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From bottle to fabric: Seat upholstery done of PET

Sustainability is a executive post in a Audi corporate strategy. This relates to record as good as to a prolongation processes. Seat upholstery done from delegate tender materials are being used for a initial time in a fourth era of a Audi A3. Up to 89% of a weave used consists of recycled PET bottles, that are remade into chronicle in an elaborate procedure. This formula in fabrics that pledge a same peculiarity standards in terms of demeanour and feel as required weave upholstery.

Turning a aged into a new

The bottle disappears in a hole of a retreat vending machine, and a patron in Germany gets €0.25. But what happens then? While still in a shop, a disposable bottles are dense for lorry ride in sequence to save space. Once they have arrived during a recycling plant, they are sorted by color, distance and quality. Foreign matter such as a caps are separated. A mill afterwards crushes a bottles into flakes, that are washed, dusty and melted down. Nozzles figure continual cosmetic strands out of a mass. Once they have dried, a appurtenance chops them into tiny pieces. This formula in granulate, differently famous as recyclate, and this undergoes holder to emanate threads. Wound onto coils, these are used in a final theatre to make materials. 

More than 100 PET bottles in a singular A3

All in all, adult to 45 PET bottles with a ability of 1.5 liters are used per seating system. On tip of this, an additional 62 PET bottles were recycled for a runner in a new Audi A3. Other components in a interior are also increasingly done of delegate tender materials, e.g. insulating materials and absorbers, a side row trims of a luggage compartment, a loading building and a mats. The idea is clear: The commission of recycled element in a Audi swift is to arise extremely in a entrance years. In a process, a reward code will continue to offer a business products with a high turn of peculiarity that they are used to.

At present, a chair upholstery is not nonetheless done totally of recyclable material. “The reduce covering of woven material, that is connected to a top element with adhesive, is what poses a challenge. We are operative on replacing this with recyclable polyester,” says Ute Grönheim, who is in assign of element growth in a textiles multiplication during Audi. “It is a idea to make a chair upholstery totally from pure element so that it can be recycled again. We are no longer really distant divided from this.” In a prolonged term, all chair upholstery opposite all indication array will be done of recycled material.

Three recycled covers on offer

There are 3 opposite element designs for a Audi A3; they have an adult to 89% share of recycled material. One of these is a steel gray element “Torsion” for a pattern preference on that yellow resisting stitching creates visible highlights. In addition, a element “Puls” is available. In a S line, it facilities a black and china tone multiple and is accentuated by stone gray resisting stitching. Later on, it follows in black and red with resisting stitching. In the apparatus line in question, these designs form a simple charity and can be total with side bolsters done of synthetic leather.

A video display a prolongation routine of PET fabric will be accessible during Audi MediaTV soon.

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Audi Demonstrating 3D Printing Expertise with In-House Design Software in Neckarsulm

With a newly designed software, there is no need for a time-consuming routine of manually sculpting models in CAD (computer-aided design) programs, that creates workflows faster as a result. Using a new complement cuts pattern time for collection by 80%. “Our program creates a routine of formulating pre-assembly fixtures roughly totally automated. That allows us to make a required collection fast and flexibly and to respond to specific requests from a planners or a colleagues on a public line,” explains plan manager Waldemar Hirsch, who is a conduct of a group of experts in 3D copy during a Ramp-Up and Analysis Center during Audi Böllinger Höfe. The program is calibrated precisely to Audi’s needs and is also partial of a routine of digitalizing prolongation during a site.

In a box of a Audi e-tron GT, that is set to hurl off a public line during Böllinger Höfe together with a Audi R8 starting in late 2020, a 3D copy experts are operative closely with their colleagues from a routine and public formulation and pre-series prolongation teams. They are already optimizing a public collection for a new workflows. “Collaborative pattern from an early theatre enables optimizations to be done progressing in a routine as well. This means that all a required collection will already be accessible and calibrated to a accurate mandate when prolongation of a e-tron GT begins,” says Hirsch. One of a 3D-printed collection is to be used in a pre-assembly of air-conditioning compressors and cooling lines. All components need to be aligned with any other with well-developed pointing during assembly. That has not formerly been probable though a assisting palm from a colleague. The custom-designed pre-assembly tie with an integrated clamp binds all components in accurately a right position.

The materials used are designed to accommodate a far-reaching operation of mandate and prove a many harsh standards. In serve to a unusually fast collection containing potion fiber, a 3D printer also produces ESD (electrostatic discharge) materials. These are rarely conductive and are therefore used for electrically supportive components.

Alongside a certain effects on operational processes, a growth and use of this program paint nonetheless serve vital strides in a digital mutation of a association and denote a active changes holding place opposite all kinds of prolongation comforts as they pierce toward intelligent bureau status. The browser-based program is now commissioned locally and used essentially within Audi Sport GmbH during Böllinger Höfe, though there are skeleton to hurl it out opposite a Group. The whole Volkswagen Group is already reaping a advantages of a imagination that a Neckarsulm site has to offer interjection to unchanging cross-brand communication. The pattern program is not a initial growth to come out of a 3D copy Competence Center. A program focus for intelligent government of 3D copy orders, also done in Neckarsulm, is already in use during Audi. 

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Two youngsters exam for Audi in Formula E

Both Kelvin outpost der Linde and Mattia Drudi have prolonged been partial of a Audi family – despite in a opposite discipline. Drudi assimilated a motorist choice of a Audi Sport patron racing group in Feb 2019 and contested a Spa 24 Hours, among others, during a circle of an Audi R8 LMS. Over a final few months, a 21-year-old has upheld a dual unchanging drivers, Daniel Abt and Lucas di Grassi, with work in a Formula E simulator. Kelvin outpost der Linde (23) – a member of a Audi Sport patron racing group given 2015 – has won a ADAC GT Masters drivers’ pretension twice, a Nürburgring 24 Hours, as good as other continuation races for Audi. 

“The exam is a totally new plea and I’m looking brazen to it. I’ve never driven a single-seater before, so there’s a lot to learn, since a final on Formula E drivers are quite formidable and some-more sundry than in GT racing,” says Kelvin outpost der Linde. “I’ve been following a array for ages and we have beheld how it’s apropos increasingly important, generally in light of meridian discussions. Although we come from South Africa, this will indeed be my initial revisit to another African country.”

After many hours in a practical world, Mattia Drudi now heads into “real life” Formula E. “I’ve always upheld a Formula E plan with my simulator work. It’s cold to now join a Audi group on a competition weekend. I’m looking brazen to operative with this squad,” says Drudi. “I’ll be there a whole weekend and I’m vehement to see what a procedures and a atmosphere are like during a track. On television, a races demeanour unequivocally refreshing and a drivers and fans seem to have a good time. Gaining knowledge in pushing a genuine automobile will also be critical for my work in a simulator.”

The support from a dual rookies is useful for a Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler team, that tackles a fifth Formula E competition of a deteriorate in Marrakesh with a unchanging drivers Daniel Abt and Lucas di Grassi a day before a test. “We are all looking brazen to carrying Mattia and Kelvin on lane in a cars, they have both been in a simulator and will be operative closely with a engineers scheming themselves for a rookie test. They will get lots of time in a car, in fact some-more than Daniel and Lucas will have during a competition day, and we wish to give them a genuine feeling for Formula E, while during a same time assisting us to ready for a subsequent races,” says Team Principal Allan McNish.

The rookie exam on Sunday, Mar 1, 2020, is separate into a morning and afternoon session. Only drivers who have never contested a Formula E competition and who do not reason an E-license are available to take part. 

– End –

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New cars for a Audi Nines athletes

They are some of a many earnest rising talents of their disciplines and have already notched adult their initial considerable successes during competitions all over a world: a towering bikers Erik Fedko (21) and Lukas Knopf (23) as good as snowboarder Leilani Ettel (18) have demonstrated some fantastic tricks and jumps on a slopes and towering bike trails. As “Friends of Audi”, a immature Germans accept an Audi for dual years: Fedko now drives an Audi S4 Avant (consumption total in l/100 km: 7.6–7.5; CO2 emissions total in g/km: 175–171), with Knopf in an Audi Q3 Sportback (consumption total in l/100 km: 7.7–4.7; CO2 emissions total in g/km: 174–123) and Ettel in an Audi Q2 (consumption total in l/100 km: 6.6–4.4; CO2 emissions total in g/km: 150–115).

The veteran athletes were handed a keys to their new vehicles by Hubert Link, Head of Marketing Germany during AUDI AG. “For several years now, a Audi Nines have been an critical height for us to captivate a immature and on-going aim organisation for Audi. I’m really gratified that we can now support 3 immature athletes as ambassadors of a code in their subsequent career stairs and we wish them each success,” says Link. 

During a Audi Nines, Ettel, Fedko and Knopf will be concerned in a eventuality activities as “Friends of Audi.” Snowboarder Leilani Ettel will competition in a third Audi Nines presented by Falken (13 to 18 Apr in Sölden) drifting a Audi trademark on her board. The dual towering bikers Erik Fedko and Lukas Knopf competition a Audi Nines MTB with a 4 rings on their towering bikes and their jerseys. 

Audi has been concerned in energetic sports for years. In winter, a Audi Nines brings together a world’s best snowboarders and skiers, and in summer, a elites of a towering biking scene. The setup is designed in and with a athletes to offer them a best opportunities to foster their competition and uncover spectators their monumental jumps and best tricks. Audi supports a eventuality array as a pretension unite for a third time in a row. 

– End –

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Cultural dusk during Audi: Variety performer Martin von Barabü on change

Changes are a bother for many people; everybody wants confidence and a clarity of direction, quite in times of vital upheavals. The Audi Health dialect has therefore tackled a emanate of change rather differently on Tuesday evening, Feb 18, and invitated a Audi employees to a informative dusk Crazy – vital good with changes.” Variety performer Martin von Barabü showed in a humorous, loose demeanour how a jigsaw nonplus of life with a frequently changing motifs can take place in a reliable, fast framework. The informative dusk is partial of a stream Audi debate “Jeder shawl Psyche. Why not speak about it?”. This debate has been in existence given final year’s World Mental Health Day (October 10). The idea of a debate is to assistance people understanding with a emanate of mental health in a some-more healthy manner. To this end, additional formats are designed for Audi employees in a months to come.

In a conversation, Martin von Barabü took a demeanour during a emanate of “Changes” from opposite perspectives, together with a following experts. Their statements:

  • Ute Heinrich, Audi Occupational Health, plan manager “Jeder shawl Psyche. Why not speak about it?”:The debate has brought about a lot of change – people are anticipating a strength to speak about their mind.”

  • Andreas Schuld, Senior medicine in a Center for Mental Health, Ingolstadt Clinic:
    The universe is relocating faster and faster – how can we find my balance?”

  • Peter Mosch, Chairperson of a General Works Council during AUDI AG and enthusiast of a debate “Jeder shawl Psyche”:
    Many employees are unsettled due to a approaching changes in operative life.

  • Andreas Zelzer, Head of Audi HR Ingolstadt:
    Value a aged – acquire a new.”

  • Andreas Haller, Head of Audi Occupational Health:
    Since some-more and some-more people are enchanting in reduction earthy and some-more mental work, a emanate of mental health in occupational medicine is apropos some-more and some-more important.
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The new Audi RS Q3 & Audi RS Q3 Sportback

Dear Sir or Madam.

The following couple leads we to a central press kit, where we can find all information about a new Audi RS Q3 Audi RS Q3 Sportback.

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5G in production: Audi and Ericsson take a subsequent step together

Using 5G in prolongation offers many opportunities: Seamless communication in genuine time is a pre-requisite in permitting wireless prolongation robots and employees to work together uniformly in a future. Unlike other wireless technologies, 5G is some-more reliable, reacts some-more dynamically to high use levels and is therefore quite suitable for joining sensors, machines and inclination operated by tellurian beings. Together with Audi, Ericsson is now presenting a serve instance of how to use 5G in vehicle production: An industrial drudge installs an airbag procedure into a steering circle of an Audi.

The drudge dungeon is stable by reserve sensors. As shortly as a tellurian palm breaks by a cell’s light curtain, a drudge stops automatically. The high-frequency (fieldbus) communication compulsory for this is facilitated by a really low latency time, i.e. an end-to-end check of roughly one millisecond. Thanks to 5G technology, communication between humans and appurtenance is now probable wirelessly as well. “5G combines all points in a prolongation sourroundings and this leads to huge improvements in coherence and connectivity and shows how humans and robots can work together safely,” says Arjen Kreis, Head of Planning Body Shop Automation Technology, Audi Neckarsulm.

“As partial of a plan with Ericsson, that we announced in 2018, we are contrast a probability of 5G record for industrial applications in a intelligent bureau in a Audi Production Lab. These projects will learn us some-more about how wireless networks can be used optimally in a intelligent factory,” says Dr. Henning Löser, Head of a Audi Production Lab, in that industrial concentration scenarios for vehicle prolongation are tested and grown serve regulating 5G. Together with Ericsson, Audi places a executive concentration here on quite latency-critical use, such as communication with an industrial robot.

Since 2018, a reward vehicle manufacturer Audi and a Swedish telecommunications house Ericsson have been contrast a use of 5G wireless and network record for a prolongation of vehicles. The partnership between a vehicle manufacturer and a 5G creation personality creates it probable to commend a intensity of wireless communication in prolongation during an early stage. “5G offers a intensely low latency that meets a opening mandate of industrial automation,” declares Marie Hogan, Head of Mobile Broadband IoT during Ericsson. “Highly grown applications and system-critical IoT networking total with a advantages of larger flexibility, mobility and potency for a purpose of prolongation automation are so apropos probable for a really initial time. ‘Cutting a cables’ is a tangible branch indicate in a Industry 4.0 era.”

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Turbulent day for Audi in Formula E in Mexico

In 2018, Daniel Abt distinguished his initial ever Formula E feat during a Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez circuit. This time, a competition day seemed to be over for a German as early as 8 AM: Due to a program communication problem, Abt crashed into a barrieres during a finish of a straight. “This was a many aroused impact of my career,” pronounced Abt, who was flown by helicopter to a sanatorium for examinations as a precaution. “I am blissful that a cars are so protected and that we survived currently roughly unharmed. It was a good feat of my organisation to get a automobile prepared to competition again. But of course, it was transparent that it would be a really formidable competition for me from roughly a behind of a margin and with most no practice. Now it’s all about removing fit again before Marrakesh.”

Lucas di Grassi fought his approach adult to 6th from 15th on a grid in another fantastic Formula E competition in front of an considerable crowd. This authorised a Brazilian to urge his 5th position in a Drivers’ standings of a all-electric racing series. “This was a tough race,” pronounced di Grassi. “Although we scored good points, I’m not 100 percent happy. We did not have a gait in a competition to pierce adult further. We have to work tough to get stronger in qualifying, though also in a race.”

“This was a violent day for us,” pronounced Team Principal Allan McNish. “For Daniel, it started in a bad approach with a crash, and for Lucas, with a formidable qualifying, it didn’t get off really good either. But, we still scored critical points. Coming by from 15th on a grid to 6th keeps Lucas right in a pretension fight. That Daniel was means to start during all was a good group effort. It wasn’t an easy day for us, though we’re already entirely focused on a subsequent competition in Marrakesh.”

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Formula E: latest news and diverse from Mexico City

After the track walk on Friday morning, both Audi drivers were tender by the new lane layout of a Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez circuit. “Especially a initial territory is unequivocally cool,” says Daniel Abt. “The final dilemma is a fastest in a story of Formula E,” adds Lucas di Grassi. “We are pushing during good over 200 km/h, this is a genuine challenge. we cite a new lane layout. It’s some-more technical than a prior blueprint with a tight, indeterminate chicanes.”

Thanks to a redesigned final corner, Mexico City has the longest full-throttle section on a Formula E calendar. Combined with a longest competition stretch to date, fans can demeanour brazen to a competition in that appetite government will play a wilful purpose and a outcome of a competition will substantially usually take place in a final meters, as it was a box final year. In 2019, Lucas di Grassi cumulative feat with a fantastic overtaking pierce right on a finish straight.

In 2018, Daniel Abt distinguished his initial ever Formula E win in Mexico – a defining experience. The 27-year-old German even had a Mexican Skull tattooed on his top arm as a souvenir of a occasion. Abt is not alone this weekend: Audi has constructed proxy tattoos in a form of glue stickers that are distributed to all of a group members and fans.

The competition in Mexico will start on Saturday during 4 PM internal time (11 PM CET) and, as usual, will final for 45 mins and one lap. As always, Eurosport will atmosphere live coverage. All of a general channels, including a promote schedules, can be found online at

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Virtual training and intelligent algorithms: Audi is counting on “smart logistics”

The association tested digital shelf labeling during a Audi plant in Győr, Hungary, for a initial time final year. This new record is versed with what are famous as e-ink displays, that are also used in e-book readers, and offers poignant combined value. When names, numbers, or a arrangement of a tools in a shelf change, a logistics specialists no longer need to refurbish a labeling by hand. Information can also be displayed during brief notice quickly, for instance if a partial is out of batch and is to be transposed with a opposite part. Another advantage is that a digital displays always stay clean, do not beget any rubbish paper, and devour customarily really small electric energy, even in continual operation. The German/Hungarian plan group is now enhancing a technology. One of a goals is to exercise wholly involuntary updates. Series prolongation in a nearby destiny is conceivable, including during other Audi sites. With digital shelf labeling, Audi is holding another step toward paperless method picking. When entertainment parts, Audi employees already customarily work with tablets and hand-held scanners today.

Digital helpers like these are only one instance of a use of intelligent record in a automotive manufacturer’s Logistics division. “We are creation targeted use of a advantages of digitalization during a prolongation sites worldwide” says Dieter Braun, Head of Supply Chain. The driverless ride systems that have been in use during a Audi plants for many years are another example. They ride tools to a workstations automatically, for instance in a electric engine prolongation in Győr, where there is no public line. They use laser scanners to asian themselves in a prolongation gymnasium and find a best route. This rarely stretchable procession is done probable by algorithms and appurtenance learning, tranquil by a intelligent IT complement in a control station. This enables IT to keep lane of all systems, all driverless ride vehicles, and a product, even but a bound public line sequence.

At Pre-Series Logistics in Ingolstadt, Audi is now a initial automotive manufacturer to try out a new driverless ride system, that follows people around. The “Effibot” uses laser sensors to detect a employee’s legs and follows them automatically during low speed. All it takes is a hold of a symbol – a complement requires conjunction difficult adjustments nor a special infrastructure. It also offers an unconstrained pushing duty that allows a “Effibot” to conduct for formerly tangible destinations independently. The employees acquire a commander project: They have an partner that helps them with their work and they no longer need to pull method picking trolleys by hand.

Another intelligent resolution brings Audi employees worldwide together: They use practical existence (VR) to work together group-wide and opposite locations in practical spaces. In Packaging Logistics, for example, employees have been training with VR for several years. The training is designed like a video diversion and can be blending to fit other activities as good – no programming skills are required. The association is also counting on VR record in a prolongation of a Audi e-tron GT, that will hurl off a line during a Böllinger Höfe starting in 2020 together with a Audi R8: As partial of a commander project, a logistics planners in Neckarsulm are now contrast how special containers can be designed and tested wholly in a practical space and but any earthy prototypes. These containers are used for quite supportive tools such as electrics, headlights, or a windshield. They are custom-made for this charge and their formulation takes a analogous volume of effort. Developing a special containers with VR is reduction costly and is also improved for a environment.

The Smart Decisions group during Audi addresses even some-more formidable formulation processes. The experts “translate” a far-reaching operation of issues into mathematical models, and a high-performance mechanism uses these as a basement to find solutions for logistics-related problems, for instance a outmost storage forecast. As partial of a smoothness process, certain models might have to be put into halt storage for a brief time. But that of a storage areas is suitable? Numerous factors play a partial in responding this question: For example, a stretch between a particular parking lot, a plant and a smoothness destination, a cost for travel between these stations, or a ability of a parking lots. The mathematical indication combined by a Smart Decisions group allows these vehicles to be distributed optimally among a storage areas. The antecedent is finished and serve growth is underway – as is a box with countless earnest digital projects in Audi Logistics.