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Taycan Roadtrip Europe

Day Six

The sixth day of a Taycan Roadtrip Europe saw a Chinese media pushing opposite a overwhelming Lüneburg Heath and down de-restricted sections of a A1 autobahn from Hamburg to Bremen.

The 12-car swift over a hotel and primarily negotiated a city streets of Hamburg, channel a stream and following a track that authorised a Chinese media to conclude a pleasing autumnal colours of a Lüneburg Heath National Park, that was definitely overwhelming in splendid fever and 25 grade temperatures.

By chance, there were a lot of selected tractors and horses and carriages in a area, permitting some fortuitously mystic moments, as a state-of-the-art Taycan found itself juxtaposed with rather some-more normal modes of transport.

Today’s track also enclosed 80 km of a A1 autobahn. As sections of it are de-restricted, some of a media were gay to have a eventuality to unequivocally widen a legs of a Taycan Turbo and Turbo S electric sports cars, achieving unequivocally high speeds where a miss of speed limits, light trade volumes and ideal pushing conditions permitted.

As today’s track was usually 276 km, no charging stop was compulsory and a cars were means to make their Bremen finish with ease, prepared for some-more pushing on this 48 hour media revolution a following morning.

Day Five

It’s one third of a approach into Taycan Roadtrip Europe, and a North American media have over and their counterparts from China have arrived, prepared to set off from Hamburg opposite Lüneburg Heath in a morning.

Even during this designed brief interregnum in a journey, a photographers were out before dawn, capturing overwhelming images of a Taycan Turbo and Taycan Turbo S electric sportscars as a object came adult over Hamburg.

As good as a new fortuitous of media, a uninformed group of experts from Porsche, including Miriam Mohamad, André Müller, Bernd Propfe and Maik-Uwe Zillich will be fasten a eventuality for a subsequent 48 hours.

Day Four

The fourth day of a Taycan expostulate has seen a new rise charging opening this outing for a Taycan, with a strong 264 kW of assign being granted by a Ionity Station during a lunch stop nearby Neumünster.

On a second day of a North American media’s 48 hour rotation, a 12 Taycan swift has finished unblemished swell from a Danish city of Borkop all a approach down to a good Hanseatic city of Hamburg. Almost as shortly as they set off, a cars headed out onto some refreshing pushing roads, before a Drive pronounced goodbye to Scandinavia and crossed a limit into Germany. 

The lunch, and charging stop, on a A7 during Aalbek during a 233km indicate of a 320km day, was after a territory of derestricted autobahn. The new record charging opening for a drive, with a available 264 kW, was achieved interjection to Ionity’s glorious charging  infrastructure – and a integrate of a media guest nearing with reduction than 5% of charge.

Experts from Porsche, including Matthias Kirchgässner, Director Sales and Marketing Product Line Taycan and Benjamin Passenberg, Manager High-Voltage System Taycan, were on palm to boost a already high turn of trust of a media participating in a Taycan Drive. During a mangle from autobahn driving, Ralf Häßler, Director Aerodynamics and Thermal Management, was means to explain how a prosaic building and intensely far-reaching behind diffuser, that are probable on an electric car, not to discuss a atmosphere fate turn a headlights, assistance a Taycan grasp a lowest drag co-efficient of any Porsche during 0.22.

Day Three

The third day of a Taycan Drive has usually finished and a procession has usually arrived during their stop for a night nearby a Danish city of Borkop, carrying started a day in Copenhagen.

This has been a initial of dual days for a American and Canadian media. Today’s expostulate has seen 12 Taycan Turbo and Turbo S electric sports cars finish 343 km in a small over 5 hours, interlude for a drivers to suffer lunch, and a cars a discerning charge, during a Ionity Station in Nyborg.

Feedback from a media has been unequivocally positive, with a track entrance in for special praise, as it has been utterly scenic today, holding in Själland, a channel of a Great Belt around a Storebarlt Bridge and, after lunch, a island of Funen.

Mayk Wienkötter has been unequivocally changed currently by a regard of a accepting wherever a cars have been. “Everywhere we drive, we have been greeted with smiles and waves, generally from a kids. The Taycan usually looks so unconventional – they can tell it’s unequivocally new and how it is apparently a unequivocally special car. I’ve been told that a lot of media have been perplexing out a launch control complement of a Taycan today, and putting to a exam how it can be finished repeatedly. we did hear from one media co-worker that they had set adult a camera while their newcomer was sleeping, and afterwards achieved a 2.8 second 0-100km/h start. That contingency have been utterly a approach to be woken up! We’ll be channel a limit into Germany usually north of Hamburg tomorrow and a media will knowledge their initial sections of de-restricted autobahn during a circle of a Taycan, that we trust a few are unequivocally looking brazen to.”

Day Two

At a finish of a second day of a Taycan media launch, a procession has reached Copenhagen. With media from a UK, Denmark, Sweden and Germany during their wheels, 12 Porsche Taycan Turbo and Taycan Turbo S electric sportscars have finished their approach from Gothenburg in Sweden all a approach to Denmark’s collateral today.

410 free kilometres have been ticked off with all forms of pushing included, from city trade to copiousness of refreshing twists and turns as a behind roads followed a Swedish coastline. The track also enclosed some cruising along a motorway to a Ionity Charging Station during Circle K, Varberg Nord. Each automobile had a discerning 20 notation assign while a motorist enjoyed lunch from a Airstream transport trailer that is being towed a whole length of a eventuality by a Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid. From there, they were shortly channel a limit into Denmark around a overwhelming Øresund Bridge, before serenely negotiating a city streets of Copenhagen.

“It’s been another unequivocally successful day,” according to Mayk Wienkötter, a male on a scene. “The cars and charging infrastructure are creation it all demeanour unequivocally easy.”

Day One

This morning, no fewer than 18 radiant examples of a initial electric sports automobile from Porsche left Oslo during a commencement of a media expostulate wholly in gripping with a aspiration and stress of a Porsche Taycan. If any doubt remained in anyone’s minds as to a significance of a occasion, it would have been immediately outcast by a participation of roughly a whole house of Porsche, including CEO Oliver Blume and a press conference’s keynote speaker, Member of a Executive Board, Research and Development, Michael Steiner.

In stormy Norwegian sunshine, reporters from China, a US, a UK, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland and Norway set off from The Thief Hotel, gliding facilely south by Oslo towards a Swedish border. Porsche code ambassadors Mark Webber and Aksel Lund Svindal were on palm to share their practice of pushing a Taycan, with a arrange of insights usually probable from dual of a fastest people ever on 4 wheels and dual skis respectively. Once transparent of a city limits, a media were means to representation a performance-orientated dynamics of a Taycan on some of Norway’superb pushing roads, before a prolonged run down a highway to a Swedish border. Once etiquette formalities had been cleared, a cars fake onwards to a usually charging stop of a 400km day’s driving, a Ionity hire in Strömstad. The cars’ batteries were surfaced adult during a discerning 20 notation stop, interjection to charging rates of adult to 258kW being recorded. From there, a cars re-joined a highway for a rest of a tour to Gothenburg.

Mayk Wienkötter, Spokesperson for E-Mobility and Product Line Taycan for Porsche, pronounced “we have set out to denote a stirring approach that a Taycan drives alongside a perfect usability, with a tour from city to city opposite Europe. This is usually probable due to a car’s range, that is adult to 450km according to WLTP, and fit charging infrastructure that already exists. Tomorrow’s long-distance multiple of city streets, highway and behind roads takes us to Copenhagen.