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“The Revival Birdcage”: Revival Cycles presents singular tradition bike.

Munich/Austin. The US American Revival Cycles
motorcycle customizers presented their latest origination on Thursday
evening, 11 Apr 2019. The singular bike named “The Revival Birdcage”
was formed on a antecedent of a totally new form of BMW boxer
engine. The bike was denounced during a disdainful Revival Party on eve of
a annually hold Handbuilt Show in Austin/Texas.

“The “Revival Birdcage” incited out good and unequivocally showcases
a Big Boxer perfectly”, says Timo Resch, Vice President Sales and
Marketing BMW Motorrad. “Following a “Departed” from CUSTOM WORKS
ZON, this is a second fascinating tradition bike built around the
antecedent of a BMW Motorrad Big Boxer. We will also be display a BMW
Motorrad grown judgment bike featuring this engine in a first
half-year of 2019. BMW Motorrad will benefaction a array production
motorcycle with a Big Boxer for a Cruiser shred in a march of 2020.”

“We admire a work finished by Revival, who have grown into one
a many notable US customizers in a tradition stage over a last
years”, says Timo Resch during a Handbuilt Show. Naturally we wish to
keep growing. One step we will take to do so, positively in a US
market, is to enter a Cruiser segment. BMW Motorrad is consistently
posterior a expansion plan with a pristine aim of apropos a number
one in a Premium Big Bike Segment.”

The support of a “Revival Birdcage” is done of titanium and was
grown by Revival Cycles itself. “This was a initial time to build
a support with titanium, that alone was already a significant
challenge”, says Alan Stulberg, conduct of Revival Cycles. “Regardless,
a support came together unequivocally good in a finish and we are unequivocally pleased
with a outcome as it achieved a idea of being nearly
transparent. We wanted to concentration courtesy on a engine and that is
precisely what we achieved with this totally singular support we
designed. You can simply perspective a engine and a drivetrain from all
angles.” In addition, roughly each singular other partial on a bike such
as handlebars, footrests, change lever, chair and singular carbon
cessation components were all away crafted.

Alan Stulberg’s group was desirous by Ernst Hennes’
record-setting machines from a late 1920s and early 1930s. It took
around 6 months to rise a motorcycle. “We had already dreamed
about this bike for years and in Dec 2018 we perceived a engine
and could finally get to work”, says Alan Stulberg. “I have always
been a fan of a fighter engine, though a pristine earthy distance and
cultured interest of this antecedent unequivocally desirous us.” The bike was
finished in time for a Handbuilt Show in a duration of scarcely 5 months.

There had already been a lot of conjecture about the
large-capacity antecedent engine on location. Both a exterior
geometry as good as a manifest elements such as a pull rods running
in chrome-plated insurance ducts are suggestive of a BMW Motorrad
fighter engines that were built in a 1960s. Just that a cubic
ability is now many incomparable now and complicated air-oil cooling is used.

In Dec 2018 already a Japanese motorcycle customizer
CUSTOM WORKS ZON presented a “Departed” during a Hot Rod Custom Show
in Yokohama, Japan. This fascinating tradition bike was a first
motorcycle built around a antecedent of a new BMW large boxer. The
fantastic pattern met with good capitulation in a tradition stage and
even won a “Best of Show Motorcycle” award, a top decoration
in a Hot Rod Custom Show in 2018. The “Mooneyes Show”, as it is also
referred to in a tradition scene, attracts around 15,000 visitors every
year and depends among a many critical shows on customizers’ calendars.


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