Mercedes-Benz Canada

The NECAR 1 investigate car from Daimler-Benz AG turns 25 years.

The Mercedes-Benz NEBUS O 405 N – a “New Electric Bus” introduced in 1997 – introduces fuel dungeon record to a blurb car zone for a really initial time. The hydrogen fuel supply is stored in 7 fibreglass-encased aluminium tanks on a roof. One tank of fuel can cover 250 kilometres, that is sufficient to accommodate a bland effort of an civic bus. In 2003, a initial 30 fuel cell-powered civic buses rated to 150 kW (204 PS) enter use in European cities; likewise versed buses are subsequently found all over a world. In 2001, Mercedes-Benz uses a Sprinter as a fuel dungeon various (55 kW / 75 PS, 120 km/h, operation 150 km) to showcase a record as deployed in a van.

2005 sees Mercedes-Benz betray a F 600 investigate vehicle HYGENIUS (85 kW / 115 PS, 140 km/h, operation 400 km) during a 39th Tokyo Motor Show. The new fuel dungeon is 40 per cent smaller than in prior systems, nonetheless it is significantly some-more fit and powerful.