocational training to be fit for a future. Mobile and digital training with inscription computers are now customary in all occupations. At a same time, a vehicle manufacturer is ceaselessly bettering a training occupations to simulate a latest developments. For example, a pursuit form of mechanism dilettante for complement formation includes an additional gift as a dilettante electrician.

Audi has so combined a new, multidisciplinary training course. “We yield immature people with critical imagination for operative in a digital factory,” settled Dieter Omert, conduct of vocational training and a growth of dilettante imagination during AUDI AG. “We also optimally ready them for operative in an increasingly connected company.”

The high peculiarity of vocational training during Audi has been reliable by a new investigate by a business repository “Focus Money.” This places a vehicle manufacturer as “Germany’s best training organization” in a categories “Automobile” and “Companies with some-more than 10,000 employees.” Everyone who successfully completes his or her training is guaranteed to be taken on into permanent employment. Approximately 30 percent of a trainees are female, one of a top ratios in a industry.

Audi also offers gifted immature people a probability to mix their university studies with unsentimental phases during a company. 24 young people are starting their twin studies during a site in Ingolstadt and 18 in Neckarsulm this year.

The deadlines for applications for a 2017 training year are September 11 in Neckarsulm and September 25 in Ingolstadt. Applications are to be submitted online during

Current images on a start of occupational training during Audi in 2016 are accessible as of September 9 during