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Technical measures for a EA 189 diesel engines influenced presented to a German Federal Motor Transport Authority

The construction and resolution of a diesel emanate is progressing. The Volkswagen Group has presented specific technical measures for a EA 189 engines influenced with a banishment of 1.6 and 2.0 litres to a Federal Motor Transport Authority. This means that improvement measures have been bound for a infancy of a vehicles affected. In a growth of a solutions, a concentration was on limit customer-friendliness. After doing of a technical measures, a vehicles will approve with a germane emissions standards. The final technical resolution for a 1.2-litre diesel engine will be presented to a Federal Motor Transport Authority during a finish of a month and is approaching to contain a program update.

The technical measures grown for a EA 189 diesel engines influenced have been presented to a Federal Motor Transport Authority. Following an complete examination, these measures have been validated by a Federal Motor Transport Authority. This means that there is now clarity per a improvement of a irregularities for a infancy of vehicles affected.

– A “flow transformer” will be propitious directly in front of a atmosphere mass sensor on a 1.6-litre EA 189 engine. This is a filigree that calms a swirled atmosphere upsurge in front of a atmosphere mass sensor and will so decisively urge a measuring correctness of a atmosphere mass sensor. The atmosphere mass sensor determines a stream atmosphere mass throughput, that is a really critical parameter for a engine government for an best explosion process. In addition, a program refurbish will be achieved on this engine. The time indispensable for a doing of a technical measures is approaching to be reduction than one hour.

– The 2.0 litre engines will get a program update. The pristine work time for this magnitude will be around half an hour.

Thanks to advances in engine growth and softened make-believe of currents inside formidable atmosphere intake systems, in multiple with program optimisation geared towards this, it has been probable to furnish a comparatively elementary and customer-friendly measure.

The design for a growth of a technical measures is still to grasp a germane glimmer targets in any box but any inauspicious effects on a engine output, fuel expenditure and performance. However, as all indication variants initial have to be measured, a feat of these targets can't nonetheless be finally confirmed.

Based on these technical measures supposed by a Federal Motor Transport Authority, a compulsory use concepts are now being grown for a EU28 markets endangered . The aim is to exercise a compulsory technical refurbish in a initial vehicles during a remember from Jan 2016. According to a stream assessment, all measures in a march of a remember for all engine variants will extend over a whole calendar year 2016.

Volkswagen will safeguard that a time indispensable to exercise a technical measures is as brief as probable for all customers. In addition, Volkswagen will hit all business and attempt to cruise particular patron needs during a doing of these measures to equivocate any disadvantages for a patron such as probable curbing of their mobility. In tie with this, a Volkswagen code will so safeguard that all business are offering suitable deputy mobility options giveaway of charge.

For example, given a commencement of October, all Volkswagen business have been means to check for themselves either their car is influenced by a diesel issue. At each patron can enter their car marker series to obtain transparent information.

With these tangible measures, technical solutions are already accessible for a infancy of all Group models influenced in Europe with EA 189 engines. At a finish of this month, analogous measures will be presented to a Federal Motor Transport Authority for a 1.2-litre 3-cylinder diesel engine as well.

Based on a proceed of a Volkswagen brand, a Group’s other brands – Audi, SEAT, ŠKODA and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles – are also formulation analogous measures for their influenced vehicles.

In addition, until 31 Dec 2016, Volkswagen AG is specifically forgoing a right to defence on a drift of principle of stipulations in honour of any guaranty or pledge claims due to a program commissioned in vehicles with EA 189 engines, as prolonged as a rights to make any such claims have not already expired. Volkswagen business will therefore not be disadvantaged by any waiting.

One thing is certain: a vehicles sojourn technically protected and can therefore be driven on open roads but any limitation.

NB: The information in this press recover does not impute to products and services from a Volkswagen Group of America or Volkswagen Canada.

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