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The BMW Group during a 2017 Hannover Messe. On a highway to zero-emission electric mobility.

Hanover. As partial of a investigate and pre-development
activities, a BMW Group has been operative on zero-emission electric
mobility for many years now, with battery storage systems and hydrogen
fuel cells providing a basis. At a 2017 Hannover Messe – the
world’s heading industrial uncover – holding place on 24 – 28 April, the
association will be presenting concepts and technologies with partners
underneath a ensign “NewEnergy-4-Mobility2050”. This beginning focuses
on ardour sustenance for widespread zero-emission mobility looking
forward to 2050.


Well-founded calculations carried out in tandem with a Fraunhofer
Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE will uncover visitors to the
Hannover Messe how a on-going transition to renewable energy
sources can concede a German supervision to accommodate a hothouse gas
emissions rebate targets by 2050. At a array of interconnected
stands, partners concerned in a beginning from a electricity
generating and ardour supply sectors and from attention will be
demonstrating technologies that can capacitate this transformation, as
good as new areas of business that competence emerge.


The BMW Group can be found during Stand B59 in Hall 27 and will be
showcasing a zero-emission vehicles BMW i3 and a hydrogen fuel-cell
explanation car formed on a BMW 5 Series GT. At a same stand,
Shell will be display a hydrogen fuelling siphon that a energy
association has grown in partnership with Designworks, a BMW
subsidiary. This innovative fuel siphon dispenser illustrates how
quick and simply drivers can fill adult their cars with hydrogen, while
concurrently providing a glance of destiny mobility.


You can find some-more information about a NewEnergy-4-Mobility2050
beginning during
or around a interactive NE4M2050 app, that can be downloaded for the
Hannover Messe from a common app stores.

The QR formula to download a NewEnergy4Mobility2050 / NE4M2050 app can
be found in a attachment.


‘Vision Zero’ in electric mobility.

In a actions and business practices, a BMW Group has always
followed an integrated proceed centred around a focus of
sustainability via a value chain. For example, a CO2
emissions generated by a BMW i3 in a supply chain, through
production, as partial of bland use and in a recycling routine are
during slightest a third reduce than for a required car of a comparable
type. The BMW i3 is a usually car worldwide whose product concept
is geared precisely towards avoiding emissions of CO2. At a same
time, a success of a BMW i3 as a best-selling electric vehicle
in a shred is explanation that sustainability need not meant compromising
on pushing pleasure or desirability.

Fuelled by a aim of achieving zero-emission electric mobility
by a use of battery-electric and hydrogen fuel-cell-powered
vehicles, a BMW Group is committed to maintaining a standing as the
world’s many tolerable car manufacturer.


A pioneering combination: BMW eDrive and hydrogen fuel-cell technology.

The hydrogen fuel-cell explanation car formed on the
BMW 5 Series GT on uncover during a Hannover Messe combines locally
emission-free mobility with sporty handling, a high spin of energy
efficiency, bland usability interjection to quick refuelling times and an
ardour for covering prolonged distances. The fuel dungeon translates the
hydrogen gas carried in a storage tank into electricity and water
vapour, generating 180 kW/245 hp to expostulate a electric motor. With a
net ability of around one kilowatt hour, a vehicle’s high-voltage
battery acts as a proxy storage resource and can therefore be
extremely smaller than in battery-electric concepts. The strategic
fondness concluded between a BMW Group and a Toyota Motor Company in
2013 provides additional procedure and increases a companies’ capacity
to spin hydrogen fuel-cell record into reality.


It is a aim of a BMW Group to settle hydrogen fuel-cell
electric expostulate systems as a long-term second source of locally
emission-free mobility alongside battery-electric expostulate systems. The
outcome is a versatile intensity portfolio of expostulate systems that can
be blending flexibly to opposite car concepts, customer
mandate and legislative circumstances.