BMW Canada

The new BMW HP4 RACE.

The new BMW HP4 RACE: away crafted high-tech and
creation for tip opening on a competition track.

Fascinating technical solutions for limit opening on the
competition line have always been a hallmark of hand-picked factory
racing motorcycles mutated to soundness down to a final detail.
With a new HP4 RACE, BMW Motorrad presents a thoroughbred racing bike
in a prolongation run of 750. It is away crafted by a small,
rarely specialised team, ensuring a really top turn of quality.

In terms of engine, wiring and open elements, a new HP4
RACE is in a same difficulty as stream superbike bureau racing
machines, even leading this turn in a area of cessation with
a CO twine frame. Weighing 171 kilograms when wholly fuelled
and highway ready, a new HP4 RACE is even lighter than a factory
racing bikes now used in a Superbike World Championship and
is usually somewhat above a MotoGP bureau racers in terms of weight.

Industrially done CO twine categorical support in monocoque
construction, confident back support and wheels done of CO fibre.

With a HP4 RACE, BMW Motorrad is a initial motorcycle
manufacturer in a universe to benefaction a categorical support done wholly of
CO twine and weighing usually 7.8 kilograms that is produced
industrially in tiny series, thereby creation this future-oriented
record accessible for anyone to purchase. The front and rear
circle are also done of this high-tech material, enabling a weight
rebate of approximately 30 per cent as compared to light alloy
fake wheels while maintaining a deliberately firm design.

Öhlins open elements, light amalgamate underslung swingarm and
Brembo monoblock stop calipers from a Superbike World Championship.

The new HP4 RACE further meets a top final of racing
record in a area of open elements and brakes. Both a FGR
300 inverted flare and a TTX 36 GP open strut are granted by
a Swedish manufacturer Öhlins, with matching tools being used
both in a Superbike World Championship and in MotoGP. The light
amalgamate underslung swingarm done of milled and piece steel tools is
also a member used in a Superbike World Cup.

Featuring dual Brembo GP4 PR monoblock stop calipers, a brake
complement of new HP4 RACE also has tools differently usually to be found in
World Cup machines. Coated titanium pistons and single-piece
aluminium calipers with chemically nickel-plated aspect make for
what is now a really best multiple of materials available.
In and with 6.75 mm thick 320 millimetre T-type racing steel
brakes, a complement ensures overwhelming stop performance.

Purebred racing engine and close-ratio racing gearbox with
blending delivery ratios according to World Cup specifications.

The new HP4 RACE has a thoroughbred racing engine identical to
specifications 6.2 and 7.2 as in a Endurance and Superbike World
Championships. The rise outlay is 158 kW (215 hp) during 13 900 rpm. The
limit torque of 120 Nm is reached during 10000 rpm. The limit engine
speed has been increasing as compared to a engine of a S 1000 RR
from 14 200 rpm to 14 500 rpm. With a aim of achieving a best
probable performance, a 6‑speed close-ratio racing gearbox is used
with optimised delivery ratios and several delegate ratios
(diverse pinions and sequence sprockets included).

Weight-optimised electrical system, 2D dashboard along with
Dynamic Traction Control DTC, Engine Brake EBR, Wheelie Control and
other electronic features.

The new BMW HP4 RACE comes with an endless package of
electronic control and assistance systems as good as a
weight-optimised on-board electrical complement that has been optimised
to accommodate racing needs. A resources of information is accessible on the
2D dashboard with negotiable information memory (2D logger).

Wide-ranging set-up options for opposite line layouts and road
aspect conditions are supposing by a audibly obvious Dynamic
Traction Control tranquil by ignition cut, Engine Brake EBR and
Wheelie Control. These can be automatic selectively for any gear
according to supplement preference, permitting best use of a enormous
roving dynamics intensity charity by a new HP4 RACE. Other
electronic facilities are a Pit Lane Limiter for watching speed
boundary in a array line and Launch Control for ideal competition starts.

Light trim CO twine trim tools and hand-brushed aluminium
fuel tank.

The CO twine trim, a intake silencer cover and a seat
mound in a new HP4 RACE underline a BMW HP Motorsport colours. A
hand-brushed aluminium fuel tank hermetic with a transparent finish
underscores a bike
s high-quality racing look.

An overview of a highlights of a new BMW HP4 RACE:

  • Carbon twine categorical support in monocoque construction weighing
    usually 7.8 kilograms.
  • Self-supporting CO twine back support with three-stage
    tallness composition function.
  • Carbon twine wheels charity a weight rebate of some 30 per
    cent as compared to light amalgamate fake wheels.
  • Öhlins FGR 300 inverted fork.
  • Öhlins TTX 36 GP open strut.
  • Brembo GP4 PR monoblock stop calipers with 320 T-type racing
    steel stop disks (thickness: 6.75 mm) during a front.
  • Racing engine during World Cup turn with an outlay of 158 kW (215
    hp) during 13 900 rpm and a limit torque of 120 Nm during 10 000 rpm.
  • Close-ratio racing gearbox with blending delivery ratios.
  • Weight-optimised electrical complement featuring light lithium-ion
    battery with 5 Ah.
  • 2D dashboard and 2D data recording including logger.
  • Dynamic Traction Control DTC (programmable for comparison gears
    during 15 levels).
  • Engine Brake EBR (programmable for comparison gears during 15 levels).
  • Wheelie Control (programmable for comparison gears).
  • Launch Control.
  • Pit Lane Limiter.
  • Light trim tools done of CO twine with snap fasteners.
  • Paint finish in BMW HP Motorsport colours.
  • Production run of 750 units, any away crafted.