Mercedes-Benz Canada

The new Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 4MATIC+.

For a initial time, a AMG 4.0-litre V8 biturbo engine of a Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 4MATIC+ is versed with an integrated EQ Boost starter-alternator. It combines a starter engine and an alternator in a single, absolute electric engine compactly integrated between a engine and a transmission.

The quickly and additionally accessible 16 kW (22 PS) of outlay and 250 Nm of torque concede quite quick sprints from a delay and middle sprints, e.g. when overtaking. Moreover, this innovative member not usually reserve a 48-volt electrical system, and is not usually used as a energy generator, though also performs hybrid functions. These embody boost, recuperating, bucket indicate shift, gliding and a probably inaudible restarting of a engine with a start/stop function. For a initial time, a EQ Boost starter-alternator is also obliged for idle speed control. This allows fuel assets that were formerly indifferent for high-voltage hybrid technology.