BMW Canada

The new BMW 1 Series: final exam proviso in Miramas.

Munich. Camouflaged pre-series vehicles of the
third-generation BMW 1 Series are now still undergoing extensive
exam drives during a BMW proof belligerent in Miramas, Southern France. The
facility’s different doing marks offer a optimal conditions for
enlightening lively and dynamics of a new BMW 1 Series. This was
preceded by 5 years of complete growth work and a change to
a complicated BMW front-wheel expostulate architecture.  

A genuine BMW with an particular character.
new BMW 1 Series will set new standards in a reward compress class
in terms of pushing dynamics, while also charity significantly more
space inside. With a slicing corner cessation set-up, innovative
technologies and a formation of all pushing dynamics-related
components and control systems, a BMW 1 Series achieves greater
lively both with a new front-wheel expostulate and BMW xDrive intelligent
four-wheel drive. “Our business will directly feel a quick and
accurate responsiveness that provides for an optimised driving
experience. The BMW 1 Series will be a genuine BMW with an individual
character,” says Peter Langen, conduct of Driving Dynamics during a BMW Group.

Transfer of record from a BMW i3.
On the
new BMW 1 Series, BMW has employed all of a knowledge gained over
new years with BMW Group front-wheel expostulate models. A crucial
component for a car’s unusually high lively is ARB technology
(actuator constant circle trip limitation) famous from a BMW i3s,
that is now celebrating a entrance in a car with a combustion
engine. This send of record from a BMW i code to a core
code BMW improves traction decisively, while facilitating
significantly some-more supportive and faster control.

ARB technology, that is customary on a BMW 1 Series, facilities a
trip control complement positioned directly in a engine control unit
instead of in a control section for a DSC duty (Dynamic Stability
Control). Without prolonged vigilance paths, information is upheld on three
times faster, with a law speed viewed by a driver
indeed being adult to 10 times faster. In tighten coordination with the
DSC function, actuator constant circle trip reduction significantly
reduces a energy understeer customarily gifted with front-wheel
expostulate vehicles, though but control involvement to brace lateral
dynamics. BMW Performance Control (yaw impulse distribution) also comes
as customary and additionally increases lively of a BMW 1 Series
by energetic stop intervention. Moreover, torsional rigidity of
a physique structure is extended by a targeted use of additional
struts such as a customary rear-end “boomerang strut”. “Through this
endless formation of all pushing dynamics-related aspects as well
as a new, innovative traction control feature, we are formulating a
totally novel pushing experience,” says Holger Stauch, BMW 1 Series
plan manager.

The many absolute BMW Group 4-cylinder engine for a new
top-of-the-range model.
A newly grown 4-cylinder
engine stands out prominently within a expostulate portfolio of a new
BMW 1 Series. The BMW M135i xDrive (combined fuel consumption: 7,1-6,8
l/100 km; total CO2 emissions: 162-155 g/km)* facilities a most
absolute 4-cylinder engine from a BMW Group with a 2-litre capacity
and BMW TwinPower Turbo technology. The energy section delivers 225 kW
(306 hp), ensuring intensely energetic doing properties through
particular technical solutions such as a reinforced holder drive, new
pistons and cod rods, a incomparable empty turbocharger as good as
optimised fuel injection valves.

More interior space.
The BMW 1 Series has taken
a vital jump brazen in terms of interior spaciousness. Thanks to the
new front-wheel expostulate design with cross engines and a low
centre tunnel, noticeably some-more space is now accessible than in the
prototype model, generally on a behind seats. For example, legroom
for rear-seat passengers has increasing by 33 millimetres and headroom
during a behind by 19 millimetres. Access to a back cell is now
easier and luggage cell ability has increasing by 20 litres to
380 litres. Thus, a new BMW 1 Series combines superb handling
characteristics with significantly softened spaciousness.