Mercedes-Benz Canada

The commencement of a new era.

Nyck is about to embark his entrance deteriorate in Formula E. With 4 races still remaining in a 2019 FIA ​​Formula 2 Championship, he now leads a drivers’ standings. The final turn is scheduled to take place as partial of a support programme to a Formula 1 deteriorate culmination in Abu Dhabi one week after Nyck’s Formula E debut. 

“It’s a unequivocally special feeling to be asked to expostulate for Mercedes-Benz EQ in Formula E, and we am celebrated that a group have selected me as one of their dual drivers,” says Nyck. “Formula E is a good height that has already determined itself as one of a biggest and many veteran racing array outward Formula 1. It’s a good opportunity, for that I’m unequivocally beholden to Mercedes. I’ve had an glorious accepting from a team, and it’s good fun to work with them. But ultimately, it will all count on a opening on a competition lane once a deteriorate starts. It’s all flattering new to me. That’s because we overtly haven’t suspicion about environment myself any targets for my rookie season. Essentially, Mercedes are aiming to be contenders for competition wins and championship trophies. Hopefully, this will occur earlier rather than later. But until then, a group and we design a high training bend before we can turn truly competitive.”

Nyck has famous his new team-mate for many years, carrying spent time together in karting. “The motorsport family is utterly small, and we get to know any other during a immature age,” says Nyck. “I’m looking brazen to pushing for a same group as Stoffel. He has a lot of knowledge and is a good driver. Consequently, I’m anticipating to learn a lot from him so that, together, we can get a best probable outcome for a team.”