BMW Canada

The new BMW S 1000 XR.

“It’s always formidable for a inheritor indication to urge on a
mixed exam leader like a S 1000 XR. We’ve left to a good deal
of difficulty to make changes – both vast and tiny – to safeguard a XR
is a small softened in any way.”
Ralf Mölleken, Project
Manager Complete Vehicle

The new BMW S 1000 XR – even lighter, even faster and even
some-more versatile.

The new BMW S 1000 RR sees a universe premiere during a EICMA 2019. The
new book of a best-selling Adventure Sport bike is radically
lighter and some-more agile, as good as achieving an unprecedented
multiple of long-distance opening and sports capabilities. With
a totally newly grown engine and cessation and a DIN unladen
weight of 226 kg – 10 kg rebate than a prototype when practiced for
apparatus – a S 1000 XR opens adult a whole new dimension in the
Adventure Sport segment. The new S 1000 XR advances a sports to
furloughed operation in a possess sold new way, withdrawal zero to be
preferred – not slightest since it has a following customary facilities on
board: Dynamic ESA, roving modes Pro, ABS Pro DTC, Hill Start
Control Pro, a ideally entertaining 6.5” TFT shade finish with
connectivity and full LED lighting.

Newly grown engine weighing 5 kg rebate and formed on a S
1000 RR, with blending rigging ratios, serve increasing mid-range power
and engine drag torque control (MSR).

The newly grown in-line 4-cylinder engine is formed on a S 1000
RR engine and delivers an outlay of 121 kW (165 hp) during 11,000 rpm. The
limit torque of 114 Nm is accessible during 9,250 rpm. Based on a
quite linear torque curve, it was probable to serve make the
engine speed operation rather broader, some-more fulsome and some-more harmonious
with a perspective to extended ridability. The 4th, 5th and 6th rigging now have
longer ratios in sequence to revoke noise, fuel expenditure and engine
speed level, generally during nation highway speeds. In serve to a
smoother and self-reinforcing anti-hopping clutch, a new S 1000 XR
also facilities engine drag torque control (MSR) for a initial time.
Electronically controlled, a MSR prevents a back circle from
slipping as a outcome of sudden throttling or downshifting.

Completely new, lighter cessation with directly articulated
cessation strut and Dynamic ESA/Dynamic ESA Pro.

Just like a motorcycle as a whole, a cessation has been slimmed
down considerably. The support and overhanging arm are now 2.1 kg lighter;
during a same time, a engine has a most some-more conspicuous load-bearing
duty than before. The new double-sided overhanging arm reduces
unsprung masses by 1.6 kg, charity a quite supportive response
interjection to approach linkage.

The new S 1000 XR already facilities a latest era of BMW
Motorrad Dynamic ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) as standard.
Thanks to a latest valve technology, a versatile Adventure sports
bike provides a quite energetic roving knowledge with a high
spin of float comfort. Dynamic ESA Pro is accessible as an optional
additional with dual damping modes (Road, Dynamic) and involuntary load
compensation. For a initial time in a S 1000 XR, a energetic brake
partner DBC (Dynamic Brake Control) also supports a supplement during
braking manoeuvres.

Four roving modes along with a latest era of Dynamic
Traction Control DTC and DTC Wheelie function. ABS Pro with DBC
(Dynamic Brake Control) for even larger reserve when braking in
banking position.

The new S 1000 XR has 4 customary roving modes – “Rain”, “Road”,
“Dynamic” and “Dynamic Pro”. The “Dynamic Pro” mode, which
can be entirely configured for a initial time in a S 1000 XR, offers a
far-reaching operation of environment options. In serve to stifle response,
engine brake, ABS control and traction control, wheelie control
(including a new “Power Wheelie” setting) can be
configured alone for a initial time in a new S 1000 XR. While
a partial constituent BMW Motorrad ABS systems already yield a really high
grade of opening and reserve when braking in a true line, ABS
Pro now takes this a step serve to offer increasing reserve when
braking in banking position as well.

Multifunctional instrument row with 6.5-inch TFT shade for
glorious readability and limit operation of information.

The instrument cluster in a new S 1000 XR has also been completely
redeveloped. In serve to an extended operation of functions and
information, sold significance was trustworthy to achieving a best
probable readability. For best prominence even in formidable light
conditions, a shade was therefore designed to be large. It offers
tailor-made shade displays for a operation of opposite purposes. The
Pure Ride shade has all a information compulsory for unchanging riding
on a road, for instance, while an additional Core shade enables
banking positing, braking and traction control to be displayed.
Another probable shade arrangement provides a car standing overview. A
unsentimental arrow navigation complement with app is enclosed as standard.
The TFT arrangement is operated conveniently from a handlebars regulating the
MMC (Motorcycle Multi Controller).

New LED light units and adaptive branch light with DRL in
Headlight Pro as an ex-works option.

All lighting units in a ECE chronicle of a new S 1000 XR pull on
a latest LED record (the US chronicle has no front LED turn
indicators). In serve to a spin indicators and a back light
unit, this includes a high-intensity categorical headlamp with two
symmetrically organised LED units any for low beam, high lamp and
parking light. The new LED headlamp now illuminates a highway even more
effectively than before. In a ex-works choice Headlight Pro, the
adaptive branch light ensures additional reserve when roving during night.
Here, a supplement advantages from extended enlightenment of a highway when
cornering. The discretionary apparatus object Headlight Pro also includes DRL
(Daytime Riding Light) for softened approval of a car during
a day. LED additional headlamps are also accessible as ex-works
options for softened prominence during night and extended approval in
highway traffic.

Even some-more polished and some-more energetic pattern with optimised
ergonomics and dual appealing colour schemes.

The new blueprint of a categorical frame, fuel tank flanks and physique tools in
a chair area provides softened support and an softened knee grip. What
is more, optimised hit surfaces and a newly tangible ergonomic
triangle between a handlebar ends, chair aspect and footrests make
for best ergonomics.

The new S 1000 XR underlines a clever impression with dynamic
proportions, while a pattern impression continues to muster unique
sculptured surfaces. Solutions from a furloughed and GS sectors combine
with sporty elements to give a bike a absolute participation in terms of
a altogether appearance, reflecting a far-reaching operation of probable uses.

The new S 1000 XR also reflects a observable impression in two
opposite colour schemes: a polished simple finish in Ice Grey and the
rarely energetic finish in Racing Red/White Aluminium, accessible at
additional cost.

The highlights of a new BMW S 1000 XR:

• 5 kg lighter, newly grown 4-cylinder in-line engine formed on
S 1000 RR with serve optimised mid-range energy and
ridability as good as new delivery gamut for a 4th – 6th gear.

• Superior opening and torque: 121 kW (165 hp) during 11,000 rpm and
114 Nm during 9,250 rpm.

• Effort-saving, linear torque curve: even softened ridability over the
whole speed range.

• Newly grown cessation featuring Flex Frame, with a engine
holding on a some-more conspicuous load-bearing function.

• Significantly softened ergonomics due to Flex Frame.

• Dynamic ESA as customary and Dynamic ESA Pro with dual damping modes
(Road, Dynamic) and involuntary bucket remuneration as ex-works options.

• New 19% lighter overhanging arm with directly articulated suspension
strut for an even some-more supportive response.

• Dynamic stop partner DBC Dynamic Brake Control.

• Weight rebate by 10 kg to 226 kg (adjusted for equipment) as
compared to a prototype model.

• New, lighter empty system, EU5-compliant.

• New 6-axis sensor cluster.

• Dynamic Traction Control DTC as standard.

• DTC Wheelie Function as standard.

• Engine drag torque control MSR and engine stop duty as standard.

• ABS Pro for increasing reserve when braking, also in banking
position, as standard. Dedicated sleet braking mode with prosaic brake
vigour gradient.

• Four roving modes “Rain”, “Road”, “Dynamic” and “Dynamic Pro” as standard.

• Hill Start Control Pro as standard.

• HP Shift Assistant Pro for discerning adult and down changeable without
purchase as an ex-works option.

• Electronic journey control as an ex works option.

• New instrument cluster with 6.5-inch, easy-to-read TFT shade and
4 shade displays.

• LED light units all round.

• Turn indicators with new “Comfort Indicator” function.

• Adaptive branch light incl. DRL as partial of Headlight Pro as an
ex-works option.

• Completely redesigned bodywork for an even some-more energetic design
style, optimised aerodynamics and even serve extended breeze and
continue protection.

• Two colour schemes for a marketplace launch: Ice Grey and Racing
Red/White Aluminium (extra charge).

• Extension of a operation of Original BMW Motorrad Accessories and
ex-works options.

• Case hilt (decoupled) in array production.