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The Porsche 99X Electric enters the lass Formula E season

The digital village was actively concerned in a phenomenon of a automobile as partial of a live video diversion ‘Formula E Unlocked’ on

‘Formula E Unlocked’: Car premiere with digital village

Porsche unchanging drivers Neel Jani and André Lotterer played an active purpose in a automobile display with players from around a world. They were guided by a Porsche Digital GmbH premises in Ludwigsburg by specific instructions from a gaming community, initial to find a Porsche 99X Electric and afterwards to betray it.

“It was a singular automobile display distinct anything a motorsport universe has ever gifted before. It was good fun fasten a gamers’ hunt for a Porsche 99X Electric both probably and in genuine life during a same time. It is good that Porsche is violation new belligerent and involving a young, digital generation,” says Jani. “A opposite kind of automobile premiere; we unequivocally enjoyed a fact that Neel and we acted as live players. It is illusory that we are communicating with a digital aim assembly as equals and that they were means to be partial of it,” says Lotterer.

Highlights of a ‘Formula E Unlocked’ video diversion will be accessible during as of 29th August.

Porsche TAG Heuer Formula E Team holding shape

The TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team welcomes another member from a Porsche family. Pascal Zurlinden, Director GT Factory Motorsport given 2018, will take on a pivotal purpose in Formula E in further to his purpose in GT works racing as Director Factory Motorsport. The Frenchman has been operative for Porsche during a Weissach growth centre given 2014, primarily on a LMP1 project, and in a GT zone given 2017.

“I’m looking brazen to also being partial of a TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team from now on and ancillary my colleagues with my experience. The Formula E judgment is unequivocally engaging and is opposite from normal motorsport series, a new and sparkling charge that we am unequivocally looking brazen to. Of course, it is also good to see so many informed faces from my time in LMP1 and to be operative with a group again,” says Pascal Zurlinden.

Keeping a Porsche 99X Electric in a family

“Today is an critical day. With a premiere of a Porsche 99X Electric, we are holding a vast step towards a Porsche works entrance in Formula E. we am unequivocally unapproachable of a team, that has shown a high spin of fasten to a Formula E project. Now we am looking brazen to saying a Porsche 99X Electric on a racetrack,” pronounced Fritz Enzinger, Vice President Porsche Motorsport and Group Motorsport Volkswagen AG.

“Today sees a Porsche 99X Electric join a list of ancestral Porsche motorsport cars”
Pascal Zurlinden

“Today sees a Porsche 99X Electric join a list of ancestral Porsche motorsport cars,” says Pascal Zurlinden, Director Factory Motorsport. “The fixing and a pattern give a automobile a initial impression and move it to life. It is a special day for everybody who has put a lot of work into a Porsche Formula E plan in new months.”

In terms of a design, a normal Porsche motorsport colours were selected for a Formula E racing car. From a bird’s-eye perspective, a Porsche button is clearly manifest around a Halo system. As usual, a fixing format is 3 digits that paint Porsche racing cars and two-door sports cars. The top number, nine, was used twice, to re-emphasise a significance of a Formula E plan for Porsche, while a X stands for a forward-looking proceed and antecedent racing. The Porsche 99X Electric also serves as a growth height for destiny entirely electric prolongation models.

Decisive factor: ‘Porsche E-Performance Powertrain’

The growth of a Porsche powertrain, a ‘Porsche E-Performance Powertrain’, has played a executive purpose from a start. The Formula E regulations outline a stereotyped framework and a customary battery, while a expostulate technologies are grown by a manufacturers. The engineers were means to make use of their LMP1 knowledge when building a Porsche Formula E powertrain. With a hybrid technology, a foundations were laid for electric mobility.

“In hindsight, we laid a foundations for Porsche’s destiny impasse in Formula E during a LMP1 project. We used a insights gained during that time in a growth of a Porsche Formula E powertrain. We focussed on building a rarely effective powertrain with a top spin of efficiency,” says Malte Huneke, Technical Project Leader Formula E. The 800-volt record used in Formula E is also used in a array prolongation of a entirely electric Porsche sports car, a Taycan. In addition, appetite government and potency are a keys to success in both Formula E and array production. This is where a permanent synchronous engine comes into play that has an critical purpose in optimising a expostulate concept.

“In new months, we have been means to sound out a trustworthiness of a Porsche Formula E powertrain on a racetrack and on a exam bench. We are unequivocally gratified and are confident going into a final preparations for a initial race,” says Huneke. “In a entrance weeks, we will concentration on a opening of a Porsche 99X Electric. This is a subsequent step on a highway to a Porsche works entrance in Formula E,” says Amiel Lindesay, who is from now on Head of Operations Formula E. The TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team will make a initial central coming in mid-October 2019 during a Formula E exam during Valencia (Spain). “Both Porsche 99X Electric will take to a racetrack there for a initial time, with Neel Jani and André Lotterer in a cockpit. From an operational perspective, it will be an sparkling assignment for everybody involved. A good exam before we competition a initial Formula E competition in November,” says Lindesay.

TAG Heuer as Title and Timing Partner

TAG Heuer, a Swiss manufacturer of oppulance watches, is a Title and Timing Partner of a Porsche Formula E Team, that will competition Season 6 of a ABB FIA Formula E Championship underneath a name ‘TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team’. Porsche and TAG Heuer demeanour behind on successful partnership in motorsport. With a partnership, both companies are violation new belligerent in a world’s initial electric competition series.

“TAG Heuer has been resolutely determined in motorsport for many years and has already distinguished many successes with Porsche. We are unequivocally looking brazen to welcoming TAG Heuer as a partner once again. In a ABB FIA Formula E Championship, we will now build on prior successes in a rarely innovative sourroundings and write a subsequent section in motorsport history,” says Carlo Wiggers, Director Team Management Business Relations Porsche Motorsport.

New and aged partners for Formula E entry

The TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team will competition a initial deteriorate in a 2019/2020 ABB FIA Formula E Championship with a sum of 12 partners. “We are unequivocally unapproachable of carrying many long-standing partners now on residence a Formula E project. They are special partnerships that have grown over a years that is because we are even some-more gay that many of them are fasten us in Formula E. And we acquire a new partners. We are unequivocally looking brazen to a destiny collaboration,” emphasises Wiggers.

By entering Formula E, Porsche is also violation new belligerent from a blurb perspective. This sourroundings addresses a young, different-minded and digitally-oriented aim audience. “This globe allows us to try what business design from vehicles and mobility in ubiquitous both now and in a future, also in terms of innovative products and services,” says Wiggers.

Alongside TAG Heuer, make-believe program specialists ANSYS is a new residence active internationally fasten Formula E as central Technology Partner. Vodafone is also on residence as Communication Partner, that sees it enhance a partnership with Porsche. ExxonMobil is providing support with a Mobil code as Technology Partner with newly grown fluids for electric expostulate and is closely concerned in a growth of a Porsche 99X Electric. The eminent conform residence from Metzingen, Hugo Boss, as tellurian wardrobe partner of Porsche Motorsport, will pack out a TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team and move a partnership to a new spin both on a racetrack and in a workshop.

Lighting manufacturer TRILUX is also stability a partnership – as central Lighting Partner of a group – and, alongside a brewery C. A. VELTINS, will also be concerned in Formula E as a long-standing partner. As Technical Partner of a group for fire-resistant racing rigging and for boots and luggage, Porsche will be kitted out by Puma, a globally active sport-lifestyle residence from Herzogenaurach, with applicable products.

Tyre manufacturer Michelin, as a long-standing Porsche Motorsport partner will also join a group in Formula E. Tool retailer Hazet, Hospitality Partner Red Bull and Helmet Partner Stilo will yield a required support for a team.

Porsche in Formula E

After some-more than 30 years, Porsche earnings to single-seater racing. Entering Formula E and a concomitant restructuring of a motorsport impasse can be subsequent from a 2025 Porsche strategy. In further to normal GT road-going sports cars, entirely electric sports cars are also resolutely anchored in a strategy. Both should be reflected in a Porsche universe of motorsport in a future. A vast partial of a corporation’s ‘Mission E’ is also a participation and success in motorsport with competition cars with electric drive. In terms of hybrid record and so e-drive technology, racing and prolongation have been enriching any other during Porsche for around a decade: a initial hybrid competition car, a 911 GT3 R Hybrid of 2010, went into a growth of a 918 Spyder. In part, a 918 was a basement for a 919 Hybrid, that in spin shabby a growth of a Porsche Formula E powertrain and a Porsche Taycan.