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Talents from a Audi Sport TT Cup master sweat-inducing aptness camp

Strenuous training elements and profitable tips awaited a entrants, whose normal is 20 years, for instance during a towering run with Long Distance World Champion Helmut Schießl. Audi bureau motorist Mattias Ekström delivered a display informing a immature participants of what it takes to turn a loyal motorsport champion besides talent. The two-time DTM pretension leader emphasized that meticulousness and staying energy are dual other indispensable traits on a highway toward apropos a veteran competition driver. “Everyone listened with good seductiveness and we was tender by a efficient questions asked by a youngsters, some of whom are usually 16,” pronounced Ekström.

The subsequent prominence in a Audi Sport TT Cup will be on a immature drivers’ bulletin during a commencement of April. A pushing exam in a 310-hp Audi TT crater during a Hockenheimring and a veteran media training event are still available a participants in their pre-season preparation. The second deteriorate of a Audi one-make crater will start during a DTM deteriorate opener during Hockenheim on a initial weekend in May. 

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