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The debate begins: Audi starts Formula E universe tour

The crates are hermetic and a shipping papers complete: A good 8 tons of hardware is now on a approach to a Formula E season. The initial stop will be Ad Diriyah on a hinterland of Saudi Arabia’s collateral Riyadh, where a mechanics will accept their dual Audi e-tron FE05 cars for a deteriorate opener. On Dec 15, during 3 PM internal time, a starting lights will switch to immature again for a initial time. It is a initial theatre on a prolonged debate that began in 2017 with a launch of a growth plan of a entirely electric competition car. 

The team’s containers and boxes not usually enclose a competition cars: Two finish sets of bodywork and 5 nose cones, including a front wing as spares, have been sent on a debate as well. In addition, DHL – a logistics partner of a array and of a German group – is hauling all of a garage equipment, a mechanics’ collection and other consumables and gangling parts. On board, a essence also embody an Italian espresso machine, a stereo sound complement and twelve umbrellas for object and sleet protection.

“It’s a small like in roulette: No some-more bets, please,” says Team Principal Allan McNish tongue in cheek. “Our newly grown powertrain has been sealed, a pre-season tests are over and a competition cars have been installed – when we’re authorised to open a crates again, a new deteriorate will finally start in earnest. We’ve been intensively scheming for this impulse over a past few months, so we’re unequivocally excited.” 

After a initial race, a debate will take a teams to Marrakesh, Santiago de Chile, Mexico City, Hong Kong and a Chinese traveller review Sanya. The competition cars will usually be sent behind to a group before a Formula E deteriorate earnings to Europe in April. Prior to that, they will be hauled directly from one competition lane to a other – a vital logistical attainment that DHL masters by mixing air, boat and belligerent travel as well as possible. Due to a total travel of all cars and materials, and a preference of suitable routes and means of transportation, emissions are minimized to a border possible. Essentially, Formula E pursues a aim of shortening a emissions step by step and compensating them in a prolonged run.

In a second half of a season, races in Rome, Paris, Monaco, Berlin and Bern will take a group and a record opposite Europe. The some-more than 70,000-kilometer debate of a universe will cap in a season’s culmination in New York in mid-July of 2019.