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The new e-up!


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– Compact four-seater creates a entrance during a Annual Press and Investors Conference
– The initial all-electric Volkswagen will have a premiere during a IAA
– Four-seat electric colonize with operation of adult to 150 km

Volkswagen is essay a new section in mobility in presenting a initial entirely electric prolongation vehicle: a new e-up!. The four-seat automobile – that operates with scarcely 0 sound – is being shown during today’s Annual Press and Investors Conference in Wolfsburg. The new e-up! impresses with a pushing operation of 150 km and glorious bland practicality.

Innovations that fascinate: a e-up! offers entrance to a new pioneering automobile judgment with an electric expostulate and 4 seats. A automobile for daily use in a city – though it is also ideal for commuters or as an innovative second car. It can hoop distances of adult to 150 km effortlessly. Afterwards, a e-up! can be recharged to as many as 80 per cent of a appetite storage ability within 30 minutes.

With scarcely 0 noise, a e-up! is powered by an electric engine with 60 kW / 82 PS rise appetite – but any unfortunate gearshift interruptions or powertrain noise. Its continual appetite is 40 kW / 55 PS. Its limit torque of 210 Newton meters is accessible immediately with a initial revolution. It accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h within 13 seconds and reaches a tip speed of 130 km/h. The lithium-ion battery integrated in a underfloor area has a sum appetite storage ability of 18.7 Kilowatt-hours (kWh); this means that a automobile can cover adult to 150 km (per NEDC) on a singular assign interjection to a low automobile weight of 1,139 kg.

The pier for charging a battery in a e-up! is dark behind a “fuel door”. As an option, a Combined Charging System (CCS) is used, that has been stereotyped by Volkswagen and other carmakers. It supports both DC and AC charging, so that drivers can simply assign their cars during many charging stations – regardless of a appetite sources or charging rates that they offer.

The styling of a e-up! is pointed and expresses high quality. One particular extraneous underline is a winding blueprint of a LED daytime using lights in a front bumper. In addition, a front end, sills and underbody have been aerodynamically optimised. 

The e-up! can be done out during initial peek by a machine-polished 15-inch amalgamate wheels, Volkswagen emblems with blue backgrounds and an e-up! trademark during a rear. 

The vehicle’s interior facilities e-up! light-grey chair covers with blue top-stitched seams. Special leather and chrome accents have been used to communicate a puristic sense that matches a automobile judgment of a bone-fide civic electric car.

In autumn, a e-up! will applaud a satisfactory premiere during a International Autoshow in Frankfurt and can be systematic subsequently.