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The Ford Mustang Limitless Project

To aspire to something is a installed statement. For some it’s zero some-more than a dream, though for others it’s an everlasting passion that drives their success. Introducing a Ford Mustang Limitless Project, a video array where we find people with vast intensity and prerogative them with singular practice designed to serve their careers.

Want to get inspired? Visit a Mustang Limitless video heart to watch a stories unfold.

Whether it’s an pledge surfer or a musician on a fork of creation it big, a Mustang Limitless Project was combined to commend gifted people and assistance them take a subsequent step in fulfilling their lifelong dreams. And for determined attempt performer James Eddy, a subsequent step was a large one.

As someone who always dreamed of behaving stunts professionally for a cameras, James has clinging his life to training his physique and training techniques that can assistance him along a way. The usually problem was removing noticed. Understanding a problem of removing a attempt performer beheld by a right people helped us pattern a ideal Mustang Limitless knowledge for James. But we weren’t going to only give it to him, what’s a fun in that?

Instead, we set adult a array of surprises, any bigger and improved for his career. In a finish James was means to travel divided some-more versed than ever to land a large attempt gig he’s always dreamed of.

Check out a Mustang Limitless Stuntman demo tilt we combined for James.

Do we have vast potential? Are we during a tipping indicate of creation it big? We wish to hear your story