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Team AFILSOP of a Ilmenau University wins ||Audi Autonomous Driving Cup 2017

The altogether leader was dynamic in 3 steps: The mandatory partial consisted of unconstrained pushing tasks on a march and a systematic lecture. After this came a energetically expected “open” challenge. During this free-form demonstration, a 8 teams finished a self-assigned charge with their tiny Audi Q2, reduced to a scale of 1:8. The concentration here, for a initial time in a story of a competition, was on synthetic intelligence. “I was intensely tender by a artistic solutions from a students in a area of synthetic intelligence,” pronounced Peter Mertens, Board of Management Member for Technical Development during AUDI AG, during a endowment ceremony. “AI is one of a keys on a approach to self-driving cars.”

The electric-drive high-tech indication cars were versed with ultrasonic sensors, 3D cameras, rear-view cameras and a absolute NVIDIA graphics label to calculate AI algorithms. The multiple of sensor record and mainframe mechanism corresponds in element with that of a prolongation automobile from Audi. The tiny cars raced with this setup and with program coded by a students themselves – safely and in correspondence with a rules.

In a end, a group from AFILSOP of a Ilmenau University of Technology many tender a jury row with a superb performance. The students quietly achieved a pushing assignment on a course, presented their growth work in a clearly orderly demeanour and demonstrated startling skill during a open challenge. Audi Board Member for Development Peter Mertens presented a winner’s certificate and a 10,000 euros esteem money. Second place, with 5,000 euros in winnings, was taken by a group from TACO. The FAUtonOHM group of a Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg / Nuremberg Institute of Technology took third place and perceived 1,000 euros in esteem money.

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