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The BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy Female Team Qualifying 2017. Two Female Teams comparison for BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy 2018 in Mongolia.

Munich. The BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy
Female Team Qualifying 2017 has resolved with something of a surprise
outcome. After 4 days of foe during a Country Trax Off
Road Riding Academy nearby Amersfoort in South Africa not one nonetheless two
teams have competent for a sixth BMW Motorrad International GS
Trophy that will be hold in Mongolia in Jun 2018. Such has been the
high customary of roving during this event, a BMW Motorrad team
decided, in a extemporaneous act, to ‘double up’ and take 6 women GS
riders to Mongolia.

The trail to gift hasn’t been easy. After their national
qualifiers 23 women from 13 countries (South
Africa, Australia, France, USA, Germany, UK, Malaysia, Japan,
Canada, Mexico, Colombia, China, Thailand) won their approach by to
a BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy Female Team Qualifying in
South Africa, no doubt awaiting a tough competition, conducted in
a toughest conditions, all underneath a prohibited African sun. They certainly
found tough conditions, nonetheless not a approaching as outrageous thunderstorms
rolled opposite a veldt on all 4 days (and nights). The object made
usually passing visits when a clouds reluctantly allowed.

Day 1 saw a participants’ attainment and immediate
soak into a competition. As is a inlet of a GS Trophy
anything and all can be a challenge, and so a organising team
set a women immediately onto their initial challenge: to get their
tents pitched and altered into roving rigging – opposite a clock, of
course. Now prepared for tour action, 3 back-to-back challenges
were set: a 50 metre run followed by a lurch on a GS adult a mountain to a
stop box; a exam of balancing a GS while walking around it – one
handed, and steady twice; and third, a riding-blindfolded test,
where a women had to try to strech a aim set during a distant finish of
a margin (much harder than it sounds). Two out of a 3 tests
were finished before a outrageous thunderstorm rolled menacingly in,
forcing a organisers to postpone a change until a morning.

Day 2

valid to be a marathon day. Started during 7am, so as to complete
a hurdles from day one, nonetheless afterwards followed by no reduction than six
some-more challenges. These enclosed a speed exam roving a slalom course
in low silt and a time-trial (cross-country course) finish with
Le Mans start to again consider a women’s higher-speed riding
capability. After cooking that night a participants perceived a
nasty warn when a nine-lowest scoring participants were
separated from a competition, or ‘promoted to witness status’
as eventuality manager Stefan Boshoff described it. The day wasn’t over,
though, as a remaining 14 participants were sent
out during 10pm for a 25km night-navigation plea (in 3 teams)
finish with a serve plea of repair a puncture during the
mid-point. The teams rolled behind during usually before midnight, successful
nonetheless tired after a 17 hour day.

Day 3

started with another automatic aptitude exam as the
participants were challenged to mislay a behind circle from their GS
afterwards run with it for 50 metres afterwards refit it – all within four
minutes. Not easy with 5 torqued circle studs to loosen, realign
and tie with usually a medium sized T-bar. Then followed a slow
race, finished all a some-more formidable as a weed was soaking, making
circle spin a consistent worry. Two technical roving challenges
followed that valid impossibly wily as a consistent rains had
rendered a clay dirt ice-like – stifle control and balancing
skills have never been some-more exceedingly tested. Later a women set off
cross-country opposite a Country Trax 600 acres to find dual more
tough roving hurdles that tested their ability to float steep
off-cambers and to make quick weaving swell over sharp terrain.
Tough technical hurdles that trials riders revelry in, most harder
on a nearby 250-kilo GS. Again a women shone – until nonetheless another
thunderstorm forced another shelter as pelting sleet and lightning
strikes rendered a unprotected hillsides a dangerous place to be. That
night came another astonishing rejecting and 5 some-more participants
found themselves out of a running. The final day would be a
battle of a best nine for a 3 finalists’
positions – or so they thought.

Day 4

– a final day – started underneath a same neutral skies as the
3 previous. The remaining 9 attempted to ease their nerves; those
in a tip positions considering invulnerability strategies while the
other 6 were entrance with a win-or-bust attitude. In a finish all
simply had to do their best. The initial plea total a fairly
candid float by a straw scoop obstruction with an
energy-draining incompletely ascending retrograde pull of their GS to
a finish line. Each aspirant during slightest had a dignified and vocal
support of a other 22. It was a box of digging deep, and then
digging some more.

Raising a GS onto a outrageous depressed tree case was a next
challenge. Obviously too most for any one member this was a
three-person group challenge. Despite some of a women being of
petite stature, all 3 teams managed this in excellent style. Then
came a finale: a path of a parcours course, job for a broad
spectrum of skills to understanding with a see-saw, change beams, 180º
‘elephant turns’ and a wily matter of straddling their GS along
a depressed telegram stick and roving it along in a stratagem called a
‘log grind’. It was a prolonged path that called for sustained
concentration, continuation and skills – a excellent all-encapsulating
plea to finish a competition.

All that could follow was a totalling of a scores and
proclamation of a winners. A moving occasion. The romantic release
as a three winners – Ezelda outpost Jaarsveld (South
Africa), Julia Maguire (Australia) and Sonia Barbot (France) – were
called was outrageous with tears of joy, congratulations and commiserations.

But then, for another three – Jocelin Snow
(USA), Linda Steyn (South Africa) and Bettina Nedel (USA) – came the
remarkable news that they too would be going to Mongolia. As we often
here said, nonetheless frequency believe, there wasn’t a dry eye in a residence –
and there wasn’t.

The second BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy Female Team
Qualifying 2017 has been a resounding success and a resilience of
a organisers, let alone a participants, to keep a competition
going in a face of impassioned continue has pronounced most for a GS
Spirit. Mongolia beckons, an tour into a magical, remote
region. These 6 women have all shown they have
a skills, a earthy capability and that explorational
inspirational GS mindset to indeed make their lives a ride. 


BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy Female Team Qualifying
2017 Final standings:

  1. Ezelda outpost Jaarsveld (South Africa)
  2. Julia Maguire (Australia)
  3. Sonia Barbot (France)
  4. Jocelin Snow (USA)
  5. Linda Steyn (South Africa)
  6. Bettina Nedel (USA)

(the above all go to a BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy in
Mongolia in Jun 2018, combining dual Female Teams; a combination of
a dual teams will be announced during a after stage)

  1. Jessica Leyne (France)
  2. Marion Linder (Germany)
  3. Louise Hodgkinson (UK)
  4. Stephanie Schinkel (Mexico)
  5. Andrea Box (Australia)
  6. Leticia Benitez (Mexico)
  7. Gritt Ahrens (Germany)
  8. Khai Zabidin (Malaysia).
  9. Ai Mizutani (Japan)
  10. Valerie Heroux (Canada)
  11. Camila Mejia (Colombia)
  12. Sun Renhui (China)
  13. Wanwisa Phirom (Thailand)
  14. Kirsty Hodges (UK)
  15. Louise Mitchell (Canada)
  16. Xiaomin Li (China)
  17. 23 Yoshida Miko (Japan).


Statements from a winning riders:


Ezelda outpost Jaarsveld (South Africa)

: I’m utterly surprised, vacant – it’s unbelievable! we have no
other difference for a emotion. The customary has been high and we have
been dismayed by a roving skills of a girls, while the
intercourse has been awesome. It still all has to penetrate in, what’s
happened. we theory now I’ll have to continue my training programme,
urge on a skills that we have. As well, to have my crony Linda
on a group is amazing, I’m so gratified for her, too.


Julia Maguire (Australia)

: I’m so excited, very-very excited. Relieved! It’s been an
romantic few days, nonetheless we consider we always get that with a
garland of women! But so, so pumped to be going to Mongolia. I
believed we could do it, and here we are! we didn’t know what turn of
riders would be coming, and a girls have been amazing, so it was
severe to keep it together by a whole thing, it was
intense. Telling yourself, ‘you’ve finished this a million times’ – I’ve
been roving so many years – nonetheless afterwards unexpected a vigour is on,
everybody is watching, it’s a lot harder than doing it in a paddock
during my parents’ place behind during home! The vigour was tough, nonetheless I
usually had to believe, to do it. What is it they say? ‘Smooth is fast
and quick is smooth!’


Sonia Barbot (France)

: I’m unequivocally excited, this is unbelievable, it’s usually wow. It
proves a saying: never give up! And now I’ll have to learn more
English for when we get to Mongolia! And I’ll have to do more
practicing and training. At home we have my father and my son – and
my silent and all my friends, we can’t wait to tell them. And to be
going to Mongolia… I’ve had a dream of going to Tibet, and
Mongolia is roughly subsequent door, so this is special for me. But mostly
now I’m meditative we need to learn some-more English so we can explain more
what this means to me. Merci, BMW!


Jocelin Snow (USA)

: That was shocking, since a talent in this small area here
is huge. These women are so unequivocally learned and to be here now, a
winner, is implausible – and for there to be dual teams that was
surprise! And now what was unequivocally usually a long-distance hairy dream
that we was awaiting to come loyal for a other women is now true
for me – foof! More importantly than going to Mongolia, more
importantly than creation a team, we unequivocally wish this to inspire
other women out there. Just to get one some-more womanlike to take a ride,
one some-more womanlike to take a risk, to step adult and do it, not let anyone
contend we can’t do it. If that happens afterwards that’s a win.


Linda Steyn (South Africa)

: I’m ecstatic. We worked tough for this, so there’s service too.
When they announced a formula and they called a third placed
supplement – and it wasn’t me – we felt so unhappy for a split
second, nonetheless afterwards we was like, ‘just be happy for them, it’s been an
experience, a journey, and this is not a end.’ Then when they said
there was going to be a second group we was usually ‘waaaaaaaaah!’ Now
I’m going to start training again, there were a integrate f things I
wanted to do by a time we got to here, nonetheless we couldn’t conquer them,
so I’m going to try and have them used in time for Mongolia.
I’ll get behind on my trials bike, for feet-up things and on my GS. I
can’t wait to tell my hubby and my dual sons, they all float and I
know they’ll support me as we go on.


Bettina Nedel (USA)

: Oh my gosh, this is epic for me, precious – all of the
biggest difference can’t report this feeling. And my family has grown,
and we have grown with them. BMW has put on such an extraordinary – epic –
event. Epic is a word! It was unequivocally romantic a whole approach and at
a finish when they announced a winners that too was a roller
coaster. Thinking we had missed out when they announced a first
3 – we usually approaching 3 to go – we can’t assistance nonetheless feel
disappointed. But afterwards to hear you’re going after all, and to be
going with Jocelin, my American team-mate, was usually so amazing. You
know, a intercourse between all a riders has been extraordinary nonetheless it
has grown exponentially between Jocelin and I.


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