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The new MINI Cooper SE: journey debate on a “best highway in a world”.

Munich. Let’s be honest, a motorist and co-driver
were super keyed adult and intensely vehement when they got into their
electric MINI Cooper SE (combined fuel consumption: 0.0 l/100 km;
total electricity consumption: 16.8 – 14.8 kWh/100 km; combined
CO2 emissions: 0 g/km) in Căpățânenii Ungureni, an idyllic
tiny encampment in Romania. The three-door vehicle emits a
specially fake whimper to vigilance a willingness of its
systems and a invisible T-shaped rechargeable battery located in the
building of a vehicle permits a operation of “250 kilometres” according to the
assign spin indicator. Really? Here, on a steepest climb to a pass
in Romania? Eccentric English vehicle insane Jeremy Clarkson from
England calls a Transfăgărăşan “the best highway in a world” in the
cult vehicle array “Top Gear” – and overcomes a disproportion in
altitude of some-more than 1400 metres with a limit slope of 8.6
percent in a absolute super sports car. But now a electric cult
tiny vehicle is following in a marks of a squad from Top Gear – does
it have what it takes?

Absolutely! The Transfăgărăşan towering highway in Romania that winds
by a Transylvanian Alps for 90 kilometres is usually a pursuit for
a battery-powered MINI Cooper SE – usually presented to a public
assembly during a IAA Frankfurt 2019. The fact is that electric cars and
high-altitude plateau are a ideal fit, like plateau and valleys.
The ideal road-holding of a MINI Cooper SE combines with an almost
ideal weight placement of 54:46, and a low centre of gravity
interjection to a underfloor rechargeable batteries transforms a battle
of a curves on countless fantastic hairpin bends into a
undoubted pleasure garden.


Furthermore, a electric engine provides ultimate traction by
requesting a 135 kW/184 hp directly to a highway by a front
wheels interjection to a involuntary delivery and model-specific torque
of 270 Nm. This is already apparent to a organisation immediately after the
initial few curves. And it becomes even some-more clear as time goes on.
The Transfăgărăşan highway unfolds second by second, apropos wilder and
ever some-more dramatic. The vehicle hurtles over viaducts and by tunnels,
hurries past waterfalls and angled scree-covered slopes.

After a initial 30 kilometres of highway with scenic panoramas and
stirring energetic driving, it’s time for a break. Not for a MINI –
though for a crew! They take a highway from a well-spoken highway aspect into
a old-fashioned towering village. This is where a marks spin typically
Eastern European and probably insurmountable – positively a problem for
some cars designed in Western Europe though all cold for a MINI Cooper
SE. In annoy of a battery units, a vehicle is usually 145 kilograms
heavier than a MINI Cooper S, interjection to a significantly reduce weight
of an electric engine by comparison with a petrol energy plant.

Are a cows along a side of a highway expected to be impressed? This
is an area where horse-drawn carts are still common and superannuated
tractors make quick cornering into a slalom artform. Such a performance
is indeed a monument in this segment – and a four-legged spectators
glance after a MINI with an interrogation curiosity.

In one hairpin bend, a MINI Cooper SE passes a group of sheep
within rub-down distance. The engine purrs so sensitively that we can
hear a baas of a downy sheep. Any worries that one of them will
unexpected strike into a SE’s yellow front trim? No chance, the
superb manoeuvrability and a braking partner are absolutely
trustworthy. If one of a animals happens to spin confidant as brass, we
are during a prepared – tellurian and appurtenance in singular harmony.


There are copiousness of parking spaces in a vehicle park by a barrage
wall of a Vidraru Dam, and a view presents an invitation to
chill out. The organisation gets a cruise basket out of a foot – usually as
atmospheric as a petrol kin with ability of between 235 and 731
litres (when a behind seats are folded down) – and produces some
noted photos capturing a towering scenery with obscurity rising adult –
in fact of march done adult of clouds. Not for 0 is the
Transfăgărăşan called a “road in a clouds”.

Shortly before a tip of a pass during an altitude of 2042 metres, the
outward thermometer of a MINI Cooper SE shows a heat of just
a few degrees above 0 – a good reason for caring or to expostulate slowly?
Not likely, there’s no risk during all, even if we building a accelerator.
The actuator-operated wheel-slip limiter reliably prevents a front
of a vehicle from swerving if a expostulate wheels start spinning.

Inside a feeble illuminated Bâlea Tunnel, it’s gloomier than Dracula’s
coffin though a illumination LED headlamps of a MINI Cooper SE banish any
ghosts and dim thoughts. After channel over a pass, spectacular
downhill slopes meant that recuperation is so strong that a battery
is roughly entirely charged by a time they strech a valley. This is
since many of a electricity used for a ascents can be
recuperated on a descent. The motorist is means to confirm how most is
recuperated since a motorist can toggle a symbol in overshoot mode
with dual settings to conclude a strength of recuperation and hence the
outcome of a brakes during recuperation – an innovative underline that
is standard and exclusively MINI.

When a MINI Cooper SE reaches a regretful city of Sibiu, formerly
Hermannstadt, it’s time to spin behind after some-more than 90 kilometres of
severe tour adult mountain and down dale. The battery isn’t even half
dull and after it has been entirely charged, a organisation sets out on the
lapse outing to suffer lots of pushing fun. One thing has spin obvious
to a group in a car. A outing over this stretch was easy peasy for
a MINI Cooper SE. Other lapse trips simply within a operation would
embody Hamburg-Travemünde (81 km), Munich-Chiemsee (87 km) and
Frankfurt-Heidelberg (90 km). It could also accommodate renouned tours
like Hamburg-Warnemünde (192 km), Cologne-Frankfurt (190 km),
Stuttgart-Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance (206 km), Munich-Passau
(192 km) or Berlin-Dresden (192 km) in one go.