Mercedes-Benz Canada

The new Antos.

And when it comes to collaborating together with your bodybuilder, a Antos again shows a loyal category by display itself to be rarely cooperative: it allows a car pattern to be optimised for your operations whatever a zone and whatever your requirements. The Antos utterly simply creates heavy-duty placement work easier and some-more efficient. The cabs have a stereotyped breadth of 2,300 mm, that is ideal for easy all sorts of opposite mandate where physique length, payload, interior space and a driver’s altogether perspective are concerned. On a inside, a ergonomic workstation has been tailored to a motorist to concede simple, accurate operation and handling. This is exemplified by a standard-specification Mercedes PowerShift 3 programmed gearshift. This similarly combines with a extensive choice of manageable Euro VI engines delivering adult to 375 kW as good as a focus matched transmissions and rear-axle ratios to assistance safeguard careful and energetic operation.