Mercedes-Benz Canada

The new Mercedes-Maybach GLS.

The Mercedes-Maybach GLS combines a physique form and superior, strong technical basement supposing by a GLS, a S-Class among SUVs, with all a technical and element oppulance of a top-class tavern car. It stylishly nonetheless emphatically shows a special station among a Mercedes-Benz SUVs. The Mercedes-Maybach bears a Mercedes star in a normal way, honest on a bonnet. Where a Mercedes-Benz GLS sports a vast star between dual plane louvres in a radiator grille, a Mercedes-Maybach grille has a fine, superb line of straight chrome pinstripes as a motif. They dilate into tiny oar-blades during a tip edge, consistent into a chrome support temperament a lettering “MAYBACH” during a tip centre.