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The Transparent Factory (Die Gläserne Manufaktur) is opening the doors currently as a new showcase for electric mobility and digitalisation

After shutting for 10 days to lift out a required modifications, a Transparent Factory in Dresden has non-stop a doors now as a new showcase for a Volkswagen brand, focussed on electric mobility and digitalisation. Around 50 interactive exhibits and vehicles concede visitors to knowledge destiny mobility first-hand in a fun and ominous environment. The prominence for visitors is a half-hour exam expostulate with electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. The exam expostulate is enclosed in a sheet cost for a Transparent Factory and, if pre-booked, is also offering on Sundays.

The opening rite was attended not usually by a government of Volkswagen Sachsen and a Works Council, though also enclosed such open total as Martin Dulig, emissary primary apportion of Saxony and Minister of Economic Affairs, Labour and Transport, and Dresden’s mayor, Dirk Hilbert.

“The new showcase for electric mobility and digitalisation tells a story of a automobile from a really beginnings right by to a future, an sparkling journey for a whole family”, commented Professor Siegfried Fiebig, government orator for Volkswagen Sachsen GmbH. “Our muster offers hands-on practice with innovative destiny technologies that concentration on advantages for a customer”.

Minister Martin Dulig emphasised that “the Transparent Factory is not usually an critical employer, though also a magnet for visitors. We are therefore gay that a Factory has a future. We are assured that it will shortly be producing rarely complicated vehicles once again; vehicles that are future-oriented, electric and digital. Saxony’s innovative suppliers have remained totally constant to Volkswagen, either with choice drives, lightweight designs, energy-saving technologies or involuntary pushing functions. If Volkswagen is successful in Saxony, a automobile attention is also successful in Saxony”.

Volkswagen’s vital innovation, a four-door Sport Coupé Concept GTE, offers an disdainful sports automobile pattern with an innovative plug-in hybrid drive, and represents one of a loyal highlights during a Factory. The high-tech judgment (279 kW/380 PS) offers zero-emissions by a use of dual electric motors and a battery that can be charged externally. What’s more, this 250 km/h automobile has an normal fuel expenditure (combined) of 2.0 l/100 km. The Volkswagen Group now has 8 electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles in a product range. A serve twenty models are designed by 2020.

The Volkswagen muster has been separate into 4 opposite areas to illustrate a destiny of driving. In serve to a exam drive, visitors can take a practical expostulate by Dresden in a GTE simulator and knowledge a ultimate in electric pushing pleasure. A serve vaunt is a potion support indication of a e-Golf, that allows a minute demeanour into a thrust components of electric vehicles on a 1:1 scale.

The second area displays a latest Volkswagen motorist support systems, that make pushing easier and safer. Settled in ergoActive seats, visitors can listen to an audio uncover on how a automobile provides assistance in certain pushing situations, and learn about a advantages of aids such as line support systems and blind mark sensors.

The possibilities offering by digital networks and smartphones are presented as a third topic, commencement with tie technologies such as Car-Net and e-Remote and finishing with a formation of smartphone functions around App-Connect (Apple CarPlay™, Mirror Link™, Android Auto™). A fourth area presents destiny mobility. In serve to a XL1 one-litre automobile and a cult Volkswagen bus, there is also a Last Mile Surfer, a probable resolution for city mobility made in Saxony.

The muster not usually presents innovations by Volkswagen, though also invites visitors to demonstrate their possess ideas on mobility in a destiny by vocalization on a video box, giving a open a event to actively take partial in a creation routine too.

The new muster is only a initial step in an endless reconstruct of a Transparent Factory: Production record of a bureau is to be mutated within a year to capacitate a stretchable public of opposite vehicles. To this end, stretchable public frames are being grown and production and logistics processes are being adapted. This will meant that in a future, Dresden will be means to arrange additional models in a reward and oppulance shred and entirely electric vehicles.

WLAN is now also accessible for visitors, giveaway of charge.

Fuel consumption:

e-Golf electrical appetite expenditure in kWh/100 km: 12.7 (combined), CO2 emissions in g/km: 0 (combined), potency class: A+
Volkswagen XL1 fuel expenditure in l/100 km: 0,9 (combined); energy expenditure in kWh/ 100 km: 7,2; CO2 glimmer in g/km: 21(combined); potency class: A+