BMW Canada

The new BMW 3 Series Touring.

The latest era of a sporty five-door model combines a core
attributes of a BMW 3 Series operation some-more convincingly than ever with
inexhaustible levels of onboard space and an interior that can be used in a
accumulation of ways. The grand and on-going impression of a new BMW
3 Series Touring is underscored by a extensively polished premium
ambience of a interior and a latest innovations in
control/operation and connectivity.

32 years ago a BMW 3 Series Touring blazed a route for a new breed
of car. Now, in a sixth generation, it sets a benchmark for
sporting ability and cutting-edge flexibility in a reward midsize
class. More than 1.7 million examples of a 3 Series Touring have
given been built, with the new car’s evident prototype alone
accounting for over 500,000 of these. The new BMW 3 Series Touring
will be denounced to a open for the first time on 25 – 27 Jun 2019
as partial of a new BMW Group #NEXTGen eventuality during BMW Welt in Munich. It
will be constructed during BMW Plant Munich for business in Europe, Japan,
South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand. The market
launch will get underway on 28 September 2019.

Exterior design: boldly designed Touring proportions.

Distinctive proportions and a pattern denunciation tangible by frail lines
and strikingly contoured surfaces safeguard a extraneous of a new
BMW 3 Series Touring cuts a energetic figure exuding visible impact and
muscularity. Its exterior measure have grown compared to its
prototype by 76 millimetres to 4,709 millimetres in length, by 16 mm
to 1,827 mm in width and by 8 mm to 1,470 mm in tallness (incl. roof
fin). A wheelbase extended by 41 mm to 2,851 mm and far-reaching tracks
minister to a car’s staid and agile handling.

As on a new BMW 3 Series Sedan, a pattern of a front finish – with
a vast BMW kidney grille, slim twin headlights and an elaborately
projecting front apron – accentuates a car’s absolute stance. This
informed demeanour is serve emphasised by an eye-catching nick rising up
into a headlight territory contour and atmosphere intakes in a plane T
figure (on cars with customary selection and on Sport Line / Luxury
Line models). Full-LED headlights are propitious as standard on a new
BMW 3 Series Touring, while LED headlights with extended features,
Adaptive LED headlights with BMW Laserlight for non-dazzling high beam
with a operation of around 530 metres and LED front foglamps are available
as options.

The interplay of roofline and side window striking brings a
quite dynamic flavour to a informed BMW Touring silhouette. A
strenuously formed and clearly tangible shoulder area, a impression line
climbing from the front side row to a behind finish and a Hofmeister
kink (the informed counter-swing at the trailing corner of a side
window graphic) secrete sporting presence and forward-surging intent.
And a car’s feeling of class is heightened by the standard roof
rails and aluminium trim for the B‑and C-pillars, and aluminium
strips for a sealing around a side windows. The flanks trace
a flowing trail into a tail, where a conspicuous spoiler lip, a LED
behind light units (with darker top sections) and twin exhaust
tailpipes for all model variants supplement serve energetic emphasis.

Interior: complicated functionality with a reward ambience.

The driver-focused cockpit design, new arrangement organisation of Control
Display and instrument cluster, and controls strong into a small
series of duty panels move a sporting aura to a interior of the
new BMW 3 Series Touring. Standard selection includes a newly
designed sports leather steering circle with multifunction buttons,
float rests and electroplated applications. The high centre console
and concurrent pattern of a doorway trim panels and instrument panel
emanate a cocooning feel. At a same time, a instrument row –
exuding modernity and levity – comes together with horizontal
lines, watchful electroplated strips and other stylish details
to showcase a expanse and reward ambience of a interior.

Newly designed seats raise comfort levels over prolonged distances in
a new BMW 3 Series Touring. Shoulder room in a front of a cabin
has grown quite significantly, and a new automobile offers more
headroom than its predecessor in all seats. The behind compartment,
meanwhile, greets passengers with additional legroom and incomparable palliate of
entrance and exit. The behind chair dais accommodates 3 child seats, of
that dual can be bound in place with ISOFIX connection points.

The new BMW 3 Series Touring comes as customary with automatic
tailgate operation. The Comfort Access choice allows hands-free
opening and closing, too. The behind window opens separately, as will be
informed to BMW customers, and a orifice is 20 millimetres wider
than on a effusive model. Packing in vast and complicated apparatus of
luggage will now be easier interjection to a bucket cell that is adult to
112 millimetres wider, a 30-millimetre aloft loading orifice that is
adult to 125 mm wider in a top section, a somewhat reduce loading sill
(at 616 mm) and a rebate in tallness in a step between it and the
foot building from 35 mm to 8 mm. There is a additional choice of
a trailer coupling that extends and retracts again electrically.

The new BMW 3 Series Touring’s foot can reason 500 litres of rigging –
5 litres more than a prototype – when all a seats are
occupied, and directly serviceable primary bucket ability is adult by
32 litres. Load ability can be increasing to a limit of 1,510 litres
by flipping down a sections of a 40 : 20 : 40 split-folding rear
backrest. The backrest elements can also be expelled from a foot at
a pull of a symbol as an option. The analogous array of buttons
can be found in a newly designed control row on a right side of
a boot. The luggage cell cover and a foot assign net can
be ecstatic in specifically designed compartments underneath a boot
floor. The discretionary anti-slip rails integrated into a foot floor,
meanwhile, are a new underline not found on any of a new BMW
3 Series Touring’s competitors. The rails automatically extend when
a tailgate is sealed and forestall load from shifting around during
a journey.

Six absolute and fit engines from launch.

Three petrol engines and 3 diesel units will be accessible from
a launch of a new BMW 3 Series Touring or a few weeks later.
The BMW M340i xDrive Touring sets out a case in particularly
fatiguing conform interjection to a class-beating pushing dynamics courtesy
of a 275 kW/374 hp six-cylinder in-line petrol engine (fuel
expenditure combined: 7.5 – 7.1 litres per 100 kilometres [37.7 – 39.8
mpg imp]; CO2 emissions combined: 170 – 162 g/km)*. The
choice also includes a span of four-cylinder petrol engines with
135 kW/184 hp in a BMW 320i Touring (fuel expenditure combined: 6.3
– 5.8 l/100 km [44.8 – 48.7 mpg imp]; CO2 emissions
combined: 144 – 133 g/km)* and 190 kW/258 hp in a BMW 330i (fuel
expenditure combined: 6.4 – 6.0 l/100 km [44.1 – 47.1 mpg imp];
CO2 emissions combined: 146 – 136 g/km)*, a 195 kW/265 hp
six-cylinder in-line diesel engine in a BMW 330d xDrive Touring
(fuel expenditure combined: 5.6 – 5.4 l/100 km [50.4 – 52.3 mpg imp];
CO2 emissions combined: 146 – 140 g/km)* and two
four-cylinder diesels – with 110 kW/150 hp in a BMW 318d Touring
(fuel expenditure combined: 4.9 – 4.5 l/100 km [57.6 – 62.8 mpg imp];
CO2 emissions combined: 129 – 118 g/km)* and 140 kW/190 hp
in a BMW 320d Touring (fuel expenditure combined: 4.8 – 4.6 l/100 km
[58.9 – 61.4 mpg imp]; CO2 emissions combined: 125 – 119 g/km)*.

The four-cylinder diesel units powering a BMW 318d Touring and
BMW 320d Touring come as customary with a six-speed primer gearbox
or with an eight-speed Steptronic delivery as an choice (standard
on all other indication variants). Intelligent all-wheel expostulate – which
optimises placement of expostulate energy – is customary in a most
absolute petrol and diesel models and accessible as an choice for the
BMW 330i xDrive Touring (fuel expenditure combined: 6.6 – 6.3 l/100 km
[42.8 – 44.8 mpg imp]; CO2 emissions combined:
151 – 143 g/km)* and BMW 320d xDrive Touring (fuel consumption
combined: 4.9 – 4.6 l/100 km [57.6 – 61.4 mpg imp]; CO2
emissions combined: 129 – 121 g/km)*. All indication variants accommodate a Euro
6d-TEMP empty emissions standard. In 2020 a BMW 3 Series Touring
indication with plug-in hybrid expostulate complement will be combined to a operation for
a initial time.

Innovative framework record majors on sports opening and
float comfort.

A conspicuous boost in lively over a effusive model,
unusually accurate doing and a persuasively gentle ride
even over prolonged distances are the result of a rigorously
driving-pleasure-led growth routine for a physique structure and
framework technology. The acerbity of a new BMW 3 Series Touring’s
physique has been increasing by around 25 per cent altogether and by adult to
50 per cent in some areas. The framework mountings are also
significantly stiffer than on a prototype model. Plus, the
new BMW 3 Series Touring has a low centre of sobriety and 50 : 50
weight distribution. Despite a increasing extraneous dimensions, myriad
additions to its standard equipment, increasing rigidity and optimised
acoustic properties, it is adult to 10 kilograms lighter, model-on-model,
than a outgoing car. Optimised aerodynamics cut a drag coefficient
to as low as 0.27 (BMW 320d Touring).

Lift-related dampers – that are partial of a customary suspension
record and discretionary M Sport cessation – are pivotal to formulating a
change between sportiness and float comfort no opposition can match. They
are invariably non-static and adjust a check trust progressively
according to a changing open travel, that allows them to reduce
physique transformation merely when ironing out vibrations caused by bumpy
highway surfaces or energetic cornering.

As good as M Sport cessation with a 10-millimetre dump in ride
height, business can also mention Adaptive M cessation with
electronically tranquil dampers. The dual discretionary suspension
variants any couple adult with non-static competition steering. And M Sport brakes
with four-piston bound callipers during a front spindle are also available.
The blue-painted callipers lift a M logo. Standard specification
for a new BMW M340i xDrive Touring also includes an M Sport
differential, that is accessible as an choice (in and with
M Sport cessation or Adaptive M suspension) for a BMW 330i Touring,
BMW 330i xDrive Touring and BMW 330d Touring. The electronically
controlled, entirely non-static locking duty in a behind differential
helps to significantly raise traction, agility, fortitude and
cornering prowess.

Targeted individualisation and high-quality optional

The Advantage, Sport Line, Luxury Line and M Sport variants of the
new BMW 3 Series Touring capacitate specific individualisation of its
pattern and appointments. And an array of high-quality
comfort-enhancing options are also available. Newly designed steering
wheels and interior trim strips, a discretionary Vernasca leather trim
and BMW Individual Merino leather trim, a Sensatec instrument panel
and a leather-covered BMW Individual instrument row move an
disdainful clarity of impression to a interior. Also on a options list are
a breathtaking potion roof, three-zone involuntary meridian control,
auxiliary heating, a Harman Kardon Surround Sound System, ambient
lighting and telephony with wireless charging. Acoustic potion comes as
customary for a windscreen and is offering as an choice for a doors.

New swell along a highway to programmed driving.

The innovative assistance systems on house a new BMW 3
Series Touring paint a latest stairs towards programmed driving.
Standard facilities embody a Speed Limit Info complement with No Passing
Info display, Lane Departure Warning, and Collision and Pedestrian
Warning with City Braking function, that also detects cyclists.
Options embody Active Cruise Control with Stop  Go duty and
a Driving Assistant with Lane Change Warning, behind collision warning
and channel trade warning. Also offering is a Driving Assistant
Professional, a finish comfort and safety-enhancing package. One of
a facilities of a Driving Assistant Professional is a steering and
line control assistant, that works together with a motorist to help
keep a car in a rescued lane, even by slight channels,
and also includes a line gripping partner with active side
collision insurance and a Evasion Assistant. The new-generation BMW
Head-Up Display offers a incomparable projection surface, new graphics and
additional arrangement content.

Park Distance Control and a behind perspective camera support a motorist with
parking and manoeuvring. Also accessible is a Parking Assistant,
that takes over steering, acceleration, braking and rigging changes via
a Steptronic delivery when pushing into and out of a space. Its
operation of functions additionally includes a reversing assistant,
that creates light work of subsidy adult over distances of adult to 50 metres
by steering a car along a same trail it took when relocating forward.

Intuitive operation and autarchic connectivity: BMW Operating System
7.0 and BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant.

The new BMW Operating System 7.0 plays a heading purpose in optimising
the control and arrangement complement with modern, digital functions geared
precisely to a needs of a driver. The discretionary BMW Live Cockpit
Professional comprises consistently designed, situation-linked and
customisable displays on a fully-digital 12.3-inch instrument
cluster and 10.25-inch Control Display. For discerning operation, the
motorist can select from the Control Display’s touchscreen
functionality, a iDrive Controller, the steering circle buttons,
voice control and gesticulate control.

Another component of BMW Live Cockpit Professional is a BMW
Intelligent Personal Assistant, an intelligent, digital impression that
responds to a prompt “Hey BMW”. The attainment of a BMW Intelligent
Personal Assistant ensures there is always a genuine BMW professional
on board. He is means to explain all sorts of opposite functions (“How
does a High Beam Assistant work?”), yield stream status
information (“Is a oil turn okay?”) and assistance answer questions
(“What warning messages do we have?”). He is a ideal co-driver
and comes in quite useful during bland pushing by responding
to healthy voice commands to assistance a motorist with countless tasks, such
as enhancing capability and on-board entertainment. The operation of
functions and skills accessible are constantly stretched as partial of
unchanging updates, which can be carried out seamlessly on a smartphone
and in-car by Remote Software Upgrade.

All total relating to performance,
fuel/electric energy expenditure and emissions are provisional.

The fuel consumption,
CO2 emissions and electric power
expenditure total were dynamic according to
a European Regulation (EC) 715/2007 in the
chronicle applicable. The total impute to a vehicle
with simple pattern in Germany. The range
shown considers a opposite sizes of the
comparison wheels/tyres and a comparison apparatus of
discretionary equipment, and might change during configuration.

The values are formed on a new WLTP exam cycle
and are translated behind into NEDC-equivalent
values in sequence to safeguard comparability between
a vehicles. With honour to these vehicles, for
vehicle-related taxes or other duties formed (at
slightest inter alia) on CO2 emissions, the
CO2 values might differ from a values
settled here (depending on inhabitant legislation).

Further information on central fuel consumption
total and specific CO2 emission
values of new newcomer cars is enclosed in the
following guideline: ‘Leitfaden über den
Kraftstoffverbrauch, die CO2-Emissionen
und basement Stromverbrauch neuer Personenkraftwagen’
(Guide to a fuel economy, CO2
emissions and electric energy expenditure of new
newcomer cars), that can be performed giveaway of
assign from all dealerships, from Deutsche
Automobil Treuhand GmbH (DAT), Hellmuth-Hirth-Str.
1, 73760 Ostfildern-Scharnhausen and during