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The Ultimate Downhill Escape into Winter

Although many Canadians’ thought of a ultimate winter shun involves a craft sheet and a balmy beach, if you’re a fan of a sleet sports, there’s zero some-more refreshing than a guarantee of creatively depressed snow.

So when we wanted to applaud a deteriorate and everybody who creates a many of it, we asked ourselves what a 2015 Escape and a all-new 2015 Edge would do, and headed true for a ski hill!

Throughout winter we’ll be ripping adult a slopes during resorts in BC, Ontario, and Quebec and entice we to join us to knowledge a Ford Winter Dome. In addition, if you’ve ever wondered if your powder moves demeanour as good as they feel, you’ll have a possibility to constraint them with a Ford Downhill Video Cam, and work with a veteran photographer to emanate a personal postcard. And given we know how overpowering this most overwhelming can be, we can tell and warm-up with refreshments and snacks.

Plan your shun and join us during a review nearby you:

The Ultimate Downhill Escape into Winter

December 20-21

Mont-Saint-Anne (QC)

Snow Valley (ON)

December 27-28

Mount Seymour (BC)

Mont Saint-Sauveur (QC)

St. Louis Moonstone (ON)

December 30-31

Mount Seymour (BC)

Mont Bromont (QC)

Blue Mountain (ON)

January 3-4

Red Mountain (BC)

Let us know if you’re attack a mountain with us, and share your #UltimateEscape skeleton for a winter with us on Facebook or Twitter.