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The Fiat 500X and Dynamo, a stars of a "The Power of X” European Experience

Fiat has partnered with a world-renowned magician, Dynamo, who stars in a 500X pre-launch phase. The artist and a new crossover are set to underline in an unusual experience, done permitted by special practical existence headsets to guest during a 676 European events set to take place before to a 500X salon debut, scheduled for subsequent February. The 120″ film was put together by Framestore, a double-Oscar winning artistic studio who specialises in special effects. More information on a “The Power of X” beginning is permitted during a dedicated site:


To pitch a Fiat 500X pre-launch phase, a Fiat code has announced a partnership with universe famous magician, Dynamo, who has been winning a general sorcery theatre given 2011 with his TV uncover “Magician Impossible”. Now that “Magician Impossible” has come to an finish this partnership with Fiat is Dynamo’s initial step in a subsequent proviso of his increasingly stirring journey.


Dynamo’s TV shows have been seen by over 250 million viewers opposite 180 countries and his implausible feats embody walking on a River Thames,  presaging a outcome of a World Cup and levitating above Europe’s tallest building and he is a worlds many followed wizard on amicable media with over 4.9 million Facebook fans and 2.3 million supporters on Twitter. 


The new Fiat Crossover and Dynamo have come together for a sparkling European experience, “The Power of X”. From late November, a #thepowerofX knowledge will take a 500X to a categorical squares of 74 European cities and to 602 disdainful premières hosted during Fiat dealerships all over Europe. Throughout a activity, members of a open will be means to get adult tighten to a 500X forward of a salon entrance scheduled for subsequent February.


Guests will be means to take partial in an extraordinary  knowledge done permitted by special Virtual Reality headsets. Using the VR headsets, guest on a “The Power of X” tour will be means to perspective a opening by Dynamo, who will appear, alongside a Fiat 500X, in an unusual interactive debate put together by Framestore, a double-Oscar winning artistic studio who specialises in special effects. Fiat, Dynamo, and Framestore have combined a initial ever practical existence sorcery experience.


All in a name of “X”, an ancient, enchanting pitch that brings together Dynamo’s art and a new indication from a Fiat brand.  “X” represents change and transformation, though during a same time also a change or a crossroads between hostile entities, as is a box in a new Fiat crossover, where a pitch expresses a “transversality” of a product that is ideally placed during a intersection between several opposite automotive segments.


The “X” judgment is also reflected in a designation that will be fabricated during any theatre of a tour, as good as a backdrop set adult inside participating showrooms for #thepowerofX. In both settings, participants will go on a double debate – genuine and practical – to learn a new model. Not usually will they be means to hold a car with their unclothed hands, appreciating a charming lines and high-quality materials, as good as streamer out on a highway with a veteran driver, they’ll also take partial in an immersive knowledge that uses a Virtual Reality headset  positioned over a eyes to imitate 360º, 3D environments.


This is a initial time that a video of such high peculiarity – according to Framestore, a best practical existence product ever done – has been constructed to send in 2 mins an encompassing story with high visible impact. Simply cruise a fact that a plan compulsory 184 years’ value of mechanism describe hours (it was finished on time interjection to a competence of a Framestore describe farm). As it had to be an well-developed 360 grade experience, a video boasts 4x HD fortitude (4096×2048 pixels) and 60 frames per second, definition digest 2.4x some-more frames than customary 3D videos. Then there’s a stereo, that doubles things again.


Guests will afterwards be means to reconstruct this implausible practical knowledge during home regulating a special “Cardboard” toolkits they’ll accept for giveaway during a dealership and city centre events. This strange tool comprises a square of delicately folded card containing a span of lenses which, around a designated smartphone app, becomes a kind of practical existence headset.



Turin, 28 Nov 2014