BMW Canada

The new BMW M8 Coupe and BMW M8 Competition Coupe. The new BMW M8 Convertible and BMW M8 Competition Convertible.

The new BMW M8 Coupe (fuel expenditure combined: 10.6 – 10.5 l/100 km
(26.6 – 26.9 mpg imp); CO2 emissions combined:
242 – 238 g/km) and new BMW M8 Competition Coupe (fuel consumption
combined: 10.6 – 10.5 l/100 km (26.6 – 26.9 mpg imp); CO2
emissions combined: 242 – 238 g/km), plus the new BMW M8 Convertible
(fuel expenditure combined: 10.8 – 10.6 l/100 km (26.2 – 26.6 mpg
imp); CO2 emissions combined: 246 – 241 g/km) and new
BMW M8 Competition Convertible (fuel expenditure combined: 10.8 – 10.6
l/100 km (26.2 – 26.6 mpg imp); CO2 emissions combined: 246 – 241 g/km).

The new models pull a ardour for their well-developed performance
exploits from a many absolute engine ever grown for a BMW M GmbH
car. The high-revving V8 section with M TwinPower Turbo technology
develops 441 kW/600 hp in a new BMW M8 Coupe and new BMW M8
Convertible, and 460 kW/625 hp in a Competition models. The
high-performance energy section teams adult with an eight-speed M Steptronic
delivery with Drivelogic, and a engine’s energy is channelled to
a highway around a M xDrive all-wheel-drive system.

The model-specific framework record has been designed and tuned
with the specific final of lane use in mind. One of a facilities of
a framework that stands out in sold is a newly developed
integrated braking system, an M-specific chronicle of that presents the
motorist with dual opposite stop pedal feel settings. The new
range-topping models from BMW M GmbH will celebrate their world
premieres as partial of a BMW Group #NextGen eventuality holding place during BMW
Welt in Munich on 25 – 27 Jun 2019.

The accurate communication between powertrain, framework record and
aerodynamics has been delicately honed over a march of intensive
contrast at the BMW Group’s exam lane in Miramas in southern France,
a winter contrast centre in Arjeplog, Sweden and a Nürburgring’s
Nordschleife circuit, along with other competition circuits. Experience
collected from a growth of the BMW M8 GTE racing automobile also
played a purpose in a pattern process. The performance-focused
impression of a engine, delivery and chassis allows a new
BMW M8 Coupe and new BMW M8 Convertible to energy from 0 to 100 km/h
(62 mph) in 3.3 / 3.4 seconds. The new BMW M8 Competition Coupe
sprints from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 3.2 seconds, a new
BMW M8 Competition Convertible in 3.3 seconds.


Fast responses, a lust for revs, and postulated power
delivery: V8 engine with signature M performance traits.

The high-revving V8 engine presents a constrained mix of razor-sharp
responses, a hectic ardour for revs and postulated energy delivery
opposite an extraordinarily far-reaching rev band. The M TwinPower Turbo
record of a 4.4-litre section includes a span of turbochargers –
positioned in a “V” between a cylinder banks and boasting
optimised potency – and surreptitious assign atmosphere cooling, and a direct
fuel injection complement operative with extent vigour of 350 bar.
Another technological prominence is a cross-bank empty manifolds.

In a new BMW M8 Coupe and new BMW M8 Convertible, a engine serves
adult rise torque of 750 Nm (553 lb-ft) between 1,800 and 5,600 rpm – and
goes on to broach extent outlay of 441 kW/600 hp during 6,000 rpm,
en route to a 7,200 rpm cut-off. The energy section in a Competition
models sustains a rise torque adult to 5,800 rpm and develops maximum
outlay of 460 kW/625 hp during 6,000 rpm, a race-derived, high-revving
instincts taking an even some-more distinguished lead. The many powerful
various of a V8 teams adult with a special engine ascent for a more
firm tie with the vehicle structure. This formula in even
crisper engine response and also has a certain outcome on the
immediacy of turn-in and a delivery of engine sound into a cabin.

A worldly cooling complement ensures best doing temperatures
at all times, both in bland use on civic routes and when a cars
are stretching their legs on a track. The executive cooling module,
for example, is flanked by dual high-temperature H2O circuits. And
a complement also facilities an additional engine oil cooler and separate
delivery oil cooler. The sold hurdles of lane driving
are reflected in a pattern of a oil supply system. The oil sump has
a smaller front chamber, that stairs in when additional ability is needed.
An additional suction theatre allows a map-controlled oil siphon to draw
liniment from a smaller chamber. This ensures a arguable supply of
oil during all times, even underneath impassioned parallel and longitudinal acceleration.


Eight-speed M Steptronic delivery with Drivelogic and M xDrive.

Power send is around an eight-speed M Steptronic delivery with
Drivelogic. The Drivelogic symbol on a newly designed selector lever
allows the motorist to name from 3 modes with specific shift
characteristics for quite efficient, sporty or ultra-dynamic
driving. There are also M gearshift paddles on a steering wheel.

Another cause in a fascinating opening of a new BMW M8
models is the M xDrive all-wheel-drive complement with a rear-biased
setup. The mainly tranquil communication between M xDrive and the
Active M Differential ensures loss-free send of a engine’s huge
energy to a road. And around a Setup menu, a motorist can choose
between a default 4WD environment and 4WD Sport mode, that diverts a
incomparable cut of engine energy to a back wheels. Deactivating DSC
(Dynamic Stability Control) brings 2WD mode into a equation. The
send of energy exclusively to a back wheels and absence
of stabilising inputs from a control systems supplement adult to a driving
knowledge of singular virginity for a gifted wheelman.


M-specific framework with intensely firm mounting.

The new BMW M8 models yield a uninformed take on a characteristic
M feeling that translates into unbeatable directional fortitude even
in extremely dynamic situations, a linear rave of cross loads
however clever the lateral acceleration, and neutral steering
poise even during a limit. The chassis record comprises
model-specific components and a setup fine-tuned in finish testing
on competition tracks. At a same time, the chassis also lives adult to the
expectations of oppulance automobile business when it comes to bland and
long-distance comfort.

The back spindle also incorporates purpose-designed components to meet
the exceptional doing dynamics compulsory of high-performance sports
cars. The M-specific fake links are one of a factors in the
fleet-footed lively of the M8, while a accurate responses of the
cessation and damping elements are partly down to a anti-roll bars’
softened rigidity. Handling properties are given a serve boost by
a front end’s high torsional strength, that has been achieved with
a tower-to-bulkhead strut and a newly developed, unusually rigid
shear row with integrated side sill connection. A steel X-brace and
an aluminium cross strut are propitious for an even more stable
tie between a back spindle and a body.

The new BMW M8 models are also versed as customary with M-specific
Adaptive cessation including electronically tranquil dampers and
electromechanical M Servotronic steering. The DSC complement hooks up
with the M xDrive all-wheel-drive complement and a Active M Differential
and also offers M Dynamic mode. This mode allows a larger grade of
circle slip and combines with a M xDrive system’s rear-biased setup
to broach an exceptionally sporty expostulate finish with controlled
drifts by corners. Standard selection also includes 20-inch
M light-alloy wheels in twin‑spoke pattern and high-performance tyres
(front: 275/35 R 20, rear: 285/35 R 20).


Integrated braking complement with configurable pedal feel.

As an choice to a M compound brakes specified as standard, the
new BMW M8 can also be systematic with discretionary M carbon-ceramic brakes.
Both variants are propitious in and with an M-specific chronicle of
an integrated braking system. Thanks to this cutting-edge technology,
a stop activation, stop upholder and braking control functions are
brought together within a compact module. The stop vigour required
is triggered by an electric actuator, that means it can be generated
some-more dynamically, pedal feel is optimised and a interventions from
a fortitude control complement are significantly faster and some-more precise.

The chronicle of a new braking complement grown for BMW M models also
presents a motorist with dual pedal settings. The motorist can choose
between a more comfort-oriented and a quite direct,
immediate pedal feel.


Distinctive pattern as an countenance of impetus and exclusivity.

The disdainful aura of a new BMW M8 models is serve extended by
model-specific facilities geared to a organic mandate of
high-performance sports cars. Large atmosphere intakes and a BMW kidney
grille with familiar M double bars during a front end, expensively flared
front circle arches, M gills in a front side panels, aerodynamically
optimised extraneous mirrors, a rear spoiler and a back apron with
diffuser elements in a resisting colour emanate a wise visual
showcase for a energetic intensity and disdainful status of a new M
contenders. An M Carbon extraneous package is offering as an option.

Character-defining facilities of a new BMW M8 Coupe embody the
double-bubble contour of a CO fibre-reinforced cosmetic (CFRP)
roof, suggestive of classical racing cars. Passengers in a new BMW
M8 Convertible are stable from a elements by a high-quality
fabric roof pulled frozen over the cabin. The multi-layer soft-top opens
and closes in 15 seconds during a hold of a button, even while on a move.


Interior: signature M cockpit and lush ambience.

The interior of a new high-performance sports cars brings together
an M‑specific cockpit pattern and on-going luxury. Standard
selection for the BMW M8 Coupe, BMW M8 Convertible and Competition
models includes model-specific leather upholstery options, a BMW
Display Key, a BMW Head-Up Display with M-specific content, the
Driving Assistant, a Parking Assistant and a BMW Live Cockpit
Professional (with navigation complement and BMW Intelligent Personal
Assistant). Additional motorist assistance systems are accessible as
options to yield a serve boost to comfort and safety.

The new Setup symbol on a centre console enables approach entrance to
the settings for a engine, dampers, steering, M xDrive and braking
complement so they can be tailored to personal preferences and the
conditions during hand. Two away stoical variants of this M setup
can be stored henceforth with a driver’s elite settings for the
engine sound, gearshift characteristics of the eight-speed
M Steptronic transmission, pushing fortitude control and Auto Start
Stop function. The altogether car pattern can afterwards be called up
during any time by dire one of a dual M buttons on a steering wheel.

Another new underline is a M Mode symbol on a centre console, which
the driver can use to adjust a motorist assistance systems and the
displays in the instrument cluster and Head-Up Display. M Mode allows
a motorist to activate ROAD and SPORT settings, while a Competition
models also come with a TRACK environment designed exclusively for use on
competition circuits. Changing a mode alters a information presented to
a driver on the screens, while a safety-enhancing interventions by
a driver assistance systems – such as active braking or steering
inputs – are reduced to a unclothed smallest or deactivated altogether.