BMW Canada

The BMW Museum App – an innovative beam to a story of perfect pushing pleasure.

Munich. With a new BMW Museum App, a BMW Museum
in Munich is presenting a prophesy for a destiny of self-guided,
interactive tours by a story of “sheer pushing pleasure”. For
a initial time, this app allows smartphone and inscription users to preview
highlights from a story of BMW and a products before they make
their trip, while intelligent interactive record allows them to
rivet some-more intensively with a exhibits during a revisit itself.
Whatever track visitors select by a Museum, a app provides
them with in-depth exegetic descriptions of a individual
departments and exhibits as they pierce by a rooms. The audio and
calm commentaries are offering in 7 opposite languages. The BMW
Museum App is granted in dual versions – one for iOS and one for
Android devices. It is accessible giveaway of assign from a Apple App
Store and Google Play Store given Feb 2016.

Spanning an muster area of approximately 5,000 block metres, the
BMW Museum is dedicated to a past, benefaction and destiny of sheer
pushing pleasure. Situated right next-door to a BMW headquarters, it
forms one post – alongside BMW Welt and a BMW Group Plant – in a
multidimensional code experience. The Museum’s permanent exhibition
area is divided into 7 themed “house” that yield a abounding and
sundry discernment into BMW’s corporate and product history. The exhibits
embody some-more than 120 of a many prestigious and critical vehicles,
motorcycles and engines from a story of a BMW brand.

Using a BMW Museum App, visitors can singular out a particular
topics and durations from a story of a code that they wish to
try in some-more depth. They can afterwards organize their debate by the
sold themed houses in any sequence they wish. The relevant
commentaries are streamed to their smartphone or inscription possibly in
audio format or as calm supplemented by images and brief video clips.
An interactive map allows users to orientate themselves some-more simply as
they pierce between a opposite departments, exploring a topics that
seductiveness them many – for instance engine competition or design, specific model
array or vehicles from sold decades.

All calm offering by a BMW Museum App is accessible in German,
English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Chinese.

The BMW Museum App allows BMW’s prophesy for a destiny of self-guided
tours by a story of a association and a products to be
enjoyed by a far-reaching operation of visitors. This digital museum beam and
innovative information middle meets a needs of all age groups and
will enthuse visitors to rivet even some-more intensively with those
topics in a Museum’s permanent, proxy and special exhibitions
that seductiveness them most. By mixing sharp-witted and enchanting story with
interactive digital display technology, a BMW Museum App
mirrors a BMW Museum’s possess proceed to showcasing a past, present
and destiny of perfect pushing pleasure. As users make their journey
by a story of mobility, a app also allows them to share
their impressions around amicable media. It is also probable to entrance the
latest news and events from a BMW Museum and BMW Welt.