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The New Audi S8 – Exhilarating Performance in a Luxury Class

* Fuel/power expenditure and CO2 glimmer total given in ranges count on a tires/wheels used as good as a comparison equipment
** The common fuel expenditure values of all models named and accessible on a German marketplace can be found in a list supposing during a finish of this press information.

Impressive performance: a expostulate system

As a V8 engine with amiable hybrid technology, a high-performance powerplant in a Audi S8** offers not usually limit smoothness, though with an outlay of 420 kW (571 PS), 800 Nm (590.0 lb-ft) of torque (combined fuel expenditure in l/100 km: 11.3–11.4* (20.8–20.6 US mpg); total CO2 emissions in g/km: 258–260* (415.2–418.4 g/mi)) and dual turbochargers also a certainty that plenty appetite is accessible for any situation. Top speed is electronically singular to 250 km/h (155.3 mph) it takes only 3.8 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h (62.1 mph). Iron-lined cylinder barrels in a aluminum crankcase revoke attrition for unusually well-spoken running. Automatically actuated flaps in a empty complement underscore a considerable sound.

Sports car-level tension and opening are interconnected with comfort and efficiency. The amiable hybrid complement (MHEV) works invariably to revoke fuel consumption. Its 48-volt belt alternator starter and a additional lithium-ion battery capacitate coasting with a engine switched off, quick restart and an extended start-stop range. Fuel assets of adult to 0.8 liters per 100 kilometers are probable in bland driving. The cylinder on approach system, that deactivates sold cylinders in low-load doing situations, provides for additional efficiency. The vehicle’s sound complement facilities active sound termination to discharge forward cabin sound for a ultimate in comfort.

Vehicle dynamics: active suspension, energetic all-wheel steering, and quattro with competition differential

The singular multiple of innovative cessation components enables a flagship to cover a whole operation from a fluffy cruising of a oppulance sedan to a boldly frozen handing of a sports car. The new S8** comes customary with a predictive active suspension. The high-tech system, that works in multiple with a atmosphere suspension, can lift or pull down any turn alone around electromechanical actuators. It is therefore probable for a initial time to actively control a trim of a physique in any pushing conditions and so severely revoke representation or hurl during acceleration or braking. The front camera, that detects incomparable highway aspect irregularities, enables this to be finished predictively. The new Audi S8** can be a rarely gentle oppulance sedan or a truly energetic sports automobile – it’s wholly adult to a driver. The Audi drive name complement offers 5 profiles from that to choose. “Comfort +” mode is a new profile. It creates even cornering a gentle experience: The physique leans into curves by as many as 3 degrees to revoke a parallel acceleration behaving on a occupants. In “dynamic” mode, a S8** turns in precisely. The limit hurl angle during quick cornering is only roughly 2.5 degrees. With a customary suspension, it is around 5 degrees. The situational placement of hurl moments enables self-steering that is neutral or minimally oversteering. The position of a S8**’s physique can be altered even when it is stationary. It is quick lifted by as many as 50 mm (2.0 in) when a doorway hoop is actuated, creation removing into a automobile even easier and some-more comfortable.

The Audi S8** is redefining a boundary of earthy probability interjection to a dynamic-all-wheel steering. This allows a eccentric composition of a steering angles during a front and back axles. It therefore combines direct, sporty steering response during low and middle speeds with autarchic fortitude on a highway and a parsimonious branch circle, so solution a long-standing dispute of objectives. The competition differential actively transfers torque between a back wheels during quick cornering. When branch into or accelerating in a curve, many is destined to a outward wheel. This literally pushes a automobile into a bend and nips any spirit of understeer in a bud. In a box of oversteer, a competition differential on a back spindle transfers a expostulate torque to a inside turn to stabilise a S8**.

Dynamic all-wheel steering, a competition differential and a predictive active cessation are all customary equipment. The interplay of these systems is singular in a category and ensures stoical and sporty doing in all situations. The patron has a choice of selecting high-performance stop discs done from CO fiber ceramic. They have a hole of 420 millimeters (16.5 in) during a front spindle and 370 millimeters (14.6 in) during a back axle. The ceramic stop discs are internally ventilated and low-wear. Including a stop calipers, a ceramic stop complement is also 9.6 kilograms (21.2 lb) lighter than a customary stop complement with stop discs done from expel iron. Each of a front calipers has 10 pistons.

Precise countenance of sporty elegance: a design

The progressive, elegantly issuing extraneous pattern of a indication array gets some new accents with a new Audi S8**. Bold interior and extraneous pattern elements finely file a sporty character. Wheels adult to 21 inches in hole are accessible for a 5.18 meter (17.0 ft) long sports sedan. Details on a front bumper, side sills and a extraneous counterpart housings as good as a dual S-typical twin oval empty tailpipes stress a car’s sporty and on-going character. The black styling package is also accessible as an option. With this, all chrome elements – right down to a tailpipe trims – come in high-gloss black. Customers can name from 9 worldly tone and pattern worlds, including a Audi pattern preference pastel silver, for a atmospheric interior, that conveys a loose atmosphere of a lush lounge. Here a tip inlay – new and accessible exclusively in a Audi S8** – is done of Carbon Vector and impresses with a special 3D abyss effect. Directly subsequent that is an inlay of dark, brushed matt aluminum. Lighting options operation adult to HD pattern LED headlights with Audi laser light and OLED back lights. In a vital markets China, USA, Canada and South Korea, a Audi S8** will be accessible for a initial time and exclusively with an extended wheelbase. The increasing automobile length and tallness means a poignant boost in comfort for a occupants interjection to larger conduct and leg room.

Progressive and state-of-the-art: a equipment

Every fact of a new Audi S8** reflects a impression as a sporty oppulance model. One sold prominence are a customary comfort customized contour seats in competition look. They underline wide-ranging appetite adjustment, pneumatically tractable side bolsters and apart three-stage heating for any seat. What is more, they are optionally accessible with movement and massage functions. Customers can name between a tip leather grades Valcona and Unikat. The back seats also offer countless facilities for superb comfort and yield for a first-class atmosphere in a Audi S8**.

The 38 motorist assistance systems that Audi provides for a new S8** are divided into a City and Tour packages. Adaptive journey support – a executive complement in a “Tour” package – stands out among a endless operation of support systems. It combines a functions of adaptive journey control, trade jam support and line tracking. In and with predictive efficiency assist, adaptive journey support brakes and accelerates a Audi S8** in expectation of a conditions ahead. In a City support package, Audi pre clarity side joins a systems pre clarity front and pre clarity back to emanate Audi pre clarity 360°. If a complement detects an imminent side impact, it can work together with a predictive active cessation to now lift a physique by as many as 80 millimeters (3.1 in). This brings a sill into a improved position to catch a impact energy, mitigating a intensity consequences of a collision for a occupants.

The mind behind a motorist assistance systems in a new S8** is a high-performance estimate unit, a executive motorist assistance controller (zFAS). It invariably computes a differentiated indication of a vehicle’s vicinity formed on a information supposing by a sensors. Fully equipped, there are 5 radar sensors, six cameras, twelve ultrasound sensors and a laser scanner on board.

Digital and intelligent: controls and connectivity

The new Audi S8** offers a on-going record knowledge with new digital services and state-of-the-art connectivity. The MMI hold response doing judgment is entirely digital. The motorist controls scarcely all functions around dual vast displays. The motorist can also use healthy debate control, that offers probably total leisure when formulating questions and commands. The answers are supposing possibly from information stored on house or from a cloud. Alexa, Amazon’s cloud-based voice assistant, is also accessible as an option. All driving-relevant displays seem in a Audi practical cockpit, that can be switched between dual views. While a tachometer and speedometer are displayed as vast dial-type gages in pushing mode, a map is a core of courtesy in infotainment mode. Both views have S-specific red graphical details. A special S-performance blueprint for a Audi practical cockpit where a executive concentration is a tachometer, displayed as a block graph, and a outlay and torque are shown as percentages can also be comparison in a MMI. The discretionary head-up arrangement can arrangement critical information on a windshield.

MMI navigation and serves as a infotainment and media core in a new S8**. Besides a formation of a Amazon Alexa voice assistant, a endless Audi bond operation includes countless car-to-X services that pull on a overflow comprehension of a Audi fleet. Traffic light information is a new underline that Audi is adding constantly in comparison European cities. Thanks to a interconnection with a city’s infrastructure, a automobile receives information from a executive trade light mechanism around a server, that allows a motorist to name a speed to compare a subsequent green-light phase. The Audi practical cockpit displays an sold speed recommendation as good as a remaining time until a subsequent green-light proviso if a motorist is already watchful during a red light. The complement so contributes to a predictive and fit pushing character and facilitates a solid upsurge of traffic.

Online trade pointer information, jeopardy alerts and on‑street parking turn out a operation of car-to-X services. The myAudi app connects a automobile to a customer’s smartphone so that they can simply send destinations to a automobile from their couch. The Audi smartphone interface brings Android Auto and wirelessly Apple Car Play on board. High-end components such as a Bang Olufsen 3D Advanced Sound System and a Audi phone box turn out a infotainment lineup in a new S8**.

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Fuel expenditure of a indication listed
(Information on fuel consumption and CO2 emissions as good as potency classes in ranges depending on a tires and amalgamate turn rims used)

Audi S8
Combined fuel expenditure in l/100 km: 11.3–11.4 (20.8–20.6 US mpg);
Combined CO2 emissions in g/km: 258–260 (415.2–418.4 g/mi))