BMW Canada

The new BMW K 1600 Grand America.

BMW Motorrad expands a operation in a full dresser touring
shred with a serve of a denote designed privately for
gentle travel. The BMW K 1600 Grand America sees a premiere
during a world’s biggest motorcycle trade show, a EICMA in Milan
 12 November 2017). Derived from a BMW K 1600 B,
a new denote combines a autarchic opening of a 6-cylinder
engine with disdainful apparatus facilities that make long-distance
rides both gentle and fascinating in American highway cruising
style, either solo or with a passenger.

The American approach of travelling.

The pattern of a BMW K 1600 Grand America embraces a passion
for relaxed, lush float on dual wheels that is especially
widespread in a USA. For this purpose, a styling grown for
a bagger judgment of a BMW K 1600 B has been mutated and a
series of particular facilities have been added. In serve to the
boldly elongated side line that slopes uniformly down to a rear,
another clearly recognizable underline is a drop-shaped silhouette
combined from a visible couple between a high-rising windshield and
a low positioned side cases.

Chrome-plated back silencers organised together to a highway are
harmoniously integrated in a elegant, issuing design. The
authentic demeanour of a BMW K 1600 Grand America is dull off with a
topcase finish with integrated newcomer backrest. In serve to
stretched float capacity, a BMW Grand America offers
significantly extended float bearing due to a additional
seating comfort for supplement and passenger. The topcase is also an
now recognizable denote of a car judgment developed
privately for extended touring.

American style: additional stop light integrated in a topcase.

The pattern of a BMW K 1600 Grand America is desirous by US
tradition bikes, and this is also reflected in other sum during the
rear. An additional stop light integrated in a topcase gives the
back perspective a particular presence. It also visually harmonised with
a lights integrated in a side cases, that act as stop lights
and spin indicators. All lighting is constructed by means of LED units.

Maximum exclusivity: Style Package with paint finish in
Austin Yellow lead and Blackstorm metallic.

As standard, a new BMW K 1600 Grand America is finished in the
powerful, superb colour Blackstorm metallic. In serve to a BMW
logo, a car trim also bears a denote nomination with reference
to a engine type. In addition, a high-quality badge is positioned
mainly on a fuel tank with a inscription
“K 1600 Grand America”.

The Style Package specifically combined for a BMW Grand America
ensures even serve extended exclusivity. It consists of a
two-colour paint finish mixing Blackstorm lead with the
rarely fluent Austin Yellow metallic, as good as chrome
applications on a front circle trim.

6-cylinder engine with particular opening characteristics.

Supreme expostulate energy creates travelling prolonged distances on a new
BMW K 1600 Grand America a relaxing pleasure. The latest chronicle of
a particular BMW Motorrad 6-cylinder engine delivers its
opening facilely in each conditions on a road. The most
compress 6-cylinder engine of a kind has an outlay of 118 kW/160 hp
during 7 750 rpm, generating a limit torque of 175 Nm during 5 250 rpm. In
a new BMW Grand America it offers not usually a familiar,
apparently lavish energy pot though also distinctive
opening characteristics. Based on a element of “The
American Way of Riding”, a tip speed is singular to 162 km/h
or 101 mph. This takes into comment a fact that customisation with
additional apparatus in a back territory
as is popular
in this car shred
can impact significantly on
circle bucket distribution, so in terms of roving dynamics, stability
and reserve are guaranteed in all situations.

Electronic cessation Dynamic ESA and retreat support as standard.

In serve to a engine, a customary electronically
tranquil cessation Dynamic ESA also contributes to a supreme
roving qualities of a new BMW Grand America characterised by
energetic performance, comfort and stability. In a customary setting
“Road” it provides entirely programmed check adaptation,
ensuring a really top turn of comfort and glorious traction on
probably all surfaces. What is more, “Cruise” mode can be
activated for a really soothing check set-up and conspicuous comfort.

Reverse assist, also a customary feature, facilitates manoeuvring
of a new BMW Grand America. It is activated by dire a button
on a left-hand handlebar panel. The supplement afterwards uses a start
symbol to set a bike in motion.

Relaxed “feet forward” position for long-distance travel.

The loose seating position accessible to supplement and newcomer is
a underline that contributes to a flawlessly gentle float feel
offering by a BMW K 1600 Grand America
even over
intensely prolonged distances. The denote is propitious as customary with
footboards, permitting a supplement to adopt a accessible “feet
forward” posture. The newcomer can also suffer a comfortable
seating position interjection to a low back support and a chair tallness that
is reduced by 70 millimetres. Footboards are also accessible for the
newcomer as an discretionary extra.

Perfect continue insurance due to high windshield.

The customary apparatus of a new BMW Grand America also
includes high-quality engine insurance bars, exhilarated grips, seat
heating, journey control and a model-specific windshield that is
generally high. In and with side trim that reaches a long
approach to a rear, it ensures ideal insurance from breeze and other
inauspicious continue conditions. The integrated atmosphere ducting elements also
supply a supplement with uninformed atmosphere as required. An audio system
finish with navigation credentials is another underline on house the
new BMW K 1600 Grand America as standard.

Meanwhile a preference of discretionary apparatus apparatus accessible ex
works includes Shift Assistant Pro, a eCall complement Intelligent
Emergency Call accessible in European markets with ConnectedDrive
capability, a Comfort Package, a Safety Package, several seat
heights and fake handlebars. The module of Original BMW Motorrad
Accessories enables serve customisation.



An overview of highlights of a new BMW K 1600 Grand America:

  • Ultimate oppulance furloughed motorcycle in American style.
  • Authentic, agreeable pattern with boldly elongated side
    line that slopes to a rear.
  • Topcase with integrated newcomer backrest and additional
    float ability for quite prolonged trips.
  • Side cases and topcase with integrated lighting units.
  • Optional Style Package with two-colour finish in Blackstorm
    lead / Austin Yellow metallic.
  • 6-cylinder in-line engine that meets EU4 mandate with an
    outlay of 118 kW/160 hp during 7 750 rpm and a limit torque of
    175 Nm during 5 250 rpm.
  • Top speed singular to 162 km/h or 101 mph.
  • Electronic cessation Dynamic ESA with damping modes




    as standard.
  • Reverse support for free manoeuvring as standard.
  • Effective continue insurance due to quite high windshield.
  • Low back frame, newcomer chair reduced by 70 millimetres and
    ergonomically blending footrest position.
  • Footboards for loose “feet forward” supplement seating
    position as standard.
  • Footboards accessible for newcomer as Original BMW Motorrad Accessory.
  • Shift Assistant Pro for changeable adult and down but clutch
    activation as an ex works option.
  • Intelligent Emergency Call as an ex works choice for rapid
    assistance in an collision or puncture (only accessible in European
    markets with ConnectedDrive capability).
  • Standard apparatus also includes engine insurance bars, ABS
    Pro, Dynamic Traction Control DTC, xenon headlight, exhilarated grips,
    chair heating, Multi-Controller, 3 roving modes (Rain, Road,
    Dynamic), journey control, audio complement with navigation
  • Diverse operation of discretionary apparatus apparatus (adaptive turning
    light, daytime roving light, Keyless Ride, Hill Start Control,
    executive locking etc.).
  • Wide operation of Original BMW Motorrad Accessories (forged
    wheels, chrome-plated counterpart caps, navigation complement etc.)