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The new BMW M340i xDrive Sedan: World premiere during a Los Angeles Auto Show 2018.

Munich. The new BMW 3 Series Sedan is picking adult more
speed on a approach to a marketplace launch in a open of 2019. The BMW M
GmbH is now presenting an intensely energetic indication various of a new
sports sedan. The BMW M340i xDrive Sedan (combined fuel consumption:
7.5 l/100 km; total CO2 emissions: 172 g/km*) is powered
by a newly grown true six-cylinder petrol engine with
275 kW/374 hp. Together, high engine performance, M-specific
cessation record and intelligent four-wheel expostulate yield for
superb pushing dynamics that are forlorn in a midsize
segment. The well-developed sporty impression is underscored by
model-specific pattern and apparatus features. The Los Angeles Auto
Show (30 November – 9 Dec 2018) will offer as a environment for the
universe premiere of a BMW M340i xDrive Sedan. The marketplace launch will
embark in a USA in Jul 2019, followed by Europe in July.

Acceleration, cornering dynamics, agility, precision, braking – the
BMW M340i xDrive Sedan is environment new benchmarks in all areas relevant
to pushing dynamics. It creates unchanging use in sold of the
automobile judgment of a BMW 3 Series Sedan, that is oriented towards
sporting pushing pleasure and comprises a low centre of gravity,
optimised weight, well-balanced spindle bucket placement as good as
increasing physique acerbity and uprated cessation mountings. Moreover,
a cessation record and aerodynamics are precisely tuned to the
new energy unit’s high opening characteristics. In addition, the
M Sport suspension, non-static sports steering, an M Sport differential,
a M Sport stop complement and 18-inch M light amalgamate wheels with mixed
tyres are all customary apparatus facilities for a BMW M340i xDrive Sedan.

Straight six-cylinder engine with higher energy development
and evil sound.

The energy plant grown for a BMW M340i xDrive Sedan raises
a vehicle’s characteristics in areas of performance, response,
revving power, using fibre and efficiency, so customary of BMW
true six-cylinder engines, to a new level. The 3-litre engine
facilities an aluminium crankcase and an aluminium cylinder head. The
turbocharging system, that was assembled according to the
TwinScroll principle, has also been redeveloped. The formation of
a compress steel empty plural and turbocharger effectuates rapid
boost vigour development. A mass impulse of sluggishness reduced by around
25 percent enhances turbine response and a far-reaching opening, electrically
tranquil rubbish embankment contributes towards improved glimmer values. Fuel
supply is achieved by means of High Precision Injection technology,
a injectors of that now work during an injection vigour increased
to adult to 350 bar. The stream chronicle of M TwinPower Turbo technology
is complemented by entirely non-static valve control VALVETRONIC and
non-static camshaft control Double VANOS.

The expostulate technology, that has been extensively redeveloped and
countless sum of that have been totally renewed, provides the
six-cylinder with an boost in outlay by 35 kW/48 hp to
275 kW/374 hp vs. a many absolute engine formerly used for a BMW
3 Series, as good as an boost in limit torque by 50 Nm to 500 Nm.
As a result, a automobile has also clearly gained in sporting prowess. The
BMW M340i xDrive Sedan completes a scurry from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.4
seconds – half a second faster than a top-of-the-range indication of the
prior era of a BMW 3 Series Sedan.

Power growth and speed boost are accompanied by the
evil sound of a true six-cylinder engine, that has
gained additional participation interjection to a M Sport empty unit. Above
all in a SPORT and SPORT+ modes, that can be activated around the
Driving Experience Control switch, a valve-controlled empty system
generates a quite particular sound. The sound growth that
accompanies a engine’s energetic energy smoothness is also intensively
obvious inside a BMW M340i xDrive Sedan. The dual-pipe M Sport
empty complement is propitious with dual petrol particulate filters, enabling
a BMW M340i xDrive Sedan to accommodate a mandate of a Euro
6d-TEMP emissions standard. Combined fuel expenditure is 7.5 litres
per 100 kilometre* and CO2 emissions are172 grams per kilometre.*

Standard features: 8-speed Steptronic sports transmission
and BMW xDrive with rear-wheel bias.

The BMW M340i xDrive Sedan comes as customary with a 8-speed
Steptronic sports delivery of a latest generation, that is
characterised, among other things, by an optimised hydraulic
control complement and unusually high changeable dynamics. Short
ratios for a reduce gears urge acceleration and a Launch
Control duty can be used for accelerating with limit dynamics
from a standstill. Shift paddles on a steering circle facilitate
primer rigging preference during any time.

With entirely non-static energy placement between a front and rear
axle, a intelligent four-wheel expostulate record featured by the
BMW M340i xDrive Sedan ensures limit traction, lively and vehicle
stability. The rear-wheel disposition of BMW xDrive supports that
brand-typical pushing knowledge and is quite strongly
effective in a motorist knowledge control modes SPORT and SPORT+.
The targeted send of expostulate force to a back wheels enhances
lively when steering into bends.

Furthermore, a BMW M340i xDrive Sedan is versed as standard
with a M Sport differential. The electronically controlled, fully
non-static rear-wheel locking duty noticeably contributes not only
towards an boost in traction, though also enhances fortitude and
lively of a vehicle.

M-specific cessation record transforms opening into
The construction judgment used for the
cessation of a new BMW 3 Series Sedan offers a ideal
prerequisites for sporty handling. The components of the
double-joint open strut front spindle and a five-arm back axle,
both of that have been optimised in terms of weight and stiffness,
raise cornering dynamics and steering precision, as do a larger
lane widths and best circle cove angles. In serve to a
automobile obscure by 10mm, a customary M Sport cessation of the
BMW M340i xDrive Sedan comprises M specific elastokinematics and the
new lift-related check control function. The Adaptive M suspension
with electronically tranquil dampers is also optionally available. 

A serve constituent partial of a M Sport cessation and a Adaptive
M suspension is a Variable Sport Steering feature, that supports
flexible cornering with superb feedback as good as extemporaneous and
accurate response.

Combining an intensely sporty set-up – headlined by brief pedal
transport and a graphic vigour indicate – a M Sport stop system,
that also comes as standard, provides effective interlude power. The
M competition brakes grasp this with a some-more approach ratio as good as a
opposite hydraulic pattern including four-piston, fixed
calliper brakes and 348 millimetres discs during a front and
single-piston, floating calliper brakes with 345 millimetres discs
during a rear. The blue-painted stop callipers bear a M logo. 
Standard 18-inch M light amalgamate wheels are total with churned tyres.
Tyres of a format 225/45 R 18 are mounted on a front wheels,
while distance 255/40 R 18 tyres are used during a rear. 19-inch M light
amalgamate wheels in dual designs and 19-inch BMW Individual light alloy
wheels, serve propitious with churned tyres, are also accessible as an
option. The 19-inch M light amalgamate wheels come with high-performance
tyres facilitating a quite effective send of longitudinal
and parallel forces.

Design and apparatus facilities with a transparent importance on sportiness. 

The new BMW M340i xDrive Sedan’s higher performance
characteristics are reflected in model-specific pattern and equipment
features. The pattern of a front apron, a side sills and a rear
end, optimise both a cooling atmosphere supply and aerodynamics. Unique
pattern elements embody a BMW kidney grille braggadocio a mesh
design, a back spoiler in physique colour and trapezoidal exhaust
tailpipe trims. The vehicle’s disdainful demeanour is also complemented by
extraneous counterpart caps, atmosphere intake struts, a front surfaces of the
BMW kidney grille, tailpipe trims and a indication lettering all
finished in Cerium Grey metallic.

Inside a car, sports seats with M-specific upholstery in a
Sensatec/Alcantara trim, a anthracite BMW Individual roof liner,
a M leather-clad steering circle with change paddles and interior
trim strips in Aluminium Tetragon yield for an complete driving
pleasure oriented ambience. The digital instrument cluster bears the
lettering “M340i”. A serve disdainful pattern underline of the
BMW M340i xDrive Sedan are a front doorway sills also braggadocio the
indication lettering.