BMW Canada

The new BMW C 400 X.

The new BMW C 400 X: a energetic BMW Motorrad mid-size scooter
for limit roving fun in an civic setting.

BMW Motorrad determined a new product difficulty in a area of
civic mobility in 2011 with a entrance of a BMW C 600 Sport and the
BMW C 650 GT as reward vehicles for a maxi scooter segment. Now
BMW Motorrad goes one step serve and presents a new BMW C 400 X
a reward car for a mid-size scooter segment.

But a new BMW C 400 X is not only a intelligent mid-size scooter
designed to equivocate consistent civic trade overload and allowing
faster transformation by a trade jungle from A to B: a new
mid-size scooter also demonstrates that civic mobility can be a lot
of fun, too. In short, a new BMW C 400 X transforms a float into
a city or to a workplace from a lowlight to a highlight: in fact
instead of selecting a essential shortcut, a supplement will be tempted
to take a prolonged approach turn
purely for a extra
roving fun.

Powerful, efficiency-optimised single-cylinder engine combined
with CVT transmission, quivering decoupling and ASC.

In terms of expostulate technology, a BMW C 400 X provides this new
energetic entrance to a civic sourroundings by means of a newly
grown efficiency-optimised single-cylinder engine with an output
of 34 hp (25 kW). Power delivery is around a CVT (Continuously
Variable Transmission) gearbox and a torsionally unbending drivetrain
pitch arm with innovative pitch arm temperament for smallest vibration
and therefore limit comfort. Automatic Stability Control ASC
ensures increasing reserve during acceleration, generally on sleazy surfaces.

Rugged tubular steel frame, telescopic flare and
high-performance stop complement with ABS as standard.

In a framework area, a new BMW C 400 X sports a imperishable tubular
support done of steel. Suspension and damping are taken caring of by a
telescopic flare during a front and dual open struts during a rear. The
set-up and open transport have been comparison so as to safeguard that
sporty, energetic roving fun is total with a really high turn of
comfort. Supreme stop opening and superb reserve are
supposing by a twin front stop during a front in and with a
singular front stop during a rear, along with ABS as standard.

LED lighting record as customary and
BMW Motorrad Connectivity as an ex-works option.

In serve to customary lighting record in rarely luminous
LED technology, a new BMW C 400 X also offers a operation of
highlights in a area of connectivity that is new to a segment.
A multifunctional instrument cluster with 6.5‑inch full-colour TFT
shade is accessible as an ex-works option, for example. In
and with a serve modernized BMW Motorrad Multi-Controller
charity integrated operation, this means a supplement can access
car and connectivity functions fast and but being
dreaming from what is function on a road. In serve to the
preference of being means to use a phone and listen to music
during travel, there is also a advantage of free navigation by
means of a unsentimental complement of arrows.

Modern, innovative pattern with glorious breeze and weather
insurance as good as an inventive storage judgment including Flexcase.

In terms of a styling, a new BMW C 400 X can be instantly
identified as a member of a BMW Motorrad C family: a appearance
is modern, future-oriented and functional. Viewed from a front,
a widespread underline is a iconically styled LED headlight with
particular daytime roving light pattern (optional) in a form of
twine ocular elements. This sets a new BMW Motorrad mid-size
scooter clearly detached from a competitors, giving it a particularly
sporty and energetic look. With glorious breeze and continue protection,
a delicately recognised storage judgment comprising dual integrated
compartments and a Flexcase underneath a comfortable, single-section
seat, a new mid-size scooter offers all that is indispensable to
accommodate a final of bland practicality and furloughed suitability.

Attractive paint finishes for particular impression qualities.

There is a choice of dual paint finishes for a new BMW C 400 X.
Zenith Blue lead gives a new BMW C 400 X a conspicuous modern
coming and underscores a jaunty properties. In a paint
finish Alpine White non-metallic, a particular styling of a new
BMW C 400 X comes into a own, creation it demeanour some-more technical,
compress and light. The resisting singular seats in grey-black or
red-black emphasize a BMW Motorrad mid-size scooter’s dynamic
appearance, as good as underscoring a additional strengths of
agility, easy accessibility and free handling.

The highlights of a new BMW C 400 X:

  • Efficiency-optimised single-cylinder engine with a ability of
    350 cc, high torque and CVT gearbox.
  • Highly compress pattern with soppy sump lubrication.
  • 25 kW (34 hp) during 7 500 rpm and 35 Nm during 6 000 rpm.
  • Electronic fuel injection, digital engine control and ASC.
  • Suspension with imperishable tubular steel frame.
  • Torsionally unbending drivetrain pitch arm with innovative swing
    arm temperament for smallest vibration.
  • Telescopic flare during front and dual open struts during back with ample
    open travel.
  • Powerful braking complement with ABS as standard.
  • LED lighting record as standard.
  • Connectivity: Multifunctional instrument cluster with 6.5-inch
    full-colour TFT shade and countless facilities as an ex-works option.
  • Distinctive, energetic design.
  • Excellent breeze and continue insurance and worldly ergonomics.
  • Generous storage space with dual storage compartments and Flexcase.
  • Attractive paint finishes with particular impression qualities.