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TDI, Lies and Videotape

The VW webisode array Inside a VW Academy earnings with TDI Myths, that facilities Saturday Night Live comedian Bill Hader and VW product dilettante Danielle Gumro busting a few misconceptions per diesel engines.

This part finds a VW Golf TDI bending adult to a polygraph to safeguard a truth of a replies. Bill asks a Golf several questions, while Danielle sets a record true on common diesel misconceptions. [Spoiler alert: Bill and Danielle dont transport as good as their four-wheeled companion, who clearly has zero to hide.]

Were assured that this video competence contain a many ominous 108 seconds of your life. If it doesnt, only stay tuned to a central Volkswagen YouTube channel and a VW blogs. Well be posting destiny installments in a array that will prominence pivotal features, safety, opening and record and rival comparisons. The content, that viewers will be means to post around YouTube and Facebook, will be equal tools humorous and factual.


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Did we squeeze a VW TDI in 2010? You only competence be authorised for a taxation credit!

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