Mercedes-Benz Canada

The Marco Polo camper and convenience vans.

For those who suffer competition and travelling in style, a Marco Polo HORIZON EDITION* is a ideal training partner on 4 wheels: Once it is packaged safely and a roof bed fast set up, a interior of a convenience car is quickly remade into a atmospheric changing room. More than that: it becomes a stretchable and gentle bottom stay and a ideal place to rest and redeem after a perfectionist training session. The Marco Polo HORIZON EDITION also eliminates a need for any compromises between functionality and elegance. Trend-conscious adventurers can also use a convenience car for brief holidays, since a HORIZON EDITION also offers sleeping space for adult to 5 people. The folding list is a customary underline and a ideal place for a brief break. Like a whole interior, it is renowned by a unusually high peculiarity materials. In addition, a HORIZON EDITION is also accessible with countless pattern packages and disdainful discretionary extras: