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The Audi Q3: new ideas for a interior

With a Q3, Audi has validated a heading purpose in automotive settlement when it comes to colors and materials as well. The compress reward SUV offers a prolonged list of innovative products. Audi has grown new inlays done of timber and aluminum materials.

Rosalie Schrader’s eyes light adult when she talks about a interior of a Audi Q3. “Our work has a sexy character,” says Schrader, a engineer who works with a Color and Trim Team. “We wish to give a extraneous and a interior a clever cultured – a really possess soul.” A certain palm when it comes to colors and materials and a transparent enterprise to do new things – this is a truth of a Design department.

Even a customary inlays in a Q3 – that come in gold or truffle beige, depending on a interior tone – are of higher quality. The finish of a inlays, that was grown with Schrader’s help, has a some-more lead and strong coming than is usually found. Audi offers a business 4 additional element options, including dual new ones grown by a Color and Trim Team led by Susanne Stöbe.

The latest creation is a dim brown, open-pored inlay done of larch wood. Because a focus of polish has been mostly avoided, a inlay retains a healthy timber structure and somewhat severe aspect feel. The prolongation process, that Audi grown in partnership with a supplier, enables a inlay to seem even some-more three-dimensional and some-more natural. The expansion phases of a timber are emphasized during a prolongation process. The soothing structure of a early timber that grows during a quick expansion proviso of a tree in open forms somewhat lifted stripes. The late wood, on a other hand, grows in summer and condenses into a harder structure in a timber relief. Accordingly, these stripes are deeper.

The second new underline is a 3D aluminum filigree element that is assembled from dual components. The aspect of finely brushed aluminum is hammered out in a honeycomb pattern. Each of a firmly packaged hexagons has a hole of usually 2.5 millimeters; 12 of them fit within a block centimeter. Under this net-like aspect lies a holographic white aspect with a three-dimensional appearance. The prolongation process can usually be discerned on closer examination. The thought behind it: “We wanted to mix dual technically worldly surfaces in sequence to furnish a totally new look,” pronounced Susanne Stöbe, Head of a Color and Trim Team.

The Q3’s many interior sum furnish a singular and fascinating aesthetic. Many of a controls underline an aluminum-look finish, while a steering circle and gearshift are in leather. The upholstery is offering in dual customary and dual discretionary materials, along with Milano and Fine Nappa leather as good as a multiple of leather and Alcantara.

The instrument row of a Audi Q3 can be delivered in dual colors; a lighter tone on a bottom gives it a sleek, slim appearance. Five combinations are probable in a Q3 – black/black, black/chestnut brown, black/chennai brown, black/titanium gray and truffle beige/pistachio beige. The S line competition package immerses a whole interior in black. Customers can sequence a truffle beige and gold trim colors even in a bottom version. “The tone palette ranges from ambiguous colors to cool, technical gray and black tones, to fluent interior colors,” Schrader said. “The healthy colors concede us to underscore a offroad impression of a automobile generally well.”

Another cultured prominence of a Audi Q3 is a discretionary LED interior light package, that accentuates a interior with little LEDs. The white light-emitting diodes are used to yield interior and reading light with low appetite consumption. They irradiate a doors, a headlining, a footwells, a self-centredness mirrors and a storage compartments; even a cupholders are accented by spherical LED light guides. With a Bose approximate sound system, that also comes as an option, a frames of a woofer/mid-range speakers in a front doors form rings of white light. The LED interior light package is unmatched in a compress SUV segment.


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