Mercedes-Benz Canada

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class in a land of contrasts: Japan.

Towering neon signs heat brightly in a twilight, cars wheel by a mega-city in a shade of a huge Shibuya109 selling mall, early-evening crowds lizard their approach along pavements and walkways. In a midst of it all is Alen Palander, an civic and lifestyle photographer from Toronto, with a new G 500. For him, a Shibuya intersection is an story for life in Tokyo. According to estimates, adult to 1,000 pedestrians cranky this intersection during rise durations – each time a lights change. Further south, a group in a G-Classes comes opposite another unusual trade structure – a Kawazu-Nanadaru Loop bridge. The highway winds upwards like a corkscrew, scaling an altitude of roughly 50 metres in a tightest of spaces.