BMW Canada

The new BMW F 850 GS Adventure.

For some-more than 10 years, a GS models in a BMW Motorrad F series
have embodied a reward operation in a center category transport and
journey enduro segment. High-level furloughed capability, absolute
long-distance suitability, sporty energetic roving and higher offroad
qualities are a superb strengths.

Following a newly grown BMW F 750 GS and F 850 GS
presented in autumn 2017, a new F 850 GS Adventure now expands the
reward BMW Motorrad operation in this segment. Based on a energetic and
offroad oriented impression of a F 850 GS, a new Adventure ideally
unites lively and furloughed capability as good as increasing offroad
cunning and superb long-distance qualities. Like a legendary
boxer-engined BMW GS Adventure purpose models, a new F 850 GS
Adventures now offers dedicated transport enduro riders, offroad oriented
furloughed riders and globetrotters a ideal messenger in a middle
category for exploring a remote corners of a world by motorcycle.

New, absolute and polished 2-cylinder in-line engine with 90
grade crankpin equivalent and 270/450 grade ignition
The developers achieved a absolute and
emotionally appealing sound by contracting a crankshaft with a 90 degree
crankpin equivalent and 270/450 degree ignition spacing. Vibrations are
engrossed by a new engine’s dual blow shafts. A
self-amplifying, anti-hopping purchase not usually provides a discernible
rebate in a palm purchase handling force though also enhances safety
on a highway by a dump in engine drag torque. Power transmission
to a back circle comes from a six-speed gearbox with secondary
expostulate that is now positioned on a left-hand side.

The roving modes “Road” and “Rain” and ABS and ASC ensure
copiousness of roving delight and extended reserve as standard. Pro
roving modes accessible as discretionary equipment.
The new
F850 GS Adventure addresses particular supplement mandate by offering
“Rain” and “Road” roving modes as standard, while a multiple of
BMW Motorrad ABS and a ASC involuntary fortitude control safeguard a high
spin of safety. Thanks to a customary energetic stop light, traffic
behind a supplement is done even some-more wakeful of a braking motorcycle.
The F 850 GS Adventure can be propitious ex works with discretionary equipment,
such as “Pro” roving modes and in spin a additional “Dynamic”,
“Enduro” and “Enduro Pro” roving modes as good as a DTC dynamic
traction control and banking able ABS Pro.

New piece steel overpass frame, optimised cessation geometry
and new positioning of a 23-litre fuel tank.
overpass support of a new F 850 GS Adventure is done of deep-drawn,
welded components. It integrates a 2-cylinder in-line engine as a
co-supporting component and offers advantages in terms of torsional
acerbity and robustness. The fuel tank has been placed in a classic
position between a chair and a steering head, for optimised
wrapping and an softened centre of gravity. In a F 850 GS Adventure
it binds 23 litres and permits a operation of 550 kilometres and some-more in
multiple with a model’s low fuel consumption.

Sharper, even some-more manly Adventure design, optimised
ergonomics and increasing globetrotter
New, some-more manly physique pattern emphasises
a F 850 GS Adventure’s passenger suitability. A larger
windshield, that can be practiced in dual stages, as good as hand
protectors yield increasing breeze and continue protection. Wide enduro
footrests, tractable change and feet stop levers as good as engine
insurance bars and a immaculate steel luggage shelve turn off a F 850
GS Adventure’s customary equipment. In further to a simple version,
a new F 850 GS Adventure is accessible in Exclusive and Rallye character variations.

Unique operation of discretionary apparatus and
The new F 850 GS Adventure is being
launched with a operation of apparatus options that is singular for the
center class. Whether opposite chair heights, such as a chair bench
for dual (corresponds to customary F 850 GS chair bench), a box holder
for a a aluminium cases and trim panels, a new full LED headlight
as good as a LED additional headlight, a Connectivity equipment
with 6.5 in. full colour TFT arrangement or a intelligent emergency
eCall, a list of fascinating facilities for maximising riding
delight and enjoying a disturb of a highway is now virtually
lavish for center category furloughed enduro motorcycles.

The highlights of a new BMW F 850 GS Adventure:

  • Powerful 2-cylinder in-line engine with a banishment of 853 cm³
    and 70 kW (95 hp) during 8 250 rpm and 92 Nm during 6 250 rpm.
  • Very powerful, romantic sound due to crankshaft with 90-degree
    crankpin equivalent and 270/450-degree ignition spacing.
  • New steel overpass support for increasing robustness and roving precision.
  • New inverted telescopic flare and aluminium two-sided swinging
    arm with executive open strut for an even some-more supportive response.
  • ABS, ASC and a roving modes “Rain” and “Road” as standard.
  • Riding modes Pro with ABS Pro and energetic stop light, DTC and the
    new roving modes “Dynamic”, “Enduro” and “Enduro Pro” as discretionary equipment.
  • Electronic cessation Dynamic ESA as an discretionary apparatus item.
  • New onboard electrical complement with some-more absolute alternator and starter.
  • LED headlamp as standard.
  • LED daytime roving light and LED additional light as discretionary equipment.
  • Connectivity with multifunctional instrument cluster including
    6.5-inch full-colour TFT shade and countless facilities as an optional
    apparatus feature.
  • “Intelligent puncture call” eCall for assistance as discretionary equipment.
  • Optimised off-road and transport bearing along with softened wind
    and continue protection.
  • Optimised ergonomics, generally for dedicated offroad riding.
  • 23 litre fuel tank for ranges adult to 550 kilometres and more.
  • Enhanced GS Adventure form due to new design.
  • New colour along with a dual character variants Rallye and Exclusive.
  • A operation of discretionary apparatus and accessories that is singular in
    a center class.