Mercedes-Benz Canada

T 80: The 3,500 PS Mercedes-Benz record hulk of 1939.

In 1936 a telegram from Stuck to Kissel started a T 80 project. In 1937 Daimler-Benz AG resolved a pattern agreement with Porsche. At a same time, a hunt began for a ideal energy unit. The Mercedes-Benz DB 601 aircraft engine was an apparent contender: in drifting annals determined in 1938 and 1939 it grown adult to 2,036 kW (2,770 PS).

An aircraft engine could usually be used if a method of aviation gave permission. In Feb 1937 Mercedes-Benz performed central capitulation for designation of a DB 601. Meanwhile, Porsche had done substantial swell with a automobile concept. The automobile for a record try was to have 3 axles and a mainly commissioned aircraft engine with beyond cylinders. Porsche distributed that for a record speed of 550 km/h after a stretch of 5 kilometres, an engine outlay of during slightest 1,618 kW (2,200 PS), or improved still 1,838 kW (2,500 PS), would be necessary.