BMW Canada

The new BMW S 1000 RR.

Our fascinating brief was to take a prototype indication –
that has been a winning force in all disciplines for 10 years –
and significantly urge on a performance. This we translated
into candid targets: one second faster on a track, more
than 10 kg lighter and easier to control. These targets were taken
as a basement for each decision. The outcome is a fascinating new
motorcycle that exceeds a targets we set ourselves and will once
again set a benchmark.”
Claudio De Martino, Vehicle
Technology Team Leader.

The new BMW S 1000 RR – even lighter, faster and easier to control.

The new BMW S 1000 RR sees a universe premiere during a EICMA 2018. With
a totally newly grown engine and suspension, engine output
increasing by 6 kW (8 hp) to 152 kW (207 hp) (in a USA: 151 kW
(205 hp)) and a weight rebate of 208 kg to 197 kg (193.5 kg with M
Package), a supersports bike creatively launched in 2009 now goes
into a third totally new generation. In serve to enhanced
performance, other concentration points were to make a new RR during slightest one
second faster than a predecessor, emanate a some-more user-friendly design
and safeguard it charity limit controllability and ridability. Whether
in bland use, on circuitous nation roads or for high-performance race
line roving – a new RR leaves zero to be desired. In particular
since BMW Motorrad has changed a assistance systems such as traction
and wheelie control, ABS and Hill Start Control to a whole new level;
a same relates to a LED lighting complement and vast TFT screen.

Newly grown engine with BMW ShiftCam Technology for
serve extended energy in a reduce and middle engine speed range
and increasing top-end power.

With a newly grown 4-cylinder in-line engine, now 4 kg lighter
than before, a new RR achieves an wholly new turn of performance.
For this purpose, not usually was a geometry of a intake and exhaust
ports serve optimised, a motorcycle now also comes with
BMW ShiftCam Technology – an wholly new record for BMW
motorcycles that varies a valve timings and valve strokes on the
intake side. A revised intake thoroughfare and a new empty complement that is
1.3 kg lighter serve minister to increasing altogether performance.
Ridability and scurry capability advantage from a substantially
increasing torque opposite a far-reaching engine speed range.

Completely new cessation with serve grown suspension
geometry for even larger float pointing and serve softened handling.

On a cessation side, too, a BMW Motorrad developers have left no
mill unturned. With a aim of achieving a poignant weight
reduction, a engine in a new RR now has some-more of a load-bearing
duty than was formerly a case. The requirement in designing
a new categorical frame, in serve to improving ergonomics, was to have
a force practical directly to a engine structure around a shortest
probable paths. A poignant boost in roving dynamics was achieved
in a new RR formed on a multiple of a new roving geometry,
optimised circle bucket placement and a estimable weight
optimisation. The new Full Floater Pro kinematics in a back wheel
cessation also contributes significantly to a obvious increase
in cessation performance. All in all, riders of a new RR will
advantage from serve softened handling, increasing traction and even
some-more pure feedback in all roving states adult to a threshold
range. In short: a new RR noticeably raises a bar on the
cessation side while during a same time charity improved
user-friendliness and controllability. The subsequent era of the
electronic cessation DDC is accessible for a new RR as an optional
apparatus item. Specially grown for a RR,
Dynamic Damping Control (DDC) requires no compromises in terms of
cessation set-up. This is done by probable among other things by new
valve and control technology. What is more, a shim package is
accessible for resourceful instrumentation when compulsory for desirous race
line riding.

Four roving modes as customary and 3 some-more as partial of the
“Pro Modes” choice for best adaptation.

For ideal instrumentation to sundry conditions of use, a new RR is
propitious with a 4 modes “Rain”, “Road”, “Dynamic” and “Race” as
standard. For those who wish to excavate deeper into a universe of race
marks and engine racing, a “Pro Modes” choice offers an additional
3 roving modes (Race Pro 1-3) that are openly programmable. These
capacitate sold instrumentation of a many opposite control functions
such as Dynamic Traction Control DTC, ABS and wheelie showing as
good as a stifle bend (torque adjustment) and Engine Brake to
fit a rider’s possess ability turn and roving style. Other facilities that
come with a “Pro Modes” choice are Launch Control for perfect
competition starts and a configurable Pit Lane Limiter for accurate adherence
to speeds in a array lane. Ultra-fast changeable adult and down but the
purchase is enabled by HP Shift Assistant Pro, that comes as a customary feature.

New 6-axis sensor cluster for an rare turn of
control quality. Dynamic Traction Control DTC and DTC Wheelie
Function. ABS Pro for increasing reserve when braking in banking position.

The new RR is propitious with ABS Pro and Dynamic Traction Control DTC as
standard. In serve to traction control, DTC also includes a DTC
Wheelie Function as customary – accessible as an ex works choice and now
away tractable for a initial time. All control systems have
been readjusted for law peculiarity and characteristics. While the
partial constituent BMW Motorrad ABS systems already yield a really high
grade of opening and reserve when braking in a true line, ABS
Pro now takes this a step serve to offer increasing reserve when
braking in banking position as well.

Multifunctional instrument row with 6.5-inch TFT shade for
glorious readability and limit operation of information.

The instrument row of a new RR has also been totally newly
grown and is now designed even some-more consistently for use in
supersports racing. In serve to a limit operation of information, the
BMW Motorrad developers paid sold courtesy to ensuring that the
6.5-inch TFT shade provides glorious readability – even in difficult
light conditions. The aim was to offer the
supplement away tailored shade displays for opposite uses. The
Pure Ride shade shows all a information compulsory for unchanging road
use while a 3 Core screens are designed for use on a race
track, with a rev opposite displayed in analog form (Core 1 and 2) or
else as a bar draft (Core 3), for example.

Even some-more energetic settlement with optimised ergonomics and
appealing colour schemes.

The new blueprint of a categorical support – as a Flex Frame – has done it
probable to emanate a most leaner fuel tank and seating area trim
sections for serve softened support and knee grip. What is more,
optimised hit surfaces and a newly tangible ergonomic triangle
between a handlebar ends, chair aspect and footrests creates for
best ergonomics. Meanwhile, totally newly grown body
facilities safeguard a new RR is now recognizable as a new model.
This is upheld by a energetic settlement featuring a colour intrigue with
dual sold characters: Racing Red and Motorsport paint finish.

The highlights of a new BMW S 1000 RR:

  • 4 kg lighter, newly grown 4-cylinder in-line engine with
    BMW ShiftCam Technology for movement of valve timings and valve
    strokes on a intake side.
  • Increased outlay and torque: 152 kW (207 hp) (in a USA:
    151 kW (205 hp)) during 13 500 rpm and 113 Nm during 11 000 rpm.
  • At slightest 100 Nm of torque from 5 500 to 14 500 rpm.
  • Effort-saving, linear torque curve: serve softened ridability
    and controllability due to increasing torque in a reduce and medium
    engine speed range.
  • Newly grown cessation featuring Flex Frame, with a engine
    holding on some-more of a load-bearing function.
  • Significantly softened ergonomics due to Flex Frame.
  • Refined cessation geometry for serve softened handling,
    increasing traction and intelligible feedback in a threshold range.
  • Further grown electronic damping adaptation
    Dynamic Damping Control DDC with new valve era as an optional
    apparatus item.
  • New back circle cessation weighing 300 g rebate than before with
    Full Floater Pro kinematics.
  • Weight rebate of 11 – 14.5 kg to 197 kg when entirely fuelled (DIN
    unladen) and 193.5 kg with M Package.
  • New empty complement weighing some 1.3 kg less, with front silencer.
  • New 6-axis sensor cluster.
  • Further grown Dynamic Traction Control DTC as standard
  • DTC Wheelie Function as standard.
  • Adjustable (+/- shift) DTC Wheelie Function as an optional
    apparatus item.
  • Engine stop function, adjustable.
  • ABS Pro for increasing reserve when braking, also in banking
    position, as standard.
  • New roving modes “Rain”, “Road”, “Dynamic” and “Race” as standard
    and “Pro Modes” choice with 3 additional configurable modes
    “Race Pro 1-3” for best sold instrumentation to conditions.
  • Launch Control for ideal starts comes with “Pro Modes” option.
  • Pit Lane Limiter for accurate array line speeds also enclosed with
    a “Pro Modes” option.
  • Shift Assistant Pro for quick adult and down changeable but clutch, standard.
  • Shift settlement can simply be reversed.
  • Electronic journey control as an ex works option.
  • New instrument row with 6.5-inch shade charity excellent
    readability and featuring a Pure Ride shade as good as 3 Core screens.