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The new BMW M4 DTM in a breeze tunnel: pointing work in a BMW Group Aero Lab.

Munich. The composition of a aerodynamics to a requirements
of a new DTM technical regulations played a wilful purpose in
growth of a 2017 BMW M4 DTM.

The work carried out on a BMW M4 DTM in a breeze tunnel
before to a start of a 2017 DTM deteriorate has altered considerably.
Previously, a aerodynamics specialists had some-more time to lift out
notation work to safeguard best aero potency when building a
new car. Now, a day in a state-of-the-art BMW Group Aero Lab is
some-more same to a day during a racetrack.


50 times 15: this was a regulation used by a aerodynamics experts at
BMW Motorsport when building a new BMW M4 DTM forward of a 2017
season. 50 days in a breeze hovel were permitted, with a extent 15
hours per day. Not a notation more. In sequence to keep cost of developing
a new DTM cars down, a German Motorsport Association (DMSB) worked
with a manufacturers represented in a array to extent development
time in breeze tunnels. To take full advantage of a singular time
allowed, a airflow specialists scrutinised their possess processes and
methods – with huge success.


Race opposite a clock.

In complicated motorsport, extent potency is not usually a pivotal cause at
competition weekends, though also in a growth process. Every minute
counts. The formulation of a breeze hovel event was totally adapted
to a new regime for a BMW M4 DTM, and is identical to a exam day at
a racetrack. The engineers initial conclude a initial configuration,
afterwards they set about formulating a accurate report for a subsequent
tests. The concentration was set essentially on a structure of a indication car
being tested in a breeze tunnel. Compared with a growth of the
2014 BMW M4 DTM, it is fabricated in a some-more modular approach to concede faster
alteration of a aerodynamic details. For example: a tests use a
carp comprised of 8 particular components that can be exchanged separately.


Precision is key.

Depending on a complexity of a tools to be switched, the
aerodynamicists during BMW were means to test, on average, 3 car
configurations per hour. The indication was prepared, mounted on a hexapod
and precisely positioned with extent tolerances of a hundredth of a
millimetre to concede a make-believe of opposite pushing situations,
such as quick corners, parsimonious hairpins and straights. While a 60 percent
scale indication of a BMW M4 DTM was still underneath construction, work was
already underway analysing a information gathered. Ultimately, no further
exam time could be squandered on a pattern that had not previously
achieved a preferred result.


All these stairs followed any other faster than before, though with no
reduction accuracy. An aged engine racing proverb still rings true: each tenth
of a millimetre depends in a breeze tunnel. These can afterwards be converted
into tenths of a second out on a racetrack.


Time-lapse video: Wind hovel work for a new BMW M4 DTM.

You can perspective a time-lapse video of a new BMW M4 DTM in a wind
hovel during a Aero Lab of a BMW Group here: