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The new BMW Group High Performance D3 platform. Data-Driven Development for Autonomous Driving.

Autonomous Driving during a BMW Group.

It was behind in 2000 when a BMW Group initial started to conduct
investigate into a prophesy of a automobile that people could expostulate themselves –
though didn’t have to. Six years later, in 2006, a BMW was following the
racing line around a Hockenheim circuit though tellurian assistance for
a initial time. Since 2011, rarely programmed exam vehicles from the
BMW Group have been pushing on a A9 motorway between Munich and
Nuremberg. And as partial of a CES in 2014, a BMW Group gave a
proof of rarely programmed pushing during a boundary of performance
on a Las Vegas Speedway.

These are usually a few of a milestones notched adult by a BMW Group as
it progresses towards rarely and afterwards wholly programmed – i.e.
unconstrained – driving.

The BMW Group is assured that unconstrained pushing will have a
wilful impact on personal and tolerable mobility in a future.
Today’s motorist assistance systems, such as Driving Assistant
Professional in a new BMW 3 Series Sedan, form an critical building
retard on a highway to rarely programmed driving. As good as a safety
aspects, efforts are also focused on bringing about a poignant gain
in comfort and a serve alleviation in efficiency.

The subsequent design has already been clearly set out: in 2021 the
prolongation chronicle of a BMW Vision iNEXT, that was initial unveiled
to a open in summer 2018 during a BMW Vision iNEXT World Flight,
will turn a initial indication from a BMW Group to offer a Level 3
complement as an option. This complement will capacitate drivers to nominee the
charge of pushing to a automobile for longer durations of time when pushing on
a motorway during speeds adult to 130 km/h (81 mph).

At a same time, a swift of exam vehicles will start work in late
2021 with a aim of contrast out Level 4 functionality – i.e. zero
motorist involvement – in large-scale trials conducted in tangible civic environments.


The new BMW Group High Performance D3 platform.

The launch of a new BMW Group High Performance D3
tallness represents a pivotal miracle on a BMW Group’s roadmap to
rarely and wholly programmed driving.

The “D3” in a new IT platform’s name stands for
Data-Driven Development, that forms a basement for a growth and
validation of rarely and wholly programmed pushing functions.
Data-Driven Development is an indispensable apparatus in securing the
reserve and trustworthiness of a Level 3 complement to be charity in a BMW
iNEXT in late 2021.

The BMW Group has been requesting a Data-Driven Development approach
for a integrate of years now. The simple element is secure in the
arrogance that a usually proceed of mapping – and thereby ultimately
doing – a complexity and accumulation of trade situations
encountered on each continent is to accumulate immeasurable quantities of data.
This means a algorithms and altogether operation of unconstrained driving
have to be certified regulating a extended information pool.

The initial step in a routine is to collect approx. 5 million
kilometres (3.1 – 3.7 million miles) of real-life pushing information from
a exam swift vehicles. From this data, dual million kilometres
(1.25 million miles) of a many applicable pushing scenarios and
environmental factors are afterwards extracted.

The aptitude of a information collected is invariably improving thanks
to a proceed in that qualitative information is comparison regulating data
qualification/filtering. These dual million kilometres of pushing data
subsequently undergoes unchanging reprocessing as growth progresses.
This happens whenever a new control section formation turn (I-level)
becomes available, in sequence to weigh a new I‑level’s boost in performance.

This competent dual million kilometres of information is constantly expanded
by a serve 240 million kilometres (150 million miles) of
simulation-generated data, that is essentially formed on a relevant
pushing scenarios and ensures that a measureless farrago of real-life
pushing is taken into comment scrupulously during development.

The reprocessing of a dual million real-life kilometres and 240
million practical kilometres requires a high opening information platform
of over 230 petabytes storage ability and a computing energy of more
than 100,000 cores and some-more than 200 GPUs (Graphics Processing
There is a 96 x 100Gbps tie between a BMW Group
High Performance D3 tallness and a Hardware-in-the-Loop
(HiL) stations located during a BMW Group Autonomous Driving Campus. The
net useable information rate is approx. 3.75 Terabit/s.

The swift now numbers around 80 BMW 7 Series cars, that are in
operation on a west seashore of a USA, in Germany, Israel and China.
The series of vehicles is set to boost to approx. 140 by a finish of 2019.

Below are some total to illustrate a capabilities of a BMW
Group High Performance D3 platform:

  • Daily collection of some-more than 1.500 TB tender data
  • D3 Platform storage ability of some-more than 230 PB
  • Compute: 100.000 Cores and 200 GPU´s
  • 50 PB to HiLs each dual weeks

To give an thought of a quantities of information that have to be
transferred: 1.500 TB new information is homogeneous of 23.000 iPhone X, 230
PB equal a volume of 45 apartments (approx. 80m², roof tallness 3m)
filled wholly with CDs.

A bandwidth of 3.75 Tbit/s is roughly adequate to promote one million
HD radio programmes concurrently – or concede one million homes
to watch one HD TV programme during a same time.

The BMW Group High Performance D3 tallness was completed
in a space of a few months, in function, on time and on budget. It
is sited usually a few kilometres divided from a BMW Group Autonomous
Driving Campus in Unterschleißheim circuitously Munich. The tighten proximity
was an essential partial of a devise to send a huge quantities
of information from a Campus to a tallness around cable.


Strong Partners.

When prolongation growth for unconstrained pushing got underway at
a BMW Group, one thing was certain: a extensive challenges
concerned in a growth of a secure tallness for rarely and fully
programmed pushing could usually be overcome by teaming adult with the
heading record partners in a several disciplines.

In a box of a BMW Group High Performance D3 platform,
this partner is DXC Technology. The core member of DXC’s work is to
setup and run a information centre and to rise applications with the
design to support a unconstrained pushing growth process. The
aim is to revoke costs and a time indispensable until a complement is ready
to market.

The digital solutions from DXC put a BMW Group’s growth teams
in a position to collect, store and conduct a information from vehicle
sensors – and make it accessible for a claim AI training – in a
matter of seconds rather than days or even weeks.

The DXC resolution was grown in an open source sourroundings and is
accessible on-premise and in a hybrid environment, permitting workloads
to be shifted easily. This paves a proceed for stretchable team-work between
engineers, regardless of their location.

Using a singular tallness for information storage, estimate and AI training
lowers a hardware and program requirements, thereby shortening costs
and complexity. Data can be collected globally though monitored centrally.
This has a outcome of maximising potency and slicing costs.


The BMW Group Autonomous Driving Campus.

The BMW Group Autonomous Driving Campus is a state-of-the-art centre
of value that covers each bottom when it comes to charity greater
ability for origination and increasing growth potency – and
eventually securing a company’s destiny sustainability.

In autumn 2017 a initial organisation of engineers changed into a new
building, that distinguished a central opening in Apr 2018.

“We wish to play a heading purpose in a growth of protected autonomous
driving,” pronounced Klaus Fröhlich, Member of a Board of Management of
BMW AG, obliged for Development, during a time. “We are pursuing
this idea with good attention and evenly substantiating the
required horizon along a way. One of a milestones is our
Autonomous Driving Campus.”

It was 15 months before a central opening that a BMW Group took
a preference to pool together a growth imagination in a fields
of motorist assistance systems and rarely / wholly programmed pushing during a
singular location. The Campus, that offers 23,000 retard metres of
bureau space with room for 1,800 employees, was finished in record time. 

When acid for an suitable location, a site’s excellent
infrastructure, a vicinity to a BMW Group Research and Innovation
Centre, circuitously links to a motorway network and finally a speed
with that work could start sloping a change in a favour.


New operative environments. 

The Autonomous Driving Campus offers a growth experts who work
here new and complicated operative environments – i.e. an open-plan layout,
intelligent and stretchable use of bureau space, and a multifaceted and
artistic workplace. The advantages for a growth experts employed
here are clear: flexibility, efficiency, a high turn of liberty and
brief distances. This means, for example, that a program developer
operative during a new Campus can immediately exam out creatively written
formula in a car that is usually a brief travel away.

New operative environments go palm in palm with a new and agile
worker and government culture, and managers work in a same
open-plan bureau spaces as their staff. This enhances communication and
facilitates communications, ensuing in effective teamwork in the
growth of rarely formidable products.


Campus leads a proceed in stretchable operative methods.

The open campus structure offers glorious conditions for agile
operative models. These paint an critical building retard in the
origination of future-focused and fit growth processes. The
BMW Group is a initial association in a automotive attention to apply
stretchable operative models evenly and zodiacally for an entire
dilettante area. From a investigate proviso all a proceed by to series
prolongation development, a whole growth routine for driver
assistance systems and unconstrained pushing unfolds within these new structures. 

Small interdisciplinary underline teams work on individual
sub-processes exclusively and with an end-to-end approach. The high
grade of coherence allows a teams to conflict fast and
effectively to new requirements.

Indeed, this speeds adult a whole program growth routine and
allows it to hoop intensely high levels of complexity. 

This is a time of disruptive change in a automotive industry, with
a attainment of new players creation a rival sourroundings ever
some-more challenging. The gait of origination is accelerating fast and
professionals bring destiny viability, a complicated operative sourroundings and
flexible, stretchable workflows as pivotal to an employer’s attractiveness. A
cutting-edge growth trickery such as a new BMW Group Autonomous
Driving Campus therefore represents a essential item for a company’s
long-term sustainability and innovative capability.