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The BMW M4 DTM during a ‘Cathedral of Speed’: DTM entrance during ‘TT Circuit Assen’.

Munich. BMW DTM teams enter uncharted domain this weekend
(19th to 21st July), as a 2019 season
reaches a median point: a fifth of 9 competition weekends will take
place during ‘TT Circuit Assen’ (NED). This is a initial for everyone, as
a DTM is creation a initial entrance during a obvious Dutch racetrack.


Four competition weekends into a season, Philipp Eng (AUT) is the
best-placed BMW motorist in third place in a Drivers’ Championship.
The Austrian has 101 points to his name and is followed by Bruno
Spengler (CAN / 76 points) and Marco Wittmann (GER / 72 points) in
fourth and fifth place respectively. The BMW M4 DTM has won 4 of
a 8 races so far: Wittmann has twice taken his place on a top
step of a podium, while Eng and Spengler have any enjoyed one race
win. BMW has also claimed a serve 4 lectern finishes.


Motorsport enjoys a prolonged tradition during Assen. The initial motorcycle
competition was hold there behind in 1925. The races were primarily hold on
open roads, before ‘TT Circuit Assen’ was non-stop in 1955. Also known
as a “Cathedral of Speed”, a circuit is specifically designed for
motorcycles, though also hosts automobile races. The lane has a issuing layout,
on that a BMW M4 DTM can take full advantage of a turbo power.
The circuit is famous for a high speeds and a series of unequivocally quick
corners. The quick lane blueprint is interrupted by a hairpin.  


Quotes brazen of a DTM races during Assen.


Jens Marquardt (BMW Group Motorsport Director):

“The ‘TT Circuit’ is a mythological and iconic motorcycle competition lane and
we are gay to be racing there with a DTM. The quick blueprint of
a circuit creates energy critical – and a BMW M4 DTM, with a turbo
engine, has copiousness of that. We are assured that we will provide the
Assen fans to some illusory competition action. Our idea for a weekend
is to explain some-more victories and lectern finishes, and to get a drivers
behind to a unequivocally tip of a championship standings. Our BMW DTM teams
will be doing their pinnacle to make this possible.”


Stefan Reinhold (Team Principal BMW Team RMG):

“After Zolder, we are now entering uncharted domain for a second
time this season. Assen is a unequivocally engaging circuit in terms of the
impression of a track, and it will be critical to find a perfect
set-up for a BMW M4 DTM right from a initial use session. We
wish to build on a record of 3 wins so distant this season, and all
3 drivers are looking brazen to a plea of removing to know
a new circuit. We will work tough to make a Assen DTM premiere a
successful weekend for us.”


Bruno Spengler (#7 BMW Bank M4 DTM, BMW Team RMG, Drivers’
standings: 4th, 76 points):

“I don’t know all that most about a circuit. we did 3 laps as a
newcomer during an eventuality there a few weeks ago – though that is all we know
of it. However, it is a unequivocally opposite lane and is unequivocally fast. We will
have to see how we can overtake, as there are several kinks, short
straights and faster corners. we consider pushing there will be fun, as it
will be perfectionist and we will have a unequivocally quick pace. we experienced
a Dutch fans there during a MotoGP eventuality – they were fantastic. I
consider they will emanate a good atmosphere. we am unequivocally most looking
brazen to entrance to this new circuit with a DTM.”


Marco Wittmann (#11 Schaeffler BMW M4 DTM, BMW Team RMG,
Drivers’ standings: 5th, 72 points):

“Assen is totally new domain for me. we have never driven there
before, and BMW has never been there with a DTM. As such, there are
still a lot of doubt marks. we am usually informed with a blueprint and
am scheming regulating a simulator. However, we have never struggled at
new marks in a past. we am excited. A new circuit on a calendar is
always a new plea for a driver. we wish we can tighten a opening to
a front-runners again there.”


Timo Glock (#16 BMW M4 DTM, BMW Team RMR, Drivers’ standings:
12th, 23 points):

“I am unequivocally vehement about Assen. It is a circuit we have never been to
before, and during that usually a unequivocally few of us have driven in a past. I
am intrigued to see what awaits us. we trust it is a unequivocally fast
circuit. I’m looking brazen to it. It is new domain for us – I
wish we have some fitness on a side this time during Assen and can have a
trouble-free weekend.”


Bart Mampaey (Team Principal BMW Team RBM):

“Assen is apparently an iconic racetrack. It will be engaging to
expostulate there with a BMW M4 DTM. We don’t know a circuit yet, but
a blueprint promises to furnish high-speed races. A lot was new for us
during Zolder too, and we had a unequivocally successful weekend there. Our idea is
to repeat that during Assen. It will be critical to quick familiarise
ourselves with a facilities of a lane and to find a right set-up.
We are looking brazen to this challenge.”


Philipp Eng (#25 ZF BMW M4 DTM, BMW Team RMR, Drivers’
standings: 3rd, 101 points):

“I am looking brazen to Assen. we gathering there in a ADAC GT Masters
in 2011. The circuit is good fun and we can suppose it being even more
fun in a BMW M4 DTM. we consider overtaking should be probable there.
Tyre government will be a large issue, as a tyres can be put under
some impassioned aria there. And let’s see what a Dutch continue gods
have in store for us during a weekend.”


Sheldon outpost der Linde (#31 Shell BMW M4 DTM, BMW Team RBM,
Drivers’ standings: 11th, 25 points):

“Assen is a totally new lane for us. Obviously we will ready in
a sim during a group in Belgium. That will be good since we saw at
Zolder, that was also a new track, that it helps utterly a lot. we was
means to get my initial stick position there and was unequivocally competitive
that weekend so I’m anticipating for a same during Assen. we consider that we’ve
always had a pace, even if we struggled during Norisring. We’re always
rival and means to run during a front, it’s only that when we come
to marks like Norisring, that everybody knows so well, it takes a bit
of time for me to get used to it and to be on a same level, so I
consider with Assen we can start behaving progressing on and only have a
good weekend.”


Joel Eriksson (#47 CATL BMW M4 DTM, BMW Team RBM, Drivers’
standings: 10th, 43 points):

“It’s going to be a totally new lane for me. we did a track
investigation there progressing this year. It looks flattering cool. we checked
some on-board videos as good and it looks unequivocally quick and quite
severe since it has a lot issuing corners. Misano was a new
lane for me final year and we won there so that worked out flattering well.
Zolder was a new lane for me and we finished adult on a podium, so we just
need to stay unequivocally focused and work unequivocally tough on a preparation.
Overall, I’m unequivocally vehement to go there.”