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TechLab for a BMW Group: documentary on Amazon shows complete record send during Formula E project.

Munich. Before BMW i Andretti Motorsport enters a second
deteriorate in a ABB FIA Formula E Championship on 22nd November, the
group takes another demeanour back. “Racing into a future: Formula E as
a TechLab for a BMW Group” is a pretension of a new documentary on
BMW i Motorsport’s Formula E plan – from a exam and development
proviso to a initial win in a initial competition with a BMW iFE.18. The
documentary, durability only over 20 minutes, is accessible to perspective in
Germany, Great Britain and a USA.


The film highlights a particular growth stairs of a drive
train, automobile and group in detail. The concentration is on a tighten send of
record between motorsport and BMW i prolongation development, which
sets and continues to set new standards in this form.


“The film shows impressively that a Formula E plan is many more
than only another competition to us,” pronounced BMW Group Motorsport Director Jens
Marquardt, who also provides engaging insights into a project
during a documentary. “For a BMW Group, Formula E is a TechLab for
a growth of destiny electric prolongation expostulate trains. The
partnership between a motorsport and prolongation departments is a
cycle. The Formula E expostulate benefitted from a knowledge of the
prolongation engineers during development. In return, a BMW i
engineers are means to make use of all a technical insights that we
benefit by impassioned use in Formula E. In annoy of all a fun over
sporting successes on a racetrack, this is a many critical aspect
of a Formula E plan for us.”


Numerous protagonists who played essential roles in a development
routine have their say. These embody a BMW i engineers who
grown and made a expostulate sight of a Formula E automobile in
partnership with a BMW Motorsport engineers in a same factories
in that a BMW i array prolongation expostulate is also produced. Their
statements and images of their work emphasize only how closely
intertwined motorsport and prolongation growth are in a Formula E project.


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