BMW Canada

The new BMW 5 Series Touring.

Like a recently launched new BMW 5 Series Sedan, a second body
various in this tradition-steeped indication operation also impresses with an
well-developed arrangement and handling concept, trailblazing assistance
systems and stand-out advances in digital connectivity.

“The BMW 5 Series Touring was grown privately for a European
market, where it has enjoyed good success over a final 25 years. I
am certain that a flexibility of this new, fifth era will prove
even some-more renouned with those business who conclude a 5 Series
Touring’s evil roomy, non-static loading space total with
a eminent coming and – of march – a BMW-typical driving
dynamics,” says Dr Ian Robertson, Member of a Board of Management at
BMW AG, Sales and Marketing.

The new BMW 5 Series Touring celebrates a universe premiere in March
2017 during a Geneva International Motor Show. Four engines from a BMW
Group’s latest era of energy units will be accessible to order
when sales start in Jun 2017, while a BMW xDrive intelligent
all-wheel-drive complement will be propitious in dual models from day one.
Additional variants with both exemplary rear-wheel expostulate and all-wheel
expostulate will join a choice over a march of a year.

Weight reduced, lively enhanced, potency optimised.

The sporty pushing characteristics of a new BMW 5 Series Touring
are a product of new framework record and a joining to reducing
weight. Rear atmosphere cessation with involuntary self-levelling is partial of
customary specification. Included on a options list, meanwhile, are
Dynamic Damper Control, a Adaptive Drive complement with active roll
stabilisation, Integral Active Steering (now accessible in conjunction
with xDrive) and M Sport cessation with a ten-millimetre dump in float height.

The cessation side members and tailgate are now done from aluminium,
that is also employed alongside high-strength steels in many other
framework components and a intensely torsionally-stiff body. This use
of materials, together with a fit drive-system technology
already mentioned and optimised aerodynamics, formula in fuel
expenditure and emissions 11 per cent reduce than a total recorded
by a new 5 Series Touring’s predecessor.

Athletic pattern for a versatile sports machine.

With aspect contouring that creates a clearly tangible jaunty build
and boldly stretched lines, a extraneous pattern of a new BMW 5
Series Touring clearly expresses a mix of sportiness and
flexibility for that this indication is renowned. Precise contours mark
out a front finish of a new Touring, and a customary LED headlights
extend adult to a forward-surging BMW kidney grille. The flanks,
meanwhile, mix a car’s particular geometry with harmonious
proportions. Another writer to a sporting aura exuded by the
new BMW 5 Series Touring is a prolonged roofline, issuing into heavily
raked D-pillars. The back window is framed by a roof spoiler with
integrated auxiliary stop light and atmosphere deflectors during a sides.
Lower down, a array of distinguished plane lines and a L-shaped
back lights reaching low into a car’s flanks intensify a body’s width.

Improved expanse and intelligent functionality.

Inside a new BMW 5 Series Touring, a driver-focused cockpit design
shares a theatre with a reward ambience generated by a combination
of contemporary elegance, precisely finished high-quality materials
and a friendship to detail. The instrument row rises adult less
prominently than in a effusive 5 Series Touring, assisting to emanate a
inexhaustible feeling of space. The Control Display now comes in
freestanding, flatscreen form. All seats advantage from appreciably
incomparable head-, shoulder- and legroom, while optimised backrest
contours, longer chair surfaces and extended kneeroom rouse comfort
for a back passengers. Further upgrades to a soundproofing
supposing by a windscreen, superstar and bucket cell lift the
acoustic comfort on house a new BMW 5 Series Touring to sedan
levels. The boost in interior breadth allows adult to 3 child seats
to be bound firmly and absolutely opposite a rear.

The foot ability of a new BMW 5 Series Touring has grown to
570 – 1,700 litres and a slight bucket by adult to 120 kilograms,
depending on a indication various (to 720 – 730 kilograms). Similarly
considerable is a high grade of functionality secure in an array of
unsentimental details, such as a 40 : 20 : 40 split/folding back seat
backrest, electric remote backrest recover (operated by dire a
symbol in a boot), separately-opening back window and automatic
tailgate operation – which, as an option, allows hands-free opening
and closing. The bucket cell cover and luggage assign net are
now contained in apart cartridges that can be stowed divided in
relating recesses underneath a bucket cell floor.

Driving pleasure, only as we like it: 4 engines and BMW
xDrive accessible from launch.

The engines accessible to business from a marketplace launch of a new
BMW 5 Series Touring exaggerate BMW TwinPower Turbo record and combine
extended opening with reduced fuel expenditure and emissions. The
2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine underneath a carp of a new BMW
530i Touring generates limit outlay of 185 kW/252 hp and rise torque
of 350 Nm (258 lb-ft). The BMW 530i Touring comes as customary with an
eight-speed Steptronic delivery and sprints from 0 to 100 km/h (62
mph) in 6.5 seconds. Its total fuel expenditure stands during 6.3 –
5.8 litres per 100 kilometres (44.8 – 48.7 mpg imp)* and CO2 emissions
are 143 – 133 grams per kilometre*.

A 3.0-litre six-cylinder in-line petrol engine, eight-speed
Steptronic delivery and intelligent all-wheel-drive complement group up
to expostulate a new BMW 540i xDrive Touring down a driver’s highway of
choice. Output rising to 250 kW/340 hp and rise torque of 450 Nm (332
lb-ft) broach acceleration of 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 5.1 seconds.
The BMW 540i xDrive Touring posts total fuel expenditure of 7.7 –
7.3 litres per 100 kilometres
(36.7 – 38.7 mpg imp)* and CO2
emissions of 177 – 167 grams per kilometre*.

The four-cylinder engine in a new BMW 520d Touring extracts
140 kW/190 hp and rise torque of 400 Nm (295 lb-ft) from a 2.0-litre
displacement. This diesel section teams adult as customary with a six-speed
primer gearbox, though can also be specified with an eight-speed
Steptronic delivery as an option. The BMW 520d Touring powers from
0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 8.0 seconds (automatic: 7.8 seconds), but
a well-developed potency of a engine also allows it to record
total fuel expenditure of 4.9 – 4.5 litres (4.7 – 4.3 litres) per
100 kilometres /
57.6 – 62.8 mpg demon (60.1 – 65.7 mpg imp)* and
CO2 emissions of
129 – 119 grams (124 – 114 grams) per kilometre*.

Rounding off a choice of engines accessible from launch is a
3.0-litre straight-six diesel section producing limit outlay of
195 kW/265 hp and rise torque of 620 Nm (457 lb-ft). This engine can
send a energy by possibly a back wheels or xDrive all-wheel
drive, and links adult with a eight-speed Steptronic transmission. The
BMW 530d Touring completes a lurch from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 5.8
seconds, a BMW 530d xDrive Touring in 5.6 seconds. Combined fuel
expenditure is 5.1 – 4.7 l/100 km
(55.4 – 60.1 mpg imp) / 5.7 –
5.3 l/100 km (49.6 – 53.3 mpg imp)* and CO2 emissions come in during 134
–124 or 149 –139 grams per kilometre*.

Operating system: intensely intuitive, some-more versatile than ever.

The high-resolution, adult to 10.25-inch Control Display used by the
iDrive handling complement comes in touchscreen form in a new BMW 5
Series Touring. As before, a vehicle, navigation, communication and
infotainment functions can also be operated regulating a Touch
Controller, should a motorist prefer. The new tile-look menu display
helps safeguard discerning usability and minimal daze from what is
duty on a road. Lending additional accumulation to a options
accessible for handling a car’s functions are a serve developed
voice authority record and a gesticulate control complement now also
accessible in a BMW 5 Series. With a 70 per cent incomparable projection
surface, a latest-generation BMW Head-Up Display represents another
step brazen for a car’s arrangement and handling concept.

Ongoing swell towards programmed driving.

The new BMW 5 Series Touring is a latest indication to indicate a approach to
programmed pushing with a assistance of new assistance systems and extended
functionality. Contributing to a relentless swell in this area
are Crossing trade warning and Priority warning, Lane Change
Assistant and Lane gripping partner with active side collision
protection, and a semblance aid. The new systems yield steering and
line control assistance from walking speed adult to 210 km/h (130 mph),
ensuring additional comfort and charity a assisting palm in challenging
pushing situations. With a Active Cruise Control with StopGo
duty activated, a motorist can now cause in speed restrictions
rescued by a Speed Limit Info complement by simply dire a button.

Personal mobility partner and intelligent parking space searches.

The new BMW 5 Series Touring also facilities BMW Connected, which
provides a seamless overpass between a automobile and a driver’s
smartphone. This record assists drivers with their personal
appointment and mobility formulation – both on a highway and during their home
or workplace. For example, navigation destinations can be sent into
a automobile from a user’s smartphone and a ideal depart time
distributed regulating Real Time Traffic Information. Added to which, Remote
3D View allows users to entrance images of a area around their automobile on
their smartphone. And users can conduct their calendar, e-mail and
hit sum around Microsoft Exchange. Wireless smartphone
formation also enables a use of Apple CarPlay and is complemented
by an preliminary charging facility.

The new and extensive parking systems also raise comfort. In
further to a Parking Assistant, a new BMW 5 Series Touring is now
accessible with a Remote Control Parking function. Plus, drivers can
also take advantage of a ParkNow use enabling online reservation
of parking spaces and cashless payment. And a innovative On-Street
Parking Information use helps users to find empty on-street
parking spaces.

Model variants from launch:
BMW 530i Touring:
Four-cylinder petrol engine, eight-speed Steptronic
Capacity: 1,998 cc,
Output: 185 kW/252 hp at
5,200 – 6,500 rpm,
max. torque: 350 Nm (258 lb-ft) during 1,450 – 4,800 rpm,

Acceleration [0 – 100 km/h (62 mph)]: 6.5 seconds,

tip speed: 250 km/h (155 mph),
Fuel consumption,
combined*: 6.3 – 5.8 l/100 km (44.8 – 48.7 mpg imp),
emissions, combined*: 143 – 133 g/km.

BMW 540i xDrive Touring:
Six-cylinder in-line petrol
engine, eight-speed Steptronic transmission.
2,998 cc,
Output: 250 kW/340 hp during 5,500 – 6,500 rpm,
max. torque: 450 Nm (332 lb-ft) during 1,380 – 5,200 rpm,
Acceleration [0 – 100 km/h (62 mph)]: 5.1 seconds,
tip speed:
250 km/h (155 mph),
Fuel consumption, combined*:
7.7 – 7.3 l/100 km (36.7 – 38.7 mpg imp),
CO2 emissions,
combined*: 177 – 167 g/km.

BMW 520d Touring: Four-cylinder diesel engine,
six-speed primer gearbox
(optional: eight-speed Steptronic
Capacity: 1,995 cc,
Output: 140 kW/190 hp
during 4,000 rpm,
max. torque: 400 Nm (295 lb-ft) at
1,750 – 2,500 rpm,
Acceleration [0 – 100 km/h (62 mph)]:
8.0 seconds (7.8 seconds),
tip speed: 230 km/h [143 mph]
(225 km/h [140 mph]),
Fuel consumption, combined*:
4.9 – 4.5 l/100 km [57.6 – 62.8 mpg imp] (4.7 – 4.3 l/100 km [60.1 –
65.7 mpg imp]),
CO2 emissions, combined*: 129 – 119 g/km (124 – 114 g/km).

BMW 530d Touring / BMW 530d xDrive Touring:
Six-cylinder in-line diesel engine, eight-speed Steptronic
Capacity: 2,993 cc,
Output: 195 kW/265 hp at
4,000 rpm,
max. torque: 620 Nm (457 lb-ft) at
2,000 – 2,500 rpm,
Acceleration [0 – 100 km/h (62 mph)]:
5.8 seconds / 5.6 seconds,
tip speed: 250 km/h (155 mph) /
250 km/h (155 mph),
Fuel consumption, combined*:
5.1 – 4.7 l/100 km (55.4 – 60.1 mpg imp) / 5.7 – 5.3 l/100 km (49.6 –
53.3 mpg imp),
CO2 emissions, combined*: 134 – 124 g/km / 149 – 139 g/km.

* Figures according to EU exam cycle, might change depending on a tyre
format specified.

All performance, fuel expenditure and emissions total are provisional.


Further information on central fuel expenditure figures, specific
CO2 glimmer values and a electric energy expenditure of new
newcomer cars is enclosed in a following guideline: “Leitfaden über
Kraftstoffverbrauch, die CO2-Emissionen und basement Stromverbrauch neuer
Personenkraftwagen” (Guideline for fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and
electric energy expenditure of new newcomer cars), that can be
performed from all dealerships, from Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH
(DAT), Hellmuth-Hirth-Str. 1, 73760 Ostfildern-Scharnhausen and at
LeitfadenCO2 (GuidelineCO2) (PDF ‒ 2.7 MB)