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The Mercedes-Benz JuniorCup in Sindelfingen.

The Mercedes-Benz JuniorCup, that will take place for a 29th time during a Glaspalast in Sindelfingen on 5th and 6th Jan 2019, is regarded as one of a world’s best football tournaments in a Under19 age group. This time 4 of Germany’s excellent teams – VfB Stuttgart, Bayern Munich, Hertha BSC and Schalke 04 – will accommodate 4 general teams: FC Liverpool, Atlanta United and a Glasgow Rangers applaud their JuniorCup premieres, a margin is finished by Rapid Vienna. VfB Stuttgart will try to urge a pretension as record leader (4 titles) opposite Schalke 04 and Hertha BSC, who have any won a contest 3 times so far.