BMW Canada

The new BMW M4 CS.

Short chronicle M GmbH is presenting another disdainful limited-run
special-edition indication in a figure of a new BMW M4 CS (fuel
expenditure combined: 8.4 l/100 km [33.6 mpg imp]*; CO2 emissions
combined: 197 g/km*). The M4 CS fills a opening in a choice between
a M4 Coupe with Competition Package and a uncompromisingly
track-focused BMW M4 GTS. With a accentuated sporting presence, the
new M4 CS continues a decades-long tradition of successful M special
editions that began in 1988 with a E30 BMW M3 Evolution. The new
BMW M4 CS will be built during a strange BMW plant in Munich.

The M4 CS also sees BMW M GmbH introducing a new nomenclature for its
models. Positioned above a customary M models will be the
performance-boosted Competition versions. Then come a CS
special-edition models, a nick aloft still. Positioned on tip are
a performance-maximising “brand shapers” that arrangement a transparent motor
competition or bar competition impression though are also entirely highway legal.

The 3.0-litre high-performance engine raises a outlay of a M4
with Competition Package by 10 horsepower, to 460 hp. State-of-the-art
M TwinPower Turbo technology allows a M4 CS to drop next the
four-second symbol for a 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) sprint, interlude the
time during 3.9 seconds. The tip speed of a M4 CS, that comes as
customary with a M Driver’s Package, is electronically singular to 280
km/h (174 mph). With a dual mono-scroll turbochargers, assign air
cooler, High Precision Injection, VALVETRONIC non-static valve timing
and Double-VANOS entirely non-static camshaft timing, a six-cylinder
in-line engine and takes a transparent and unchanging aim during a higher
echelons of performance, though is equally committed to developing
poignant torque from low engine speeds and achieving high levels of
potency (fuel expenditure combined: 8.4 l/100 km [33.6 mpg imp]*;
CO2 emissions combined: 197 g/km*).

The new BMW M4 CS is versed as customary with a seven-speed
M Double Clutch Transmission (M DCT) with Drivelogic. This
cutting-edge delivery has a apart oil cooler and enables both
programmed rigging changes and primer interventions regulating a shift
paddles on a steering wheel. It changes gears in fractions of a
second with no stop in a upsurge of power, though employs a long
seventh rigging to keep revs low and minimise fuel expenditure over
longer motorway journeys.

The cessation of a new BMW M4 CS mostly mirrors that of the
M4 with Competition Package. The links and circle carriers during both the
front and back axles are done from fake aluminium and are therefore
intensely light. That keeps a unsprung masses low and benefits
pushing dynamics. The M4 CS is propitious as customary with Adaptive M
cessation whose geometry has been tuned to broach optimised
opening on both a highway and track. The new BMW M4 CS has also
been honed on a many perfectionist exam lane of them all for
high-performance sports cars: a mythological Nürburgring Nordschleife.
Its ’Ring path time of 7 min. 38 sec. puts a CS in super-sports automobile territory.

Ensuring a best probable hold in all pushing conditions are a DSC
(Dynamic Stability Control) complement – that includes M Dynamic Mode –
and a Active M Differential. The control systems for a Adaptive M
suspension, DSC and Active M Differential have been mutated to suit
a energetic mandate of a BMW M4 CS, as has a set-up of the
electromechanical steering. The motorist has a choice of adjusting the
steering and cessation settings to their personal preferences or the
final of a lane during hand. To this end, they can name one of
3 pushing modes (Comfort, Sport and Sport+) during a hold of a
button. While Comfort mode is quite good matched to bad road
conditions, city pushing and brief journeys, Sport will be a mode of
choice for penetrating drivers looking to lift on over twisty nation roads.
And for those streamer to a lane with their BMW M4 CS, Sport+ mode
will pave a approach for a fastest path times. Sport+ fettles all the
applicable systems to broach a best probable dynamics. Should the
motorist get a small too excited, DSC will meddle in an instant.
However, in M Dynamic Mode (MDM) it will also concede tranquil drifts.

Also really most during home on a competition lane are a light-alloy wheels
(front: 9 J x 19, rear: 10 J x 20) designed exclusively for a M4 CS
and propitious as customary with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres (front:
265/35 R 19, rear: 285/30 R 20). These semi-slick crater tyres, that are
also road-legal, yield unbeatable hold and autarchic parallel stability
during high lane speeds, as good as best traction out of hairpins. The
M4 CS can also be systematic with Michelin Sport highway tyres during no additional cost.

The interior of a new BMW M4 CS sets out precisely to emanate a
sporting ambience. Lightweight M sports seats embellished in
leather/Alcantara get a round rolling and a energetic essence extends
all a approach to a doorway row trim done from compressed healthy fibres
and featuring lift loops. The carp – with a evil air
opening rearwards of a powerdome – and roof are done from the
lightweight, intensely firm and high-tech element carbon
fibre-reinforced cosmetic (CFRP).

The inexhaustible use of leather and Alcantara allows a M4 CS to create
a constrained and well-resolved ambience packed with sporting intent
and definite class. No M4 CS motorist will need to concede on the
nicer things in life. Indeed, among a customary facilities on house are
involuntary meridian control, a chronicle of the
BMW HiFi system Professional blending to a signature acoustic demands
of a M4 CS and a Navigation complement Professional.

True to form, a BMW M GmbH designers have given a new M4 CS looks
that simulate a car’s sporting intent. The signature underline of its
distinguished front end, finish with cutting-edge twin LED headlights,
is a front apron with large, three-section atmosphere intakes. These serve
adult feed an plenty supply of cooling atmosphere to both a high-performance
engine and a fade-resistant M compound brakes with four-piston
callipers during a front and two-piston callipers during a rear. The new
model-specific front splitter was done from unprotected CO fibre
exclusively for a M4 CS special edition. In a interests of
aerodynamic efficiency, it teams adult with a back diffuser carried
over for a BMW M4 GTS and a further newly designed, exposed
carbon-fibre Gurney spoiler mouth on a foot lid to minimise dynamic
lift. Innovative back lights with OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode)
record introduced by BMW M GmbH exclusively for a M4 CS and
M4 GTS mangle new ground, while a front splitter, Gurney and rear
diffuser, together with a prolonged CFRP bonnet, flowing, coupe-like
roofline, elegantly sporty M exterior mirrors and robust wheel
arches, concede a new BMW M4 CS to cut an intensely energetic figure,
even when it’s station still. The BMW M4 CS will be labelled during EUR 116,900.


* Fuel expenditure and CO2 total are provisional, were calculated
as per a EU exam cycle and might change depending on a tyre format.


Further information on central fuel expenditure figures, specific
CO2 glimmer values and a electric energy expenditure of new
newcomer cars is enclosed in a following guideline: “Leitfaden über
Kraftstoffverbrauch, die CO2-Emissionen und basement Stromverbrauch neuer
Personenkraftwagen” (Guideline for fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and
electric energy expenditure of new newcomer cars), that can be
performed from all dealerships, from Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH
(DAT), Hellmuth-Hirth-Str. 1, 73760 Ostfildern-Scharnhausen and during