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The 24 Minutes of Le Mans

Porsche and Le Mans is a story that goes behind decades. In 2017, after 3 altogether victories in a row, a mythological 919 Hybrid bid a farewell to a LMP1 category in Le Mans. Now, Porsche motionless to give it one final tribute. The famous wheels that ran on a 919 Hybrid have been immortalised. A vinyl record has been pulpy from a tyres of this mythological competition car. And on a vinyl listeners find a tour by a story of Porsche during Le Mans. The record’s name: “The 24 Minutes of Le Mans.”

24 iconic stories on one vinyl plate

In a stirring 24-minute audio experience, Porsche tells 24 iconic stories and recounts a considerable story of Porsche on a mythological competition course. Not on a own: For a 24 tracks, a sports cars manufacturer is assimilated by racing kingship and Le Mans legends. Dr. Wolfgang Porsche describes his practice during a competition as a boy. Chad McQueen talks about sitting on his father’s path in a competition car. And Hans-Joachim Stuck lives by one of a biggest tragedies once again. These “24 Minutes of Le Mans” story are like no other.

24 Minutes of Le Mans, 2019, Porsche AG

The numbers 1 by 24 of a 200-piece singular book will be adult for auction. On a singular day. Over a march of 24 hours. One each hour. The deduction will be donated to Loisirs Pluriel in Le Mans, an organization ancillary infirm children all over France. The auction starts during Feb 24 from 00.01 a.m. (CET) here:

The lane will be accessible on streaming platforms

To concede as many Porsche and racing fans to suffer a audio documentary contained on a record, Porsche is creation a whole lane accessible for giveaway on several streaming platforms as well. They embody Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Deezer, Napster, Shazam and Anghami.