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Ten Inspirational Canadian Athletes to Join ‘Team Toyota’ On a Road to a 2020 Paralympic and Olympic Games in Tokyo

TORONTO, ON – Jun 12, 2019 – As a universe prepares to contest during a Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020, Toyota Canada is welcomingten inspirationalCanadian athletes to ‘Team Toyota’.

“We’re vehement to acquire 10 well-developed Canadian athletes to Team Toyota, and we’re unapproachable to be ancillary them on any of their sole journeys,” pronounced Cyril Dimitris, Vice President, Toyota Canada Inc. “Each of these inspirational athletes has overcome barriers to grasp opening value during a tip level, and we wish that pity their stories will enthuse other Canadians to conquer their possess challenges.”

Prior to a 2018 Paralympic and Olympic Winter Games, Toyota total “Start Your Impossible”, a tellurian debate pity a stories of inspirational athletes from around a world.

“Reaching a Paralympic and Olympic turn of foe is a long, tough tour for each athlete, and it’s usually probable by a support of friends and family, and a contributions of organizations such as Toyota Canada,” pronounced Benoît Huot, a recently late Canadian Paralympic swimmer and Team Toyota athlete. “On interest of all a Team Toyota athletes, we’re beholden for this critical support as we ready to paint Canada on a universe stage.”

The Canadian athletes fasten Team Toyota are:

Melissa Bishop

Melissa Bishop (Athletics – 800m)

Melissa Bishop has battled damage time and again, usually to lapse stronger than ever. Leading adult to 2020, she faces her biggest jump nonetheless – removing behind to a best using figure of her life after recently giving birth to her daughter. Few womanlike athletes have successfully come behind from pregnancy to lapse to their pre-motherhood success. Melissa is looking to change all of that. “I wish to hit a hosiery off people,” she says. Along a way, she hopes her quip story will enthuse other moms and moms-to-be.A two-time Olympian, Melissacompeted in London (2012) and in Rio (2016). She’s also won medals during a general level, including a bullion during a Pan Am Games in Toronto (2015) and china during a IAAF World Championships in Beijing (2015).

Ellie Black

Ellie Black (Artistic Gymnastics)

At 23, Ellie Black is during a tip of her game, in a foe traditionally dominated by gymnasts in their teens. As she says herself, “It’s only extraordinary what we can accomplish if we set your mind to it — and what a tellurian physique is able of.” The two-time Olympian is aiming for some-more excellence during a 2020 Games. When she’s not training, Ellie is operative on interest of organizations like Fast and Female, enlivening immature women to use a appetite of foe to comprehend their full potential. Elliecompeted in London (2012) and available Canada’s best-ever Olympic opening in a foe in Rio (2016).

Cody Caldwell

Cody Caldwell (Wheelchair Rugby)

Cody Caldwell’s story defines a appetite of foe to change lives and perform potential.  A diving collision during a age of 20 left Cody a quadriplegic, and feeling, in his possess words, “fragile, like a spare square of glass”. A possibility confront with a foe of Wheelchair Rugby altered everything. In 2013, he became a member of a Paralympic group and never looked back. He was a member of a bullion award winning group during a Parapan Am Games in Toronto (2015) and competed during a Paralympics in Rio (2016).

Stefan Daniel

Stefan Daniel (Paratriathlon)

Born with shared radial bar hands, Stefan Daniel’s right arm is significantly shorter than his left. But that hasn’t stopped him from apropos one of a best triathletes in a world. At only 16, Stefanwon thebronze during his initial Paratriathlon World Championship. He followed that with china in 2014, bullion in 2015 and, during a age of 19 took home a china award during a 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio.

Nik Goncin

Nik Goncin (Wheelchair Basketball)

Nik Goncin’s family changed to Canada as refugees from a polite war. As if training a new denunciation and bettering to a new enlightenment were not plea enough, Nik mislaid a leg to bone cancer in Grade 11. “Going from a really jaunty immature man, to exceedingly skinny, infirm cancer studious was difficult,” he says. “The many successful partial of my reconstruction was sport.” In particular, wheelchair basketball. He done a inhabitant group in 2009, and has been an all-star ever since. Nik was named a sport’s Junior Athlete of a Year in 2014, and represented Canada during a 2016 Paralympic Games.

Benoît Huot

Benoît Huot (Para-Swimming)

Born with a clubfoot, and a passion for sport, Benoît Huotfound his job in a pool. Throughout his career, his appetite and unrestrained has done him an impulse for those around him. Now late from competition, Benoît is an envoy for Paralympic sport. He mentors immature athletes by his work for a series of charities. And, by his possess substructure he raises supports and inspires children with disabilities to live their Paralympic dream.Benoît is one of Canada’s many flashy athletes, carrying won 20 medals – including 9 golds – over 5 Paralympic Games, and another 32 medals in general competition.

Tory Nyhaug

Tory Nyhaug (BMX Cycling)

Overcoming many injuries, ToryNyhaug ranks among his sports elite. This two-time Olympian – including a finalist in 2016 – is a Silver medalist during a World Championships and Gold medalist during a Pan Am Games. Now, he has sights on Olympic gold. In further to injuries, Tory has also struggled with mental health during times. Because of these experiences, Tory is a ardent disciple for correct damage liberation and devotes time to assisting people overcome mental health struggles.

 Cindy Ouellet

Cindy Ouellet (Wheelchair Basketball and Para Nordic Skiing)

Cindy Ouellet’s tour is one of integrity and a enterprise to raise mobility for others. Diagnosed with bone cancer during 12, Cindy was given a 5 percent possibility of survival. She kick a odds. She showed her integrity again in high school, branch a pain of bullying into a certain life sign “Carpe Diem” (Seize a Day). Throughout her career she’s been a motivational force, moving and educating people on a appetite of sport. Cindy has been named contestant of a year within her foe 4 times. She’s a four-time Paralympian – 3 times during a Summer Games and many recently during a 2018 Winter Games.

Aurélie Rivard

Aurélie Rivard (Para-Swimming)

Born with an dull left hand, AurélieRivard has never let her spoil extent her potential. Panic attacks followed by serious bullying as a child led to struggles with self-confidence, harmful stress and depression. While still fighting these demons, her success in a pool total with clever family support gives her a strength and certainty of a champion. As one of a world’s heading Paralympic athletes, she continues to mangle universe annals forward of a Tokyo games while pity her story with unrestrained and certainty as a orator for a Paralympic Movement and mental health.Aurélie is already a two-time Paralympian, winning 3 bullion medals and a china award in Rio (2016), in further to a china in London (2012).

Erica Wiebe

Erica Wiebe (Wrestling)

Erica knows what it is like to be during a top, and during a bottom. In her initial year of wrestling during University, she did not measure a singular indicate in practice. Her expostulate to be a best seemed a mislaid dream. But her inherited clarity of resilience carried her through. In 2016, she prisoner Gold in Rio. She also won bullion during dual Commonwealth Games – in Australia (2018) and Glasgow (2014). Erica is ardent about a ability of foe to expostulate amicable change. And plays her part, operative to mangle down gender barriers in sport, and inspire equal opportunities for all.  

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